5 Benefits of RankIQ I Realized (Outside of Getting More SEO Traffic)

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5 Benefits of RankIQ I Realized (Outside of Getting More SEO Traffic)

I have enjoyed using RankIQ for the past year, which has been AMAZING. While I’ve already done a full RankIQ review in the past (see my RankIQ Review here), I wanted to touch on some of the additional benefits I have realized outside of just getting more search traffic. If your goal is to get more free traffic from search engines, using the tool RankIQ is exactly what content creators need to show up higher in search results. 

What is RankIQ and How Does it Work?

If you’ve never heard of RankIQ before, you are probably wondering what it is and how it can benefit you. All in all, RankIQ is a Keyword Research Tool that focuses on low-competition keywords that make it easier for small and large bloggers to rank on the first page of Google.

RankIQ - RankIQ is the Highest-Rated SEO Tool in the World

Our one-of-a-kind SEO toolset is built just for bloggers & businesses that run a blog. It tells you what to put in your post and title, so you can write perfectly optimized content in half the time. We also have a hand-picked library of the lowest competition high traffic keywords for every niche.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

While I love many things about this tool, one of them is that it was created by fellow blogger Brandon Gaille, who also happens to be the host of the blogging millionaire podcast. But if you want my full review of this platform, check out my article here.

Features of RankIQ

1. Keyword Library

RankIQ offers a remarkable feature known as the Keyword Library, a valuable resource for bloggers seeking suitable keywords to improve the visibility of their blog posts. This resource is particularly beneficial for novice bloggers like myself. It contains a curated collection of high-traffic keywords with low competition, carefully selected by a team of experienced SEO specialists.

The Keyword Library in RankIQ covers many niches and sub-niches, making it relevant and accessible to bloggers in various fields such as vegan cooking, software expertise, and solo travel.

2. Content Analysis and Optimizer Tool

RankIQ sets itself apart with its Content Analysis and Optimizer tool, powered by artificial intelligence. This tool provides clear recommendations for optimizing blog posts. It suggests the most accurate rank predictor, recommends an ideal word count and highlights the importance of critical keywords for improved content optimization.

One of the standout features of RankIQ’s content optimization tool is its ability to provide a comprehensive content grade, helping bloggers assess the overall optimization level in their posts. This tool empowers content creators to focus on delivering valuable content without worrying about overlooking potential traffic opportunities. It has also proven effective in revamping older, underperforming posts by incorporating relevant, high-ranking keywords to broaden their audience appeal.

RankIQ’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible and understandable, even for those new to the technical aspects of search engine optimization.

3. Ranking Audit

The Rankings Audit is a valuable asset for bloggers who want to monitor their progress. This feature offers a comprehensive overview of the performance of both new and existing blog posts in search engine rankings. Armed with this insight, bloggers can identify areas that need improvement and take the necessary steps to enhance the online visibility of their blogs.

4. Report Generator

Run new report on RankIQ

RankIQ’s Report Generator is an indispensable tool that provides insightful and actionable reports on a blog’s performance. These AI-generated SEO reports assist bloggers in making informed decisions when optimizing their content.

Even if users choose not to use RankIQ’s Keyword Library keywords, the Report Generator allows them to input their keywords. This versatile feature compiles a detailed report with word count recommendations, keyword incorporation guidelines, and content score targets to improve ranking prospects.

How Does It Work? 

RankIQ begins by helping users identify relevant keywords for their content. Users input a topic, and the tool lists keyword suggestions based on search volume, competition, and potential traffic. This step is crucial because selecting the right keywords can significantly impact a webpage’s search engine ranking.

Once keywords are selected, RankIQ offers content optimization recommendations. It analyzes the top-ranking pages for the chosen keywords and provides insights into word count, readability, multimedia usage, and more. Users receive specific suggestions to enhance their content, making it more likely to rank higher in search engine results.

By following these recommendations, content creators can improve their content’s SEO performance and increase its visibility to their target audience. RankIQ simplifies the SEO process, making it more accessible and efficient for bloggers and content creators.

The free trial and excellent customer service make RankIQ a great tool for bloggers of all levels to explore its unique features and understand its potential. For anyone aiming to achieve 1st page Google ranking and boost their online presence, entering the world of RankIQ is one of the best chances to succeed in the competitive landscape. In the long run, it can be a valuable resource for achieving top blogger status and growing a successful blog, whether you’re a food blogger, personal finance blogger, or in any other niche. 

5 Benefits of RankIQ

RankIQ - RankIQ is the Highest-Rated SEO Tool in the World

Our one-of-a-kind SEO toolset is built just for bloggers & businesses that run a blog. It tells you what to put in your post and title, so you can write perfectly optimized content in half the time. We also have a hand-picked library of the lowest competition high traffic keywords for every niche.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

1. Maintained (And Even Gained) Traffic During the September 2023 Google Update

In the ever-evolving landscape of search engine optimization (SEO), staying ahead of Google’s algorithm updates is a top priority for website owners and digital marketers. The September 2023 Google Update significantly changed the search engine rankings, leaving many websites struggling to maintain visibility. However, RankIQ emerged as a standout performer, preserving its traffic and gaining ground during this challenging period.

The September 2023 Google Update was highly anticipated due to its potential to disrupt the rankings of countless websites. As Google continues to refine its algorithms, the impact of these updates on website traffic can be unpredictable and, at times, detrimental. Many website owners faced the daunting task of adjusting their SEO strategies to adapt to the new ranking criteria.

In contrast, RankIQ users experienced a different story altogether. The platform’s robust SEO tools and features proved invaluable during this turbulent period.

Let’s delve deeper into how RankIQ not only weathered the storm but also helped its users thrive:

2. Continuous Algorithm Monitoring

RankIQ’s SEO specialists kept a vigilant eye on the evolving Google algorithms. They worked tirelessly to analyze the changes and quickly adapt the platform’s features and recommendations to align with the updated criteria. This real-time responsiveness ensured that RankIQ users were always equipped with the most up-to-date SEO strategies.

3. Keyword Performance Tracking

Keyword performance tracking

Beyond just suggesting keywords, RankIQ offered users a comprehensive keyword tracking system. This allowed users to monitor the performance of their selected keywords in real-time and make adjustments as needed. As the new Google algorithm favored specific keywords over others, RankIQ users could pivot their strategies effectively.

4. User Community

RankIQ fostered a vibrant and supportive user community where members shared their experiences, strategies, and insights regarding the September 2023 Google Update. This collaborative environment enabled users to stay informed about the latest SEO trends and collectively adapt to the changes.

5. Educational Resources

Recognizing the importance of staying informed, RankIQ provided its users with timely educational resources, including articles, webinars, and tutorials that addressed the challenges posed by the September 2023 Google Update. These resources empowered users to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the shifting SEO landscape.

6. Case Studies and Success Stories

RankIQ highlighted case studies and success stories of its users who maintained their website traffic and experienced significant growth during the Google algorithm update. These success stories served as inspiration and guidance for others facing similar challenges.

7. Customized Recommendations

RankIQ’s AI-driven algorithms continuously adapt to individual website needs. As the update unfolded, the platform’s recommendations became increasingly personalized, ensuring users could address specific challenges unique to their websites.

After the update, many website owners and digital marketers turned to RankIQ as a reliable partner in their SEO endeavors. The platform’s ability to anticipate and adapt to algorithm changes and commitment to user education and community support set it apart as a leader in the SEO space. RankIQ helped its users maintain their website traffic and empowered them to harness new opportunities and stay ahead in the ever-competitive world of online search.

2. RPM for Mediavine vs. articles not created in RankIQ.


Mediavine blogs using RankIQ experience an increase in average traffic over 12 months compared to Mediavine blogs that do not utilize RankIQ, which underscores the potential benefits of incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools into content creation strategies. RankIQ, offered by Mediavine, is a tool specifically designed to assist content creators in optimizing their articles for search engines, thereby enhancing their visibility in search results. This increased visibility can translate into higher organic traffic, making RankIQ a valuable asset for bloggers seeking to boost their website’s performance.

Over a year, blogs integrating RankIQ into their content creation process can benefit from several advantages. First and foremost, the tool assists in comprehensive keyword research, enabling bloggers to identify relevant and high-traffic keywords that align with their niche. By strategically incorporating these keywords into their content, bloggers can improve their chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it easier for users to discover their articles.

Additionally, RankIQ provides content optimization recommendations, which can help bloggers enhance their posts’ overall quality and relevance. This may involve suggestions for improving article structure, incorporating multimedia elements, and increasing readability—all factors contributing to improved user engagement and longer on-page dwell times. As search engines increasingly prioritize user experience in their ranking algorithms, these optimizations can indirectly lead to improved search engine rankings and, subsequently, increased organic traffic.

RankIQ not only focuses on content optimization but also considers ad placement strategies. It helps bloggers identify optimal ad positions within their content to maximize click-through rates (CTR) and ad revenue. Properly placed ads that blend well with the content can increase ad impressions and clicks, further boosting RPM.

When blogs use RankIQ to create well-structured and engaging content, it can result in longer on-page dwell times. Visitors who spend more time reading an article are likelier to notice and interact with the ads displayed throughout the content. This extended engagement can positively impact RPM, providing more ad impressions and click opportunities.

Moreover, the ongoing nature of a 12-month evaluation period allows bloggers using RankIQ to refine their SEO strategies progressively. They can monitor the performance of their optimized content, make adjustments based on real-world data, and adapt to changing search trends. This iterative approach to SEO can yield compounding benefits over time, gradually increasing the blog’s visibility and attracting a broader audience.

In contrast, blogs that do not utilize RankIQ may miss out on the advantages of this specialized tool. While they may still produce valuable and engaging content, the absence of systematic keyword research and content optimization guidance can limit their ability to capture organic search traffic effectively. Consequently, their growth in terms of average traffic may not be as pronounced as that of blogs leveraging RankIQ’s capabilities.

3. Higher affiliate sales in RankIQ affiliate content

RankIQ Affliate Central

RankIQ can guide bloggers on the optimal placement of affiliate links within their content. Effective arrangement ensures that affiliate links are visible to readers at the right moments when they are most likely to convert. RankIQ’s recommendations can help bloggers strike the right balance between offering valuable information and promoting affiliate products without overwhelming the audience.

RankIQ can assist in crafting content that is conversion-focused. This means creating content highlighting the benefits and features of affiliate products or services, addressing potential objections, and including persuasive calls to action (CTAs). Readers who find the content compelling and informative are more inclined to click on affiliate links and complete purchases.

RankIQ provides data and insights into content performance, including keyword rankings and traffic metrics. Bloggers can use this data to optimize their affiliate content continually. They can identify which keywords and content strategies drive the most affiliate sales and adjust their approach accordingly, leading to ongoing improvements in conversion rates.

Bloggers gain a competitive advantage in affiliate marketing by leveraging RankIQ to create high-performing affiliate content. They can outperform competitors in search rankings and offer a more valuable range to their audience, ultimately driving more affiliate sales and commissions.

The impact of RankIQ on affiliate content extends beyond the short term. Over time, as content continues to rank well and attract organic traffic, the blog’s authority and trustworthiness in its niche can grow. This can lead to a sustained increase in affiliate sales as the blog becomes a trusted source of recommendations and product reviews within its industry.

In short, RankIQ plays a pivotal role in driving higher affiliate sales in affiliate content by assisting bloggers in keyword targeting, enhancing search engine visibility, improving content quality, optimizing affiliate link placement, creating conversion-focused content, providing valuable data for tracking and analysis, offering a competitive advantage, and delivering long-term benefits. By integrating RankIQ into their affiliate marketing strategy, bloggers can maximize their earnings through increased conversions and affiliate sales.

4. Gained More Traffic From Google Web Stories

Gaining more traffic from Google Web Stories with the assistance of RankIQ involves leveraging the power of visual storytelling and optimizing content to rank well in this format. Google Web Stories is a mobile-focused, visually engaging format for sharing content, and RankIQ can play a significant role in helping content creators succeed in this space.

Google Web Stories requires content creators to craft visually compelling and concise stories designed for mobile users. RankIQ can assist by offering keyword research and content optimization guidance tailored to Web Stories. Content creators can identify relevant keywords that align with the story’s theme and then optimize the text, images, and video clips accordingly. This ensures that the Web Stories are visually appealing and search engine-friendly, increasing their chances of ranking well on Google.

Visual elements are at the core of Web Stories. RankIQ can recommend incorporating visually striking graphics, images, and videos into the stories. This may include suggestions for image dimensions, video aspect ratios, and design tips to ensure the stories captivate the audience. Content creators can use these insights to create eye-catching Web Stories that stand out and encourage user engagement.

Beyond visual elements, RankIQ can offer SEO guidance specific to Web Stories. This includes optimizing the metadata, such as titles and descriptions, to make the stories more discoverable in Google search results and on Google Discover. By implementing RankIQ’s recommendations for SEO, content creators can increase the visibility of their Web Stories, attracting more organic traffic.

User experience is paramount in Web Stories. RankIQ can provide advice on creating a seamless and enjoyable user experience within the stories. This includes recommendations for navigation, storytelling flow, and interactive elements that keep users engaged and encourage them to explore the entire story. A positive user experience can lead to higher engagement and more traffic as users are more likely to share and revisit well-crafted Web Stories.

RankIQ also offers data and analytics insights to help content creators continually refine their Web Stories strategy. By monitoring the performance of Web Stories over time, users can identify which stories generate the most traffic and engagement. They can then adjust their content and optimization strategies to maximize their success in this format.

5. Learned A TON From Some Very Smart And Successful Bloggers

Learning from intelligent and successful bloggers with the assistance of RankIQ can be a transformative experience for aspiring content creators. RankIQ empowers bloggers with valuable SEO insights and provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing within the blogging community.

Successful bloggers often excel in search engine optimization (SEO) practices, and RankIQ can amplify their expertise. Bloggers using RankIQ can learn from these experts by observing how they implement SEO recommendations and strategies. They can gain insights into keyword research, content optimization, and SEO best practices. With RankIQ as a tool, bloggers can apply these newfound insights to their content, enhancing their chances of ranking higher in search results and attracting more organic traffic.

Intelligent and successful bloggers understand the importance of a well-defined content strategy. RankIQ can facilitate discussions about content planning and audience targeting among bloggers. By learning from these experienced bloggers, newcomers can discover practical approaches to content creation, such as identifying niche-specific topics, setting content goals, and creating an editorial calendar. RankIQ’s data-driven recommendations can further aid in content strategy by helping bloggers choose the most promising keywords and optimize their articles accordingly.

RankIQ can serve as a catalyst for networking within the blogging community. Bloggers who use this tool can connect with successful peers who optimize their content for search engines. These connections can lead to valuable mentorship, collaborations, and knowledge exchange. By learning from others’ experiences and sharing their insights, bloggers can elevate their skills and succeed tremendously in the competitive blogging world.

Successful bloggers often use data-driven decisions to guide their content strategies. RankIQ provides bloggers with analytics and performance metrics, allowing them to measure the impact of their SEO efforts. Learning from successful bloggers who excel in interpreting and acting on these insights can empower others to make informed content decisions. They can identify trends, assess keyword performance, and adjust their strategies for higher rankings and increased traffic.

Interacting with intelligent and successful bloggers who use RankIQ can be incredibly motivating and inspiring. Hearing success stories and learning about their journeys can instill confidence and drive among aspiring bloggers. It can demonstrate that with dedication, persistence, and the right tools, it can succeed significantly in blogging.

The synergy between RankIQ and learning from intelligent and successful bloggers creates a dynamic environment for growth and improvement in the blogging community. Bloggers who utilize RankIQ not only gain SEO expertise but also have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from experienced peers. This collective knowledge-sharing fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, ultimately benefiting bloggers at all levels of experience and contributing to the overall success and vibrancy of the blogging ecosystem.


RankIQ offers many benefits, making it a game-changer for new and experienced bloggers. This SEO toolset simplifies the complex world of search engine optimization for new bloggers, making it one of the easiest ways to improve your online presence and compete in a specific niche. The tool’s keyword libraries and suggested word counts enable them to create high-quality content optimized for high-traffic keywords, giving them a better chance at earning 1st page Google rankings and attracting more monthly visitors.

For old blog posts that may have underperformed in the past, RankIQ presents an opportunity to breathe new life into them. By running reports and using the AI SEO report and content optimizer, bloggers can identify low competition keywords, recommended word counts, and suggested improvements to optimize these posts and bring them closer to the top of Google rankings.

RankIQ’s advanced features, such as competitor analysis and LSI keywords, benefit seasoned bloggers and content publishers. They can use the tool to refine their content strategy, improve their existing posts, and stay ahead of the competition. The convenience and ease of use of RankIQ save a lot of time and effort that bloggers can invest in creating more high-quality, comprehensive pieces of content. So, don’t miss out on the benefits of RankIQ and take advantage of this powerful SEO tool to transform your blogging journey.

5 Benefits of RankIQ I Realized (Outside of Getting More SEO Traffic)

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