Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers

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Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

You probably know why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your business if you are a blogger. Good SEO means you get free traffic to your site. So you definitely need the best SEO blog tool.

But not just any traffic – people who are the MOST interested in your content. Unlike traffic you get from other channels such as social media, these people were looking for the answer your blog post provides.

This means you get people on your blog who take action – buying your affiliate product, signing up for your email list, or watching your videos. Regardless of whatever your goals with your blog may be, having a good SEO strategy pays.

Investing in the RIGHT kind of SEO tools is always a good idea. There are plenty of them, and I’ve used quite a few. But I recently learned about a tool called RankIQ that has blown me away. And even though my SEO results are still early, I just could not wait to share what I have seen from using this tool so far.

I’ll give you a quick breakdown of why this tool is special.

It is a fraction of the cost of other SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush, is a simple-to-use SEO tool that does not require a ton of training to use, and was made by a blogger for other bloggers. Not to mention this tool has been lauded in reputable content marketing sites such as Search Engine Journal, Search engine Land, and Search Engine Watch.

As a big fan of SEMRush, I was intrigued by what RankIQ could do.

So I gave it a shot. But I am getting ahead of myself here. So let me first start by telling you what RankIQ actually is.

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an SEO blog tool that takes care of the keyword research part for you, so you know that your article will most definitely rank on the first page of Google. It’s not a matter of if you will rank, but a concern of WHEN you will rank.

There is a massive list of keywords you can choose from, categorized by blog niche, and he gives you simple keywords like Ultra-fast and average to provide you with an idea of how long it will take for keyword rankings. Just so you know, he claims that “ultra-fast” will get your article to rank in 1 month while “average” will rank your article in 6 months.

Watch this video below to get an idea of how the RankIQ platform works.

It’s a pretty cool tool, right? If you are already interested, you can learn more about RankIQ here. When he explained how the device worked, everything made sense to me. There was no confusing jargon, complicated metrics, or algorithms, and the explanation was pretty easy to understand.

Why Did I Try RankIQ?

So why did I decide to try this tool? I’ll tell you why. First, I’ve used the other SEO tools he is talking about in the video above. They are Ahrefs and SEMRush.

And I still use SEMRush since this tool has helped me a ton on my blog. So if you want to know about my experience with SEMRush, you can read my blog post, SEMRush Review: Is It Worth It For Bloggers?

These technical SEO tools are excellent! But they can be complicated and expensive. And there are not a lot of features that are geared toward bloggers. So while they both can be a massive help for your blog, they come with a steep learning curve.

So while I had a suitable method for my current SEO strategy for blogging, I knew there was still room to grow my traffic through Google search, and if there was an easier way to get it done, I was on board!

I can tell you that I could not watch a 10-minute video for any other SEO tools and fully understand how it works. So when I watched the video above, I was curious enough to try it.

I signed up for the $49/month package for 16 reports a month and decided to give it a try.

Once I signed up, it proved to be just as simple as I had suspected. First, there was a 33-minute video that the RankIQ creator, Brandon Gaille, recommends you watch before doing anything. It is great because it shows you how to strategically use the tool without wasting any of your monthly reports!

Rank IQ Dashboard - Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers
Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

Once I finished watching the video, I was so excited to see the results I jumped in immediately and started collecting keywords!

Watch to see how RankIQ stacks up against SEMRush for bloggers

How Good is RankIQ? And Why Is It the Best SEO Blog Tool?

So how did RankIQ perform overall? Well, overall, there were quite a few things I LOVED about this tool. At first glance, I will say that RankIQ is an excellent tool for any blogger with limited funds looking to grow their organic traffic quickly!

I loved the “time to rank” metric.

As I m.entioned before, there are no complicated algorithms to learn, and the only metrics you need to know are the competition score, the amount of traffic for a keyword, and the time it takes to rank on the first page of Google.

If you choose a keyword with the “Ultrafast” ranking, you can see your article rank as soon as 1 month, while the average ranking takes about 6 months to rank. The other rankings fall somewhere between these two speeds. For example, I wrote an article with an ultra-fast ranking and noticed it was already one of my top 5 articles only after 30 days of being published.

The tool is SUPER simple.

This tool is so easy to use. For any parts of this that may be more difficult to understand, there are detailed instructions for all of it. Take the competition score, for example.

Knowing what type of competition range you should aim for is hard. But there is a chart that shows what competition you should aim for depending on how much traffic your site gets per month.

It was developed by a blogger who “gets it”

I love that the tool was made by a blogger for other bloggers. He made the tool with bloggers in mind as opposed to SEO experts. And that means it’s purely focused on growing organic traffic for a blog without complicated SEO jargon.

I saw an impact on my blog and QUICKLY.

I mentioned the rank tracking metric earlier. One keyword I focused on was the “Best tools for bloggers” finding the best Costa Rica waterfalls” keyword, meaning it should only take 30 days to rank.

Well, I published the article on the 20+ best tools for bloggers who want to be successful, and sure enough, only 30 days later, it was one of our top-ranking articles! So if you wonder if this tool works for getting more search volume, it certainly does! And I have the Google Search Console traffic to prove it! See below.

Google Search Console SEO results - Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers
Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

We republished the article with the RankIQ changes on August 2nd. And that is where you see the most significant change in this article. And even when you look at it for the end of September, our impressions are still increasing!

This is only one example of many we have on our site using RankIQ.

What’s Not Good About RankIQ?

Now I’ve talked about how it’s great, but what about its flaws. Oh yes, it does have drawbacks. The one thing I will say about this is that it is a very one-dimensional approach to finding keywords.

There is a massive list to choose from, yes. But if I have a good idea for a topic, and I want to do keyword research on it, and the keyword does not exist in RankIQ – well, guess what? You’re out of luck!

For this reason, I still use keyword planner tools, including keywords everywhere and SEMRush, to find keywords for various affiliate and sponsored post articles I would like to write. So while this tool works, it is limited if you want to write articles outside the keywords listed here.

However, if there is a niche that is not included in RankIQ currently, you can submit a request to have a niche added to the list. So while it may take a little time, it is still possible to have more keywords added to the list if you feel like topics are missing for you.

It also lacks any other SEO tools you may want to use. So if you want an SEO tool to help with link building, running a site audit, or anything else SEO outside of keyword research, you will have to use a different tool.

How Much Does RankIQ Cost?

Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty! How much does this tool cost? I mentioned that it is less expensive than SEMRush, but how much is it?


It’s only $49/month to get 16 keyword monthly reports. That is 16 different blog posts you can write per month for only $49! Compare that to the most inexpensive plan for SEMRush, and it’s less than half the price for a more easy-to-use tool.

But compared to a variety of other tools, it is still one of the least expensive SEO tools out there – and the only one I know of is run by a blogger!

RankIQ pricing compared to other SEO tools - Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers
Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

How Do I Get RankIQ?

If you are wondering how to learn more about RankIQ or want to get it yourself, you can click the link below to learn more about RankIQ.

Sign Up For RankIQ here

RankIQ review by blogger- Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers
Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

If you want to learn more about my experience with it, feel free to leave a comment about it below or watch my Q&A video below, where I detail my experience using this fantastic tool!

August Live Blogging Q&A with Jasmine Watts

What other questions do you have about content marketing using SEO or RANKIQ? Let me know in the comments!

Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers
Why RankIQ is the best SEO tool for bloggers

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