How To Get Selected For Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

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How To Get Selected For Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities

When I first heard about sponsored blog post opportunities, I thought they must be a dream come true. However, if you have applied for these opportunities numerous times and still have not been selected, you might feel like they are the opposite.

I remember feeling discouraged and searching all over the internet for anything to answer the question: How do I get selected for more sponsored blog post opportunities?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to find. So I continued my struggle through the selection process. However, I’m happy to say that after much trial and error, I’ve cracked the code to increase my odds of getting selected for great sponsored blog post opportunities. Read on if you want to learn how I make big money through sponsored posts on my blogs.

What Are Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities?

All right, let’s get one thing clear. What exactly is a sponsored blog post opportunity? A sponsored post opportunity is when you work with a brand, product, or service which pays you to write about them on your blog. Payouts can range from $50 to $10,000 for a single post.

Companies typically do this because you may have a similar audience to the one they are trying to target with their product. So, in addition to earning money to write, you are helping your readers find what they are looking for by promoting quality products. It’s a very symbiotic relationship if done correctly.

However, the hard part about this is finding the right opportunities and getting selected to write them.

Know Where To Find Paid Opportunities

Now let’s talk about where to find paid opportunities. As a blogger, you should know what it’s like to get emails from brands willing to give you a free product in exchange for a blog post. This offer may have been flattering when your blog was a hobby.

But as your site has developed, these offers have become increasingly annoying. You deserve to make some money! This situation is why knowing where to go to get a paying opportunity is so important.

My first experience with sponsored posts was searching for influencer networks that pay bloggers to write sponsored blog posts. And the thing is, there are a ton of them, and more are showing up every year.

After years of research, I developed a list of the best 150 Influencer Networks With Paid Sponsorships, and I want to share it with you for free! So hit the button below, and I will email you my list of 150 influencer networks you should join.

Get Your List of 150 Networks Here.

Complete Your Profile On Each Influencer Network

Now that you have the list of influencer networks, you must create an account and complete your profile on each one. Completing your profile on these networks allows you to get in front of brands.

Brands know what they want; well, they know the audience they want. Influencer network profiles give brands an idea of their audience and how similar it is to their own.

connection with 3 girls fingers touching at tips

When completing a profile, you will need to answer specific questions about your blog, such as how many page views you get per month or how many social media shares you see on average. They will even want to know how many people are on your email list. Some platforms make it easy by allowing you to upload your media kit. By the way, if you need to create a media kit, check out the extraordinary temples on Canva.

A media kit is helpful because it instantly gives brands all the information they need about you. It will include demographic data on your audience and how much you charge for a sponsored post.

You will not even receive any blogging opportunities for some of these influencer networks until your profile is complete. So if you want more options, you have to do this.

While some brands may contact you directly once you complete your influencer network profile, others will not look at your profile until you apply for their opportunities.

Log In Daily For New Opportunities

Now that you have completed your profile on influencer networks, it is time to make some money. Don’t forget that you must apply for sponsored post opportunities to get paid. 

This step is where you have to put in the most work. The more opportunities you apply for, the more you can qualify for, and the more money you’ll make. When you are just starting, it can seem like forever before you get a response. But if you consistently apply on these platforms, someone will notice you.

Sometimes it is worth reaching out to the platform managers directly and asking if there are any opportunities they feel would be worthwhile for your blog. This has helped me in the past because if anything comes up, you are already on top of my mind.

What matters most is consistently applying for sponsored blog post opportunities. Since there are so many different influencer networks and searching for new opportunities to apply for takes time, I highly recommend you try my newsletter, Blogging Money Update.

I send three weekly emails in my newsletter with the best-sponsored opportunities posted that week. The Blogging Money Update newsletter saved thousands of hours for over 100 bloggers by letting us comb through over 100 different platforms to find the best opportunities for you.

You can learn more about Blogging Money Update here.

Be Thorough In Each Application

This tip is essential. When applying to several opportunities on the same day, it is easy to want to rush through them. But running is not going to get you paid.

You must be thorough in every application. I don’t just mean filling out every question but being thoughtful with each response.

There are sometimes optional questions on sponsored applications, such as: Is there anything else you want to add? But, of course, when you have these kinds of questions, you always want to answer them.

Keep in mind that you are competing with other bloggers for these opportunities.

I guarantee that most people skip right over them, so you will stand out if you thoroughly complete your application. Which makes you more likely to be chosen for the campaign.

Being thorough in sponsored post applications has granted me success over and over again. How do I know? Well, my team has scored considerably more sponsored post opportunities after I taught them to do this. It works!

Pitch to Brands and PR Agencies Can be Helpful 

Pitching to brands and PR agencies can be a great way to secure sponsorship opportunities and monetize your blog. But, to make the most of these opportunities, it’s essential to do your research and create a professional pitch that showcases your expertise and unique ideas.

So potential research sponsors that fit your blog’s niche and target audience well. You can use search engines or social media platforms to find popular brands and products that align with your blog’s content.

Once you have a list of potential partners, it’s time to create a professional pitch email. Your pitch should highlight your blogging expertise and statistics, such as your number of followers and engagement rates. You can also include relevant keywords, like sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing, to make your pitch more search engine optimized.

Offering unique ideas for sponsored blog posts is a great way to stand out from other bloggers and catch the attention of brands and PR reps. Be specific in your pitch and provide examples of how you can promote their products on your blog or social media channels. You can also offer product reviews or free products to create an engaged audience and build an effective way to drive sales through affiliate links.

It’s essential to remember the legal requirements for sponsored content, such as disclosing sponsored posts and including do-follow links. Make sure to follow best practices and get legal advice if needed.

Building a business relationship with brands and PR agencies takes hard work and time, but it can be a great way to monetize your blog and build your brand. According to my experience, new bloggers can start by pitching to smaller brands and building a network, while more established bloggers can focus on sponsored campaigns and long-haul partnerships.

Keep Learning How To Improve

Lastly, you have to keep learning. I think this is important in general when it comes to blogging. The best bloggers never stop learning. This is especially true when it comes to making money with sponsored posts.

There are not many sponsored post courses out there, and I can confidently tell you that I’ve taken most of them.

Happy woman looking at papager

Lastly, you have to keep learning. I think this is important in general when it comes to blogging. The best bloggers never stop learning. This is especially true when it comes to making money with sponsored posts.

There are not many sponsored post courses out there, and I can confidently tell you that I’ve taken most of them.

And even though I have taken several mini-sponsored opportunity courses, I keep finding many details that no one is teaching. These include skills like:

  • How to qualify for more partnerships
  • How to get more brands to come to you rather than the other way around
  • The best places to find brands to work with

But, through many years of trial and error and finally success, I have discovered all these missing components myself, and now I want to share them with other bloggers. That is why I created the Blogging Money Formula master course!

Blogging Money Formula

Blogging Money Formula is an online course that shows motivated bloggers how to go from making a few (or no) dollars to making consistent money with their blogs every month. I show you how to set up the foundation you need to make REAL income with your blog that will make a difference for you and your family in the long run.

Finally start making real money with your blog

The program will teach you:

  • How to establish yourself as a professional blogger: I’ll show you everything your blog needs to be recognized as a professional blogger.
  • How to properly apply for sponsored posts so you get selected for more opportunities: I will show you step by step how to apply so that brands choose you more often!
  • How to get brands to reach out to you: I’ll show you what you need to set up on your blog so that brands reach out to you and where you need to go to get on their radar.
  • How to build long-term relationships with brands: This way, you can get recurring business with brands instead of pitching to new ones all the time.
  • How to write content that appeals to your audience and the brand: Because great content does not need to be either-or!
  • How to drive traffic to your blog posts: Great results produce repeat customers, and I will show you how to make that happen.

You get all of this and so much more! Sign up here to join the waitlist for the Blogging Money Formula.

It is possible to make more money with sponsored posts on your blog. And I am confident you’ll be able to do just that with these tips. Do you have questions about making money with sponsored posts on your blog? Leave them in the comments.


1. How much are bloggers paid for sponsored posts?

So, you may have 100,000 visits to your site, but if no one comments on it or interacts with it much, you won’t get paid as much. Bloggers may earn between $100 and $25,000 for every sponsored article.

2. How can I approach a blogger for public relations( PR)?

Introduce yourself as well as your brand. Explain why you’re reaching out to them and the offer you’re willing to make. Be sure — perhaps point out a specific piece on their blog that you believe would be a good fit for your product.

3. What is the minimum number of followers required for sponsored posts?

If you want a sponsorship, you do not need a specific number of followers. You only need about one hundred followers to get the attention of brands. It all depends on how well you market yourself. So take this advice: begin monetizing your social media networks immediately.

4. Can I gain a sponsorship at 1000 followers?

Brand partnerships with around one thousand followers are feasible but challenging to achieve. Therefore, developing momentum and being prepared with a lot is essential to give companies you reach out to succeed.

5. What is the average number of sponsored articles each month?

The 70-30 rule is the golden guideline that you should follow. If there are 10 postings, three of them should be sponsored. If you break this guideline, you risk being unpleasant and frustrating to the people following you. In most cases, people do not want to view advertisements; they want to see you.

How To Get Selected For Sponsored Blog Post Opportunities


  1. Jasmine this is a great post. Keep learning, evolving and landing sponsored gigs by being open minded. I focus on selling blogging courses and blogging eBooks now but during my sponsored post days I discovered that networking and establishing posture lead to beneficial partnerships. I prospered and helped businesses gain exposure through sponsored posts.


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