RankIQ vs. SEMRush: Which SEO Tool Is Better For Your Blog?

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RankIQ vs. SEMRush: Which SEO Tool Is Better For Your Blog?

Every blogger requires some SEO tool for getting organic traffic on their website. There are several tools available for SEO strategy. Well, I have used SEMRush and RankIQ, so today I will discuss RankIQ vs. SEMRush and which one I found better to conduct keyword research and search engine optimization. 

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SEMRush is of the best SEO tools that conduct keyword research on your part, monitors the keyword SEO strategy that your competitors employ, performs an SEO audit on your blog, investigates potential prospects for backlinking, and a great deal additional. 


There are over 20 different tools that you can utilize on SEMRush.  Several how-to documents will guide you through using every tool included in SEMRush.

In addition, some tutorials are available. It includes some strategies for beginners, some strategies for medium users, and some advanced strategies. 

With SEMRush’s assistance, I expanded my blog’s organic readership to the point that I transitioned from having most of my web traffic come from social media to most of my website visitors come from organic traffic.

Ease of Use

SEMRush is a reliable tool for internet marketers all over the world. Additionally, a variety of enterprises, both large and small, make use of its services.

There are many other tools for keyword research and search engine optimization, but SEMRush is very easy to use. There are a lot of tutorials on the web where you can easily find the use of SEMRush

Ability to Do Keyword Research 

People use search engines to look for information, and one of the ways they do this is by entering keywords. The goal of keyword research is to discover the sources of search traffic in a given market and identify the keywords that a website can use to sell itself effectively. 

If you are using SEMRush to conduct research on keywords, you will see that there are a great number of options. You are free to select any topic that interests you.

All you need to do is type it into the keyword research tool, and it will assist you in discovering both long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

You’ll be able to gauge the level of competition that way. It will inform you of the strategies that your competitors are implementing. It will provide you with various details regarding the keywords you intend to utilize in your writing.

You will find that it is quite detailed if you watch the video and read the text that SEMRush provides on how to use its keyword research technique. They begin by searching your competitors and discovering the keywords they rank highly for.

Next, they identify gaps between the phrases they rank highly for and the keywords they wish to rank highly for. However, this does take some time, and merely receiving the approach does not guarantee that it will be a simple or straightforward process. However, once you understand this, the technique will work incredibly well for you.

Ability to Do a Site Audit

An excellent site audit function may be found in SEMRush. This is one of the aspects of SEMRush that I use the most frequently. You will insert a link to your website.

Then you connect your Google Analytics account. Your Google search console will link all of that together, at which point it will assign you a number ranging from 0 to 100 and then proceed to break down everything depending on that score.

It provides suggestions on improving the performance of individual pieces of content to achieve a higher score. It will inform you if any of your links are broken, if you have any 404 problems, or if you have any distinct articles that Google is not picking up.

You will learn a great deal from it, and it will even provide you with a score or rating based on how well you are doing compared to your rivals or whether or not there are any backlink opportunities for you. It even informs you of the websites currently referring back to your website. This is of great importance. 

If there are elements on your website that are broken or that are not working, you need to think about how this is affecting your traffic.

Is your website too slow?

Are you experiencing problems because someone is attempting to take control of it or adding irrelevant stuff?

This site audit feature can tell you everything, and setting it up is incredibly simple, so you can start using it immediately.


The cost of SEMRush will likely be comparable to that of the downfall. The cheapest SEMRush for every month is 119 dollars, which is not pocket change by any stretch of the imagination.

I would say that the price is reasonable if you are just starting out as a blogger or just beginning to work with search engine optimization. It is not just one tool; it is a platform with over 20 tools you can use to build your SEO.

And if you pay for it every year, it is a little more affordable. This is all in consideration of everything you get, as I mentioned before.


RankIQ is a fantastic tool because it was developed by a blogger specifically for usage by other bloggers. Growing the traffic to your website through organic means can be done in a way via rankiq that is quite easy to do. 


Ease of Use

This tool is only five pages long and requires little exploration. When you initially log into the dashboard of this platform, there is a video that instructs you to watch it before you proceed with anything else on the platform.

Viewing this video will allow you to comprehend this tool’s components. Because it walks you through everything on the platform you need to do for your site to be successful, once you’ve watched that video, you can consider yourself an expert on RankIQ.

When I put RankIQ and SEMRush next to each other to see which one is easier to use, I find that RankIQ is the winner every time.

Ability to Do Keyword Research

On RankIQ, conducting keyword research is a rather simple process. The RankIQ site’s founder, Brendan Gill, is responsible for selecting each term himself.

He has conducted keyword research and compiled the results into a rather long list. It can range from extremely fast to normal, with extremely fast meaning that you can rank within 30 days and average meaning that you can rank within half a year.  

There is a good chance you will type something in and not find the keyword you are hoping to write about. Having said that, the keywords there are golden because they will assist you in ranking quickly.

If I had to put vote to it as far as which platform is better when researching Cuba, and I’m thinking specifically about bloggers, I would recommend RankIQ. Although the choices are limited, it is best for keyword searches. 

Ability to Do a Site Audit

If you go into RankIQ, they have a check rankings option, which allows you to link it to your Google search console. Unfortunately, RankIQ does not have a feature that allows you to audit your site.

But it offers something else that I found extremely intriguing. After you have completed this step, you will be provided with an overview of the articles on your website that are performing the best organically. 

Additionally, it will show you which terms are generating the most traffic. You can get this information on your own using Google Search Console.

In addition to integrating it with Google Analytics, one of the benefits of using RankIQ is that it provides you with a dashboard view. So that you are aware of what should take precedence, what should be looked at, and what is producing results. 

It will even show you which keywords have risen in ranking and which have fallen since you last checked. It will provide you with a list of articles that may have performed well in the past.

But now they are experiencing a decline in traffic. This will give you an idea of the material you need to improve. Well, it is not as comprehensive as SEMRush, but still helpful.


RankIQ is a simple platform; one month’s subscription will save you one hundred dollars. You would get sixteen different reports, each focusing on a different set of keywords.

It costs one hundred dollars, comparable to SEMRush, and is a more basic tool. However, using our affiliate link, you can get RankIQ for only $49, which is significantly less expensive than if you want to go with SEMRush.

If I’m looking at the cost of both of these tools, it’s clear that RankIQ is the more cost-effective option, and RankIQ is the clear winner.

RankIQ vs. SEMRush: Which is Better?

We have discussed each and every available classification. RankIQ is, in my opinion, the superior choice of the two tools for bloggers available when it comes to search engine optimization.

If you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s wonderful to go in one spot, so I think it’s a terrific tool. I think it’s a great tool. You can locate the term and compose the article without leaving the platform.

If you want to do more advanced things on your site beyond simply conducting keyword research and building up your organic traffic, Semrush is an excellent tool to use. It allows you to do a wide variety of advanced activities.

RankIQ vs. SEMRush: Which SEO Tool Is Better For Your Blog?

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