13 of the Most Popular Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2024

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13 of the Most Popular Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2023

The trend of earning money online is increasing daily, especially through affiliate programs for bloggers. There are a lot of ways to make money from the internet. Some of the best ways to earn passive income are to start a blog, sell online courses, start a Youtube channel, sell digital products, or start your own online store.

However, these channels need a lot of effort and also a good investment. So, the easiest way to earn money online is Affiliate Marketing.

In addition to the potential for high earnings and building trust with their audience, affiliate marketing can also be a convenient way for bloggers to monetize their content. Many bloggers struggle to find the time and resources to create and sell their products.

And affiliate marketing allows them to earn money by promoting products they did not have to create themselves. This can free up time and energy for the blogger to focus on creating high-quality content and growing their audience.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to have a passive income stream while focusing on other business ventures. It is the easiest and fastest way to build a digital channel to make stable passive income which you can invest in your other businesses. You only have to sign up for the affiliate program and promote the product or service through a blog or youtube videos.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs on the internet that offer their partners to earn a good affiliate commission on every sale. This article will share some of the top affiliate programs for content creators and bloggers. So don’t skip any of these because they offer great affiliate commissions, making you good extra income.

What is an affiliate marketer?

Before earning through affiliate marketing, you should know what an affiliate marketer is. You can become an affiliate marketer with an online presence on any digital channel.

What is an affiliate marketer?

To become an affiliate marketer, you must find affiliate marketing programs related to your niche and sign up to become their partner. Registering with any affiliate program gives you a unique affiliate link to promote your products.

You get a specific commission whenever someone buys the product through your link. This is how you become an Affiliate Marketer.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You must be wondering how affiliate marketing works. When you register with any affiliate marketing program, they provide you with an affiliate link that you use in your promotional content.

Suppose you have a website promoting a product with your content; you will use affiliate links in the content. When a visitor comes to your site, clicks on the affiliate link, and finally makes a purchase through your link, you receive an affiliate commission.

This affiliate commission can be any percentage of the product’s price set by the affiliate program owners. For example, if the product is $100 and the affiliate share is 5% of that price, you will get $5 on every purchase. However, every program sets its terms and conditions, which you should read before becoming an affiliate partner.

Affiliate marketing is a way for businesses to reach new customers through the efforts of affiliates, who are rewarded for their promotional efforts with a commission on sales. It allows merchants to tap into the audience and reach of affiliates while allowing affiliates to earn money by promoting products or services they believe in.

Different Ways to Use Affiliate Links

There are many ways you can use your referral link to promote the affiliate products. The simplest way is to have a blogging website. You should have a website on a specific topic on which you create quality content and try to rank it on search engines using different SEO techniques.

Different Ways to Use Affiliate Links

If your article or blog ranks on Google or other search engines on a specific keyword, visitors come to your site and then click on the affiliate links you used in the content. When they purchase products from your referral link, you get a commission.

Another great way to promote affiliate products is YouTube. Starting from setting up a Youtube channel and then making videos reviewing the affiliate products, you use your affiliate link in the video’s description.

Also, it would be best if you mentioned in the video that viewers will find the link to the product in the description. You earn a commission if the viewer is interested in the product and buys through your link.

Promoting affiliate products on social media channels is also an amazing way to earn an affiliate commission. As you know, there is millions of traffic on social media every day, so if you get the attention of your targeted audience, you will earn so much money from affiliate marketing.

You can make a page on Facebook or Instagram to post content about different products and give the referral link in the description. Pinterest is also a great place to do affiliate marketing. You can create attractive product pins and use your affiliate links in them.

A great way, which we can not ignore, is to use affiliate links in the email newsletter. When you have a website, build an email list via an opt-in email form. After collecting a good amount of emails, you sent an email in which an affiliate link is used in a smart way. When your email subscribers click the link to make a purchase, you get the referral commission.

Take Online Courses to Understand More about Affiliate Programs

If you want to understand how the affiliate program works and how to do it, taking an online course is the best option. There are many courses in which you will learn everything about affiliate marketing, from finding affiliate programs, joining, promoting the products, and tracking the results for better performance.

These courses are great for learning affiliate marketing from scratch and improving existing skills. New bloggers should take any online course before starting an affiliate business. Moreover, there are courses in which you will have practical experience doing hands-on assignments.

Before enrolling in any course, you should consider some important things. If you are a beginner, choose a course that will teach you about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. On the other hand, if you already have good skills, then choose an expert-level course.

These courses will help you hone your skill set and teach you advanced ways to do affiliate marketing through different channels like email marketing and social media marketing. Also, you should know about the course content and whether what you will learn is worth your money or not. Above all, you should search about the background of the trainers and how successful affiliate businesses they are running.

Online courses are flexible, and you can learn affiliate marketing in your free time. So, invest in the best online course to earn money through different affiliate programs.

The Average Commission Rate for Blog Posts

Different affiliate programs offer different commissions to their affiliate partners. Based on the type of product and how big a business is, some affiliate programs offer 1-4%, and some offer 30-70%. So, if a product is of a high price, you will get a good amount. On the other hand, if the product is in a low price range, then the affiliate will get less.

The Average Commission Rate for Blog Posts

Commission rates also depend on the type of industry you are working with. For example, If you are working in the travel niche, you can get 15-30% of the commission because the product or service’s value is high.

Whereas if you are working with financial services or products like credit cards, you will get low affiliate commissions compared to the other niches. Moreover, commission rates also depend on the traffic of your blogging website. If your site has a large number of visitors per month, you can charge high commission rates from the affiliate programs of any business.

Apart from a commission rate on every product, you can also charge a fixed rate for every blog post. Some affiliate programs do not offer a commission on every product, but they give you a fixed amount of money for every blog post you publish on your blog.

You just have to make content promoting the affiliate product, and people get to know more about that product, encouraging them to buy directly from the business. We recommend you test both fixed-rate per blog post and percentage-based affiliate commission, and which you find more profitable, go with it.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Many affiliate programs on the internet offer great commission rates and tools to enhance the performance of your referral links. Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, Adobe Affiliate Program, Fiverr Affiliates, and many other popular brands are some best affiliate networks from which you can earn a passive income. These programs allow you to promote various products or services to become a successful affiliate marketer.

After signing up on these platforms, you can start promoting products on your website through your affiliate links in blog posts. When someone comes to your website and reads the content, he/she will click on the link. You will receive a commission in your affiliate account. Moreover, these platforms provide an admin dashboard where you can track your sales and revenue.

We will share a list of the best affiliate programs with you. In addition, you will learn everything about these programs, from signing up to the percentage they offer on every sale. So, go through these to choose the best one for yourself.

Amazon Associates (Amazon Affiliate Program)

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate program in which you promote products on Amazon through a blogging website. It is a well-known program because Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform in the world.

You receive an affiliate commission when a reader clicks on the referral links and purchases the product from Amazon. For bloggers, Amazon Affiliate Program is the best way to monetize your blog and earn passive income with affiliate sales.

You can sign up for Amazon Associate for free. First, you apply for the affiliate program and provide all the required information for some verifications. After you get approved by the Amazon Affiliate program, it gives you access to different tools which help you promote products on the website.

You can use the affiliate links in different forms, including text links, images, and product widgets to add to your website. Simple text links are commonly used, but if you have a website, you can use images and banners to place on your site’s free space.

Moreover, you can also promote Amazon affiliate products with YouTube videos and paste the referral link in the description. Furthermore, you can also use emails and social media to drive traffic to your website and convert them into customers, which will earn you a good affiliate income.

Amazon affiliate is best because it is the most trusted eCommerce website on the internet. Additionally, Amazon has thousands of products in every category. Almost everything is on Amazon, from home to advanced electronic products.

You can choose any product related to the blog niche to start promoting it through your content. We recommend you promote products in which your audience would be most interested. However, you can test different products to track the results and create more related content.

Amazon Associates Program offers up to 20% commission depending upon the product category you want to promote. Moreover, some special commission income options are called bounty events, wherein affiliates receive a fixed amount on every qualifying sale.

In addition, the Amazon affiliate offers a Trade-in Program, which is only available in the United States. It offers a special commission income rate for promoting trade books and textbooks, consumer electronics, and video game products.

Overall, the Amazon Associate is a great way to monetize your affiliate marketing blog. You can start making content and use the referral links to amplify your online earning potential through affiliate sales.

eBay Partner Network

After Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Program is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers. Although eBay was created in 1995, it released the affiliate program in 2008.

With over 183 Million buyers in 190 marketplaces worldwide, eBay is a billion-dollar online retailer. You have a wide range of products to select and start promoting. So, it is a great affiliate marketing network to earn online money.

eBay is a platform on which big brands and small businesses sell their products. You just have to sign up for eBay Partner Network to start promoting different products on your website.

You receive a commission on every qualified sale when you create quality content related to the products to transfer traffic on eBay. The unique thing about the eBay affiliate program is that you can earn on the traffic sent on eBay landing pages.

eBay Partner Program offers up to 70% affiliate commission. You will receive monthly payouts in your referral account, which can then be transferred to the payment method attached to it.

One amazing thing about the eBay affiliate program is that you can track data using tools in the account dashboard. You can analyze data and then improve the content to increase sales from your affiliate links. Moreover, you can also track the number of sales and revenue.

eBay Partner Program is a great way to promote affiliate products and start earning extra passive income through your blogging website.


Appsumo is a digital service that provides tools and software at discounted rates to grow your business. There are many useful products that you can use to enhance the business or start a new one.

It helps entrepreneurs build and manage their teams, plan marketing strategies, and more. In addition, you can also sell digital products like Saas products, ebooks, chrome extensions, and WordPress plugins on the Appsumo platform.

To promote products to a wider audience, Appsumo offers an affiliate program in which you can promote their digital products through your blogging website. When someone buys any product from your referral link, you receive an affiliate commission and earn a good amount of passive income.

Signing up as an Appsumo affiliate is free. After joining the platform, you start creating content about software or tools you want to promote. Appsumo affiliate offers a great to share on every sale.

For bringing in a new customer, you will get a 100% commission on their first purchase, up to $50. After that, you will get a 5% share of each sale made by returning customers.

Before starting an affiliate program with Appsuno, you should build an audience first by creating quality content. After some time, you will start earning the trust of your visitors.

When you get enough trust from your audience, sign up for the affiliate program and start promoting the tools related to your desired audience. If they buy the first time from Appsumo, you will get a 100% commission. However, if they are existing clients of Appsumo, you will get a 5% affiliate commission.

For bloggers, the Appsumo affiliate program is a good program to monetize your blog and earn a good passive income. Moreover, you can also promote your affiliate links to your personal friends, colleagues, or family circle.

For example, if someone tells you that they need software for email marketing, you can provide them with your affiliate link and earn a commission on every purchase. Overall, the Appsumo affiliate is the best program to register with and earn online money.


Canva is the most used graphic design tool available online. Before Canva, a designer has to use complex software to design a simple logo or a social media post.

However, Canva made it effortless and convenient for designers to make beautiful designs to attract their target audience and grow their online business. Over 18 million users on Canva use it daily for business purposes. Canva offers millions of ready-made templates you can use and customize according to your needs.

Canva also offers an affiliate program through which you can earn passive income. Joining the Canva affiliate program is free, and you can sign up easily using your email address.

After registering, you have to promote Canva Pro to your audience. You get a commission when a visitor signs up on Canva Pro through your referral link. Canva offers up to $36 for every Canva Pro subscriber.

Canva affiliate has many advantages, which you should know. You can set up a payment method and receive payments via PayPal directly. There is no minimum payout limit for Canva affiliates.

Moreover, you can track affiliate sales with cookie-based software provided by Canva. With this tracking, you receive the payments within 30 days of the first click on your referral link.

If you are a blogger designing a niche or an influencer on social media, the Canva affiliate program is the best way to earn a good amount of money online.


Fiverr is the biggest freelancing platform in the world. Millions of freelancers in around 160 countries offer their services and earn money by doing client projects. From marketing to programming to designing, freelancers offer every kind of service to their potential clients. Plus, Fiverr offers an affiliate program also.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is a great choice if you want to earn passive income through your blog. Fiverr affiliate is a free program to join, and anyone can register to start affiliate marketing by promoting different Fiverr services.

After registering successfully, you can promote Fiverr Business, Fiverr Logo Maker, Fiverr Learn, Fiverr Workspace, and all other digital services offered by freelancers on Fiverr. You will receive a specific affiliate commission when someone clicks and makes a transaction on the Fiverr platform.

There are many benefits to becoming an affiliate partner with Fiverr. First, you will get a good amount of money on every sale through your referral link. Second, Fiverr provide great customer support, and you can get tutorials to learn more about the Fiverr affiliate program.

In addition, you will get direct guidance from an affiliate manager. Moreover, it provides a user-friendly admin dashboard to monitor and launch different affiliate campaigns.

We will tell you the official commission plan presented by Fiverr Affiliate Program. Fiverr business offers $100 CPA and 10% RevShare for 12 months. On the other hand, if you promote Fiverr Learn Courses, you will get a 30% commission on every course purchase.

You will get $150 when someone purchases Fiverr Pro service from your referral link. However, an affiliate will get $15 to $50 for other digital service categories. Moreover, you can also promote the Fiverr Affiliate program to get a 10% share on every signup.

Bloggers, influencers, website owners, or streamers, everyone can join the Fiverr Affiliate Program to earn a great amount of passive income online.


Convertkit is an amazing email marketing tool specially designed for bloggers and content creators. It helps build an email list from an opt-in email form on the website. Convertkit helps digital creators to engage with their audience and convert them into customers.

You can use this platform to customize email newsletter templates, promote your product or service, and grow your online business revenue. Moreover, Convertkit provides detailed analytics to monitor and analyze the email campaigns’ performance and understand your audience better. You can start with the 14-day free trial without entering the credit card information.

Convertkit also offers an affiliate program that gives partners about 30% commission on every creator who comes through your referral link. First, you must sign up for the Convertkit affiliate program, which is very easy.

After joining, you must promote the features and benefits of email marketing using Convertkit to your audience. If you are already running a successful blog, this affiliate program is best for you to make extra income. Moreover, you can use your affiliate links on different channels and make people sign up for the premium program of Convertkit.

Convertkit gives a 30% commission for 24 months for each signup through your links. You have to create quality content regularly to earn a good affiliate income. So, if you are thinking about what affiliate program to choose, Convertkit Affiliate Program is a good option.


Amazon is the leading online retailer in the world of eCommerce. There are millions of customers daily visit the website of Amazon and buy products for their use. Amazon also offers an affiliate program which is known as Amazon Associates.

To start, you have to apply for the affiliate program, and then you will receive an email after the account approval. To start with an Amazon affiliate, you should have a website on which you post regular content to promote the products related to the blog’s niche.

As an Amazon Associate, you receive up to 20% commission depending on the category of the products. For example, if you promote luxury beauty products, you will get 10% of the product price. However, if you are promoting pet products, you will receive a small commission of 3%.

Amazon is the best way to monetize your blog and earn passive money if you are a blogger. An affiliate blog can also be flipped after getting a stable income over the last 6 months. So, don’t wait and try your luck with Amazon Affiliate marketing.


Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that provides domain names and hosting to your business. If you want to start a personal blog or an online eCommerce store, Bluehost offers economical packages in which you can buy domain and hosting.

Using this website hosting service, your website will be fast and responsive. Moreover, Bluehost also has an affiliate program in which you can promote different services on your blogging website and earn passive income through commission.

Bluehost affiliate program is best for bloggers to promote website hosting services. You can sign up and register for the affiliate program completely free.

After a successful signup, Bluehost provides you with a tracking code, and you can select a banner that will be compatible with your website design. When visitors click on any of Bluehost’s promotion ads, they will be redirected to the Bluehost website, and on a successful purchase, they receive an affiliate commission. You will get $65 for every qualified purchase on the Bluehost platform.

Using the Bluehost affiliate program is easy. You can track each sale and receive the full amount in your PayPal or Electronic bank account. A cookie is stored in the browser for 90 days when a visitor clicks on your referral link. You will get a commission even if the customer comes later within 90 days and make a purchase.

Bluehost affiliate customer support is great and gives you great tips to increase your affiliate sales. So, if you have a blog with good traffic, start your affiliate marketing journey with Bluehost and earn a good amount of money online.


Tailwind is a digital service that offers SaaS tools for your online business. It has a wide range of tools available that you can use with a subscription fee. Tailwind offers an affiliate program for content creators to promote its tools.

When someone purchases a subscription plan or a tool on Tailwind from your referral link, you receive a 25% commission. You can withdraw your balance after 20 days and direct deposit it in your bank or Paypal account.

You must be wondering how the Tailwind affiliate program works. First, you must sign up for the affiliate program and fill out a form in which you provide basic information.

After successful registration, you will get a referral link which you will promote by creating quality content on your blogging website and placing the link in content with a Call to Action.

You will get a regular 25% commission and a first-purchase bonus from your affiliate link. Moreover, you can make $29.97 when someone purchases or renews the yearly subscription plan.

The best part about the Tailwind affiliate is that it offers 3 plans for affiliates. If you are a beginner affiliate marketer, you can start with the Silver plan, in which you will get a 15% recurring commission and a $25-100 per content bonus.

Whereas if you have a good experience in affiliate marketing, you can go with Gold or Platinum plans. These plans offer more commission percentages and more content bonuses.

Another amazing offer the Tailwind affiliate program offers is collaborations in return for paid content creation. In this offer, Tailwind also advertises your best content using paid ads.

In addition, you will get access to the Tailwind Slack channels, where you can ask any query related to the affiliate program and content creation. If you are a blogger and want to start earning with affiliate marketing, Tailwind is one of the best options.


Pathrise is a great online platform that helps professionals in various fields land their dream job. The platform has mentors in every field who will help you find new opportunities and work with you to polish your skills. Industry experts and mentors will teach you how to write a killer cover letter and get a job with your desired salary.

Pathrise does not offer a regular affiliate program but has an income share agreement. There is no fee for signing up on Pathrise; however, it charges you a small percentage of your income after getting a job.

Pathrise charges a small share of your new job’s salary. About 5-18% share of your salary goes to Pathrise as a fee for working with a mentor.

If you are looking for your passion and want to do your dream job, register on Pathrise. Career and industry mentors help you find your passion and a high-paying job.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is an online platform that provides hundreds of eBooks, online courses, and much more. All of the resources are created by industry experts and are affordable for every individual learner. Ultimate Bundles also offers an affiliate program to earn money online by promoting their resources.

The Ultimate Bundles program is a great affiliate network for bloggers. It offers high commissions for promoting eBooks and courses offered by Ultimate Bundles.

Their resources are irresistible, so nobody can ignore them and purchase them. You have to create high-quality content featuring all the benefits of taking Ultimate Bundles, and when someone buys, you get a referral commission.

After signing up for Ultimate Bundles, you will get a referral link that you can use on your website. Also, you can download a banner and place it on your blog. You will receive a 40% commission on every sale when someone buys a bundle from your affiliate link.

There are two more programs to become a partner and earn money with Ultimate Bundles. One is a Contributor, and the other is a Bonus Partner.

To increase your affiliate revenue, become a contributor to Ultimate Bundles. In these programs, you submit a product in the Ultimate bundles platform and build the trust of your audience.

Commission rates of Ultimate bundles vary on the number of bundles sold. 40% is the standard commission rate. You will get a 50% affiliate commission for selling 0-19 bundles, 60% for selling 20-39 bundles, and 70% for selling more than 40 bundles or submitting an e-course worth $97+.

Moreover, a Bonus Partner will get special offers in which you will get free advertising on hundreds of websites through the affiliate partners. If you are a blogger, apply for the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program and start earning passive income.


SocialBee is an online platform that helps you manage your social media accounts. It assists business owners in growing their businesses on social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google My Business, and TikTok.

It assists in managing, creating, and scheduling posts on all social media accounts simultaneously. In addition, you can analyze the performance of your posts in the SocialBee dashboard. Moreover, it offers an affiliate program through which you can earn an affiliate commission by promoting social media management tools.

If you are a blogger, social media influencer, or YouTuber, you can start earning by promoting SocialBee social management tools and services. You can join the SocialBee affiliate program on PartnerStack.

For promoting the SocialBee tool, you will get a 20% share as a referral commission, and if you promote Concierge services, a 105 commission will be given.

In the SocialBee affiliate program, you will get three different badges: promoter, advocate, and Ambassador. A new affiliate partner gets the Promoter badge. When you start promoting SocialBee and bring a sale of $500 through your affiliate link, you get an Advocate badge.

You will get special benefits, including SociaBee free account and a white-label solution. After the first two badges, SocialBee reviews your affiliate account and verifies you as an Ambassador. Being an Ambassador, you get a lot of benefits and perks, including increased monthly commission and co-marketing opportunities.

There are many reasons why the SocialBee affiliate program is best for you. With 90 days of cookie duration, you can track every click, sale, and signup in the PartnerStack dashboard.

In addition, you will get paid every month. Also, it offers resources like social media templates, descriptions, guides, creative banners, and much more to help you create and promote content.

Moreover, you will get a dedicated account manager who will assist you in the whole process from the start to improving content for making high revenue. If you are a blogger, SocialBee Affiliate Program is one of the major affiliate networks to monetize your blog and earn passive income.


Crowdfire is a popular tool, with over 19 million users, that helps you find, create, schedule, and post high-quality content on your social media accounts. Its system discovers relevant content, including articles and images related to your niche.

You have to connect your blog, online shop, or Youtube channel; Crowdfire automatically posts trending content across all channels in just one click. In addition, Crowdfire also offers an affiliate program to earn a good amount of affiliate income.

The Corwdfire affiliate program is a good way to earn passive income. You can earn up to $420 for each referral through your affiliate link if you are a blogger.

For joining the Crowdfire affiliate program for free, and after successful registration, you will get a referral link. You can create quality content on your blog and share your affiliate link so that when a customer makes a payment via your link, you will get a 35% referral commission. Plus, the point of Crowdfire affiliate is you can earn a commission for every customer via your link.

There is no limit to earning with the Crowdfire affiliate program by referring as many customers as possible. Plus, with a personalized admin dashboard, you can track link clicks and commission and get promotional offers to use in your content.

Moreover, you can increase revenue by sharing your referral link on social media and email newsletters. Once you reach the $50 balance in your affiliate account, you can withdraw this money using PayPal or Stripe account.

Crowdfire is a unique affiliate program to earn a good passive income. So, if you are searching for an affiliate program and promoting it on your digital assets, Crowdfire is a good fit.

Wrapping Up

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money, even when you are sleeping. There are no earning limits in affiliate marketing, and you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

This can be a highly effective way for bloggers to monetize their content and earn additional passive income. By choosing the best affiliate programs to promote, bloggers can potentially earn a significant amount of money.

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing for bloggers is the opportunity to build trust and credibility with their audience. By only promoting products that they have personally used and found to be valuable, bloggers can demonstrate their expertise and authenticity to their audience.

This can help build a strong and loyal following of readers who trust the blogger’s recommendations and are more likely to purchase through their referral links. Overall, affiliate marketing can be a win-win situation for bloggers and businesses, as it allows bloggers to monetize their platforms while providing businesses access to a targeted and engaged audience.

We have shared the best affiliate programs for bloggers. You can select any programs related to your blog niche and create content. Every time your visitors purchase via your referral link, you will get a referral commission and thank us for sharing this list.

13 of the Most Popular Affiliate Programs For Bloggers in 2023

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