Honest Blog Income Report – First Month Blogging – August

Whats covered?

Each month I break down what’s been going on behinds the scenes of our new blogging business.

In these reports, I discuss the growth of our YouTube channel, social media accounts, email list, website analytics, and other essential metrics.

I also give a detailed overview of our blogging finances, including revenue streams and expenses. So let’s get into it.

BML: August Income Report


  • At the end of the month, we have 258 subscribers. That’s a gain of 41 subscribers.
  • Lifetime views are just under 6,934. For the month, we had 1,319 views. 
  • Lifetime watch hours is at 404. For the month, we have 94 hours. 
  • Impressions for the month is at 16,600
  • Monthly click through rate is 3.8%
  • Average view duration this month is 00:04:15 
  • The number of videos we put out this month is 4
  • The age of our channel is 6 months old. 

On average, we’re getting between 31 – 44 new subscribers each month. That’s staying pretty consistent with a slight upward trend over the life of our channel. Our monthly views are showing some growth as well.

Youtube Blog Income Report
BML: YouTube preview

We had a record growth from Jun – July of about 400 views. July and August views held pretty consistently to each other, with august topping out at 1,319 total for the month.

To monetize with YouTube, we need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past 365 days. We are currently 742 subscribers and 3,596 watch hours away from our goal.


  • We have 866 followers. 
  • We made 22 posts this month
  • Inpressions this month, 3,666
  • Total interactions are, 323
  • Linkin.bio views, 30
  • Linkin.bio action clicks, 20

Instagram is our most prominent social media after YouTube. Our 22 posts this month have driven 20 sessions to our blog through Linkin.bio clicks.

Instagram Blog Income Report
BML: IG preview


  • Total Followers, 43
  • Post this month, 8
  • Post engagement, 110

Our Facebook presents is pretty stagnant right now. This is because we have not focused on devolving this social media besides creating our profile.

Email list growth

Our email list has grown to 20 subscribers in August. That’s a growth of 14 subscribers from July. Most of our subscribers have come from our blog launch in August.

Throughout the month, we sent a total of 14 emails. Those emails had an open rate of 53%. Out of that 53%, the click-through rate was 33%.

Let break those numbers down a bit further. We have 20 email list subscribers, and we sent out 14 emails. About 7 of those emails were opened. From those 7 emails, 2 subscribers took action. That action led them to our website or drew them into a product funnel.

Website traffic

At this point, it’s been 18 since the start of our blog. Within those 18 days, we have published 11 blog posts and have received 800 page views.

Our page views consist of 136 different users and 226 sessions. That tells me that some of those users have returned for multiple sessions. The average session duration is about 3 minutes.

BML: Website KPI

So, when someone is on one of our pages or reading one of our articles, they’re staying on a specific page for about three minutes. The bounce rate is at 22%. Our traffic has come from direct organic email, referrals, social media. 

Direct traffic means people going up to the search bar and typing, BloggingMoneyLife.com, in other words, going to our website “directly.”

Organic traffic is the people who found us through a Google search. That’s at 20

Email traffic comes from the email lists that I was mentioned earlier. Our email list has driven 20 views to our website.

Referral traffic is our backlinks from other websites to ours. We show to have 6 views from referrals. Those are probably coming from Miss Millennia Magazine. That’s another blog run by Jas’s.

Social traffic. 22 people have come to our website from social media outlets.

And this is how it breaks down. 2 of those came from the Instagram LinkedIn bio, and 11 of those people came from YouTube. 

Income Report

How do those metrics translate into dollars? Well, have five different ways that we generate income. 

  • Affiliate marketing networks. We are not on any affiliate network yet so we’re not bringing in any affiliate income. 
  • Advertising networks. The only ad network we’re on at the moment is Google AdSense. And all that has generated us $0.02 ad revenue. 
  • Sponsored posts networks. We have not applied for any soponsored post networks yet.
  • Partnerships are a great way to make money with a blog. But as of now, we havent devloped any partnerships.
  • Products. Our 3 products have already in existence for sometime before we launched our blog. So they’ve have had some time to start build some momentum and earning income. 

Our products

Blogging Money Formula is a course that Jas put together to help bloggers grow their blog into a stream of income.

blogging money formula blog income report

We have a total of 2 sales for that Blogging Money Formula course. One of those two sales has come from a paid in the full purchase. This purchase was for $350, and our income is $350.

We also offer a payment program in four payments of $99. We sold one of these and earned an additional $99.

Our 2nd product, Blogging Money Update, is an email subscription that we offer. This email bosts a list of sponsored posts opportunities that get sent to our subscriber’s inboxes three times a week.

They offer opportunities ranging anywhere from $60 to $6,000. We charge $30 a month for this list of sponsored posts opportunities. Through Blogging Money Life, we made 2 sales this month at $30 apiece, earning $60 of income. 

We also offer a sponsored post-pricing toolkit for sale. We have two different versions. One for $30, and then one for $64 comes with an email template. We made 2 of sales this month for a total of $130.

In summary, our total product sales this month are at $639


Here’s a list of our reoccurring expenses. These are expenses that I will be showing up every month for the life of our blog. 

  • Morning Fame is a product to help us measure our YouTube analytics. It cost $9.90 each month.
  • Epidemic Sound is where we get the sound effects and music we use for our YouTube videos. We pay $15 a month for this tool.
  • Later is an Instagram management tool that we use. It costs about $21 a month. 
  • SiteGround is our hosting provider. We pay about $5 a month for our hosting. 
  • Canva is a graphic design tool. We pay $10 a month for it. 
  • MailerLite is our email management tool. We use a free version. 
  • Grammarly is a content editing tool. We pay about $12 a month for that. 
  • SteamYard is a live video broadcasting tool. We pay $25 a month through that.

Our total reoccurring expenses for August are just about $100. With that said, we have to bring in at least $100 every month to break even.

And on top of those reoccurring expenses, we had about $600 in one-time expenses as well. Most of these additional expenses have to do with the start cup costs of launching our blog. 

August Profit and Loss summary

Our total monthly gross for August is $636. Our total monthly expenses for August are about $705.

We can expect to see $100 worth of expenses waiting for us next month as a reoccurring expense. And we had almost $600 of one-time expenses that won’t be there next month.

All in all, our monthly net for August is -$68. That looks really good and seems promising for a profit in September. 

And if we continue on with our product sales the way we’re going now, we can hope for another $600 of income next month. That $600, less the reoccurring expenses of $100, we could see a profit of $500 in September. We’ll just have to wait and see how everything turns out. 

BML: August 2021 net income
BML: August 2021 net income

If you would like to see August’s numbers in further detail, be sure to watch our blogging income report video here.

What’s next?

Thanks for reading our first Blog Income Report. Each month I strive to improve our blogging metrics and the structure of our income report.

Check out our second Blog Income Report here.

Honest Blog Income Report - First Month Blogging - August

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