5 Signs You Need a Blog Refresh

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5 Signs You Need a Blog Refresh

Have you been considering a blog refresh but are not sure if you should or not? Well, this article will help you decide. I have gone through many blog redesigns with Miss Millennia Magazine, and every time I changed, it was for one of the reasons below. So, let’s get to it!

Your site is complex to navigate. There are so many websites competing for attention, and having a website that is difficult to navigate makes your blog irrelevant. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the truth!

When I say hard to navigate, people can’t find what they want on your site. That might be your top posts, new articles, your about me page, or anything else. Also, this applies to both the desktop computer and mobile device versions of your blog. Your website theme should be responsive, meaning it looks different on a mobile device than it does on a desktop computer so that it is just as easy to navigate.

If readers and brants can’t find where they want to go on your blog, you’re missing out on engagement and income.

The best thing you can do to resolve this issue is to try mapping out your blog’s content hierarchy or site map on paper. Start with the homepage, then the category pages, and keep going from there. Write it all out on paper, then design it on your site.

Don’t forget that if your site is not mobile-friendly, you need to switch to a new theme. Restored 316 has a ton of responsive themes you can choose from!

  1. Your brand has changed

Blogging is a journey, and sometimes a brand change is a part of that journey. If your site has changed names, your avatar has changed, or maybe you have had a niche change. Wherever your journey has taken you, it could mean it’s time for a blog refresh.

That can mean changing your website’s name, layout, brand colors, and so forth. If this is the case, I highly recommend taking some time out to think about how you want your new brand to be.

Use Canva when redesigning your blog. With Canva, you can recreate your media kit, apply your new brand colors to your social media images, and take care of other graphic design needs. Sign up for your account here!

2. You’re not getting your target audience to your blog

Does your blog have an avatar

An avatar is a persona you develop that embodies your target audience, so you know who you’re talking to in everything you create. You give this person a name, a personality, and even a face.

If you haven’t created an avatar for your site, this is the first thing you should do during your blog refresh. Trust me. It will help you so much.

If you already have an avatar, are they finding your blog? If you’re targeting them in the right places and you’re still not getting the traffic you want, one of the reasons could be that you need a blog refresh.

Go back to your avatar document sheet and review it. What type of website would your avatar be attracted to? What colors, fonts, and photos would they like? Use this information to guide you on how to refresh your blog.

3. It has been several years since your last blog refresh

This one is subjective. Some bloggers keep the same blog design for years and years without worry. Chances are, their blogs are working for them. However, if your blog is not working for you and you think the blog design or brand has something to do with it, that warrants an update.

This was one of the main motivating factors during my last blog design refresh. You can use Restored 316 as I did! I haven’t looked back since. If you are thinking about a complete blog redesign, I highly recommend going with their themes since they are very customizable and mobile-friendly.

4. You don’t like your site design

Last but certainly not least, maybe you don’t like your site design anymore. This was also a reason why I have changed my site before.  

Back in 2012, the unsightly appearance of my blog then was enough motivation for me to update it. And it can be reason enough for you too. The only thing you want to make sure you do is that you put enough thought into your website’s overall design and structure before changing anything. 

The second most important thing is that you make sure that you’re not unintentionally sabotaging yourself by putting the most important things that you’re looking to achieve on the bottom of your page. So, for example, if your goal is to get more email subscribers, make that one of the first actions they can take at the top of the page.

Figure out what your goals are with your blog by using our free Blog Goal Worksheet. On it, you will find a list of questions that will help you visualize how to hit your blogging money goals this year. After you’ve completed the Blog Goal Worksheet, if you still think you need a blog refresh, then proceed.

Good Luck With your Blog Refresh!

If you have experienced one or more of the items in this list, it is likely time for a blog refresh. But don’t get overwhelmed with it because it can be a massive project.

For example, my first blog redesign took me over a month to figure out. My last one took two weeks. So you don’t have to overthink it.

Here are a few tips to get started if your blog needs a refresh:

  • Have a clear picture of what you want your site to look like.
  • Know what you want your site navigation to be. Please don’t make your website incredibly confusing and hard to navigate for its sake to be cutesy. Think about the goals you want to achieve when someone visits your website and prioritize them on the homepage.
    • Use the right resources to get the job done. It only took me two weeks to create my final blog design, as I mentioned above. And it can take that long for you, too, if you have the right resources. Here are a few you should consider using. 
    • Restored 316
    • Canva
    • Blog Goal Worksheet

Good luck with your blog refresh!

5 Signs You Need a Blog Refresh

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