21 Best Survival Gifts for Your Adventurer Friends

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21 Best Survival Gifts for Your Adventurer Friends

Adventure lovers often find themselves amid emergency situations. Such circumstances can even lead to life-or-death problems in extreme conditions. Acting quickly is essential, but having the right survival gear is necessary. Is equally vital

Those with adventurer friends whose only interest is exploring and venturing to new adventures often look for the perfect gift their friends can use. This post will simplify things and offer a comprehensive guide on some of the best survival gifts you can find for friends and relatives. So let’s get started.

1. First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit is one of the best gifts to purchase for your adventurer friends. You can even find a more adventurer-friendly first-aid kit, with more stuff than basic necessities to help with specific situations. In the face of survival situations, products in a basic first aid kit can be beneficial for preventing mishaps like excessive bleeding or combating poisonous attacks without good-quality consequences. Naturally, this is an excellent addition to every adventurer’s list of vitals.

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2. Travel Solar Panel

A solar panel for adventurers is another good gift to opt for. Solar Panels come in various sizes. You can easily find a portable option, often also available in lanterns, which can be extremely helpful during power outages.

Utilizing solar power, these panels charge throughout the day and offer illumination or other forms of energy at night or as needed by the individual. However, ensure you find a high-quality product to ensure its durability, reliability, and usefulness during long expeditions. 

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3. Fire Starter

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A fire starter kit is an absolute must for every adventure seeker. They come in various forms, including multi-gear kits, fire pistols, and even bracelets to increase portability. This emergency kit contains several products like a ferro rod, magnesium fire starter, survival matches, stormproof lighters, waterproof matches, and much more. Fire-starting equipment is essential and has multiple uses, including starting a fire for cooking, achieving warmth, and signaling in case of needing help. 

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4. Bug-Out Bag

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If you wish to give an all-in-one gift to your adventurer friend, the bug-out bag is the go-to option. Also known as a 72-hour kit, this is THE perfect emergency preparedness gift out there.

This comes with a backpack, sleeping bag, water filtration systems including water purification tablets and bottles, emergency food supply with long shelf life, binoculars, outdoor skin protection items, fire starter kit, personal items kit, medical supplies, Torch, navigation equipment, communication equipment, bedding products, and more. In short, all essential items needed to survive in any condition.

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5. Solar Phone Charger

A solar charger is another good choice to add to your gift list for adventurer friends. This is an excellent option if you have a better friend who likes to have efficient products at hand during expeditions. These come in several configurations, like a portable solar charger or a power bank. A few models also have USB ports that can charge your cell phone or GPS device. 

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6. Water Bottle

The market is flooded with water bottles made specially for adventurers to take on a camping trip. If you choose to go with this gift, find a good water bottle that can store clean water for a long time while maintaining hot or cold temperatures. This can also be a small item if you purchase a mini water bottle, for example, that you can gift your friend randomly without incurring much expense. Alternatively, you can also opt to spring for the most advanced model.

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7. Sleeping Bag

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No adventure trip is complete without a sleeping bag. They are the ideal solution to get a good night’s sleep in rugged terrain. As such, they are an excellent choice for a gift for adventure junkies.

Since these are a basic necessity, you can easily find them in various options and may even get great deals. Sleeping bags are one of the most popular and excellent survival gift ideas for friends and family members set to venture out soon. 

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8. Water Filter

A water filter is one of the best gifts you can choose for your adventurer friend. If you plan on buying one of these for your friend, make sure you do some research and pick a good one. Ideally, you would want one that is travel-friendly, high-performing, capable of filtering various kinds of water (hard, contaminated, etc.), durably built and has a robust filtration system that lasts a long time. Depending upon the gift recipient, you can choose a plan that best suits their needs. 

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9. Emergency Food Supply

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If you are unsure of anything else, an emergency-use food supply is the best option for you to choose. There is immense scope for customization, but keep food that offers sustenance.

However, ensure that you include protein bars, trail mixes, freeze-dried meals if they wish to make their own food, and dehydrated food products, among other things. Ensure you have items that can sustain a long time, are easy to consume/ prepare, and are in diverse conditions without spoiling. Use a food dehydrator to dehydrate anything that needs to be packed.  

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10. Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket is a top-pick gift for all the doomsday preppers. If you purchase this for your adventurer friends, pick one that is lightweight, portable, compact, waterproof, and has a reflective surface. This allows the receiver to maintain body temperature as the reflective surface prevents temperature transference. Choose one with fair price points and high ratings while ensuring your choice is of fantastic quality. 

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11. Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is another good gift to give your adventurer friend. This is a multi-use tool that is immensely versatile and crucial for emergency situations. When buying, check its features and pick one with a stainless steel construction or aluminum body to promote durability.

Furthermore, while a weapon, it should also be capable of writing for everyday use and in cases of emergencies. The best choices for these pens include models with adequate grip, a sharp point, a glass breaker, and sturdy construction.

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12. Camp Stove

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A friend who is going camping is an excellent reason to purchase a camp stove. As the name suggests, it is a portable stove with one or more stovetop configurations.  When picking one of these, check for compatibility by understanding its fuel type requirement, brand reliability, fuel efficiency, boil timing, stability and durability of construction, how portable it is, how compatible it is with basic utensils, etc. Some stoves also come with different tools, allowing a better cooking experience. 

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13. Heirloom Seeds

On a more sentimental side, heirloom seeds are the best way to show your friends you care about their likes. These are mainly for friends who enjoy gardening or having contaminant-free produce.

Select any type of heirloom seeds you wish to pass on and give them to your friend with detailed planting instructions. Along with this, you can also include facts like whether the plant needs a companion plant. Choose GMO-free options that have been sustainably sourced from reliable sources. 

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14. Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are one of the most important things you can give your adventurer friend. They ensure a constant supply of potable water throughout the trip and even during natural disasters. The good news is that these systems now come in various options, including gravity-fed systems, UV filtration systems, pump filters, travel-sized filters, and many more. Given the vast variety of options, you can easily find a cheaper alternative that can do the job just as well.  

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15. Survival Axe

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A survival axe is often a part of every best survival kit. These are crucial tools useful for several applications, including sawing, cutting, prying, self-defense, and more. You can even find them in several configurations ranging from basic to tactical, portable and compact, heavy-duty, knife and axe combos, multi-tool axe sets, foldable and collapsible sets, hiking axe sets, and emergency axe sets, among others. A good survival knife should be purchased with these for extra safety. 

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16. Emergency Whistle

An emergency whistle is another vital component that adventure seekers always need. These, too, come in various options based on the kind of activity your friend intends to include. Some of the most common quality items include classic whistles, floating whistles, pealess whistles, dog-training whistles, and high-decibel whistles. Each has unique features, like making a louder noise that can reach farther than classic whistles and floating on water.  

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17. Good Survival Knife

A good survival knife is a must-have for all adventurer friends in your friend list. This is, again, a multiple-use tool whose primary objective is self-defense and usability in tricky situations. Giving this to your friend is one of the top great gift ideas because there is a lot of variety.

Furthermore, these can often be customized with names to make them more personal. When picking a knife, consider its blade type, length, sheath, durability, grip strength, tang, intended usage, and brand reputation. 

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18. Multi-Use Tool

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A multi-use tool can come in a lot of variety, featuring a diverse set of tools built into one compact product. These often contain devices like a folding knife, corkscrew, filer, scissors, pliers, wrench, and more. A Leatherman supertool is a prime example.

When choosing one of these, look for a product with the most valuable tools, is sturdy and well built, is easily portable, is not prone to rusting or corrosion, has a locking mechanism in place for safety, provides good grip, and is easy to use. 

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19.  Food Dehydrator

A food dehydrator is one of the most unique Christmas gifts you can offer your adventurer friends. It allows them the flexibility to choose food items they love and dehydrate them, making them more travel-friendly and shelf-stable during long adventures. It will enable them to take things they like to eat without worrying about it going bad. A simple-to-use tool, these are excellent for those who often go on adventurous trips. 

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20. Stainless Steel Construction

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Stainless steel is preferred for constructing high-quality gear and equipment for adventure activities. Stainless steel construction for any bag, be it tents, axes, knives, tactical pens, or something else, should be chosen carefully. It is a must to check its features, including weight, durability, heat resistance, anti-corrosion properties, longevity, and sustainability. 

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21. Sun Oven

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A sun oven is one of the best prepper gifts for those who enjoy hearty, homey meals even while on an adventure. These are also known as solar ovens, and depending upon the capacity and what is being cooked, they can cook a meal on a single charge. Choose a travel-friendly, durable, and fuel-efficient model for maximum usage, especially during longer trips where eating power bars, trail mixes, and dehydrated food is not the wisest choice. 

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With such a broad spectrum of choices, there is always something new and helpful to buy for your friends. All the abovementioned adventure tools and equipment make the perfect addition to their survival kits and are simple to buy.

Many of these gifts can also be personalized for a little extra special touch, and moreover, are available in many individual varieties to suit the exact needs of every adventurer. So what are you waiting for? Get to shopping!

21 Best Survival Gifts for Your Adventurer Friends

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