10 Delightful Christmas Gifts for Family Who Lives Far Away

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10 Delightful Christmas Gifts for Family Who Lives Far Away
10 Delightful Christmas Gifts for Family Who Lives Far Away

You love your family and want to give them something special this Christmas, but you can’t be there to see the happiness on their face. The holidays are meant to be spent with the ones you love, so sometimes family who live far away or other friends and family members can feel left out of the festivities.

In most cases, since you can’t travel to see them, all you can do is make sure you send them a gift that’s not only precious but one that they will come to appreciate you for. 

Don’t worry – you don’t have to give them a boring fruitcake or an ugly sweater with their initials this year; plenty of other options will show them you care from afar. 

However, there are so many things to consider! 

  • Do they celebrate Christmas? 
  • Are they religious? 
  • What kind of food do they like? 
  • Are they allergic to anything? 
  • Are they celebrating with friends or just their immediate family?

All these can help you decide what you need to give them that they will appreciate. We’ve got some great gift ideas, no matter the situation. Check out these ten delightful Christmas gift ideas that let you stay connected with them. These gifts will surely delight anyone who has to spend the holidays apart from you.

#1: A Family Video Chat

This is a great idea for those with family living far away. A family video chat is a way to bring your family together, even if they live miles apart. 

A Family Video Chat

You can be in the same room with video chats and talk face-to-face like they are present with you. Just imagine how much more special it would be for the kids to wake up on Christmas morning and see their parent’s faces. 

It is a thoughtful gift idea and will be an experience gift idea the whole family can enjoy. You will surely put smiles on their faces with this perfect long-distance family gift. These gifts are the perfect way to stay connected with your loved ones during Christmas. Experiences and thoughtful gifts can help create memories that last a lifetime while strengthening family bonds.

#2: Thoughtful Care Packages

Consider sending thoughtful care packages if you want another experience gift idea or game night. In this case, a thoughtful care package is one of the perfect long-distance family gifts.

The package should contain something special from the person’s origin or a place they have lived the longest, like local treats or souvenirs and photos of loved ones back home.

I love these gifts because they bring beautiful memories of the good days. Imagine eating a delicacy you grew up loving and haven’t tasted in a long while because you live in another city now.

These are some of the best long-distance family gift ideas during the holiday season, so don’t wait to start shopping now. If you want thoughtful gifts, you should order early because many items will sell out by December.

Check out 3 of our favorites:

  1. UnboxMe Care Package For Women
  2. UnboxMe Warm + Cozy Tea Care Package For Women
  3. CRAVEBOX Snacks Box Variety Pack Care Package (45 Count) 

#3: Family Photo Albums

One thing to remember when thinking about long-distance gifts is that giving the perfect gift may seem difficult, but there are plenty of options to choose from, and this is one of them. 

Family Photo Albums

Creating family photo albums would be the perfect option for those who are okay with putting time into a thoughtful gift. It will take some time, but in the end, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake album that everyone will love. 

These albums can include different moments and select songs that remind you of specific events. Some other things include favorite memories, holiday traditions, and family members.

Check out these 2 beautiful albums:

  1. Luxury Linen Photo Album with Acid-Free Pockets, Traditional Book Bound with Hard Cover, 200 Pockets for 4×6 photos
  2. RECUTMS Photo Album 4×6 600 Photos Black Pages Large Capacity Leather Cover

#4: A Framed Family Tree

Like making family photo albums, a framed family tree is another great option. Frame old photos of family members and combine them with decorations from different holidays. 

Hang it somewhere in the house so the people living there can always feel connected to their family no matter where they are. Gifts are just part of what makes the Christmas Season so magical, but bonding with your family is priceless. 

So whether you go with gift boxes, Christmas cookies, or a family bond, make sure to pick something they will enjoy while reinforcing the ties that bind, and what better way to do that than with this gift? 

It’s the perfect present because they can hang it anywhere in their house, meaning they will have something to look at daily, reminding them of their loved ones.

Check out these great ideas for a family tree:

  1. Simple Shapes Family Tree Wall Decal by Simple Shapes 
  2. Simple Family Tree Chart, Farmhouse Decor Friendly

#5: Jewelry With A Personalized Message

Giving a family member or friend the best Christmas gift that reminds them of home and brings them joy is truly the most precious gift. 

Jewelry With A Personalized Message

For example, jewelry with a personalized message is an ideal gift for a mom or wife that wants to express her feelings toward her children. This jewelry will allow her to share words of advice, wishes, and encouragement she could not say in any other form. 

Another good gift idea for someone with a family that lives far away would be personalized letterpressed cards to accompany the jewelry in case it’s too expensive to print messages. They are small gifts but very thoughtful ones with a personal touch and full of love.

#6: A Tin of Christmas Cookies

This is a unique gift idea for a family member. A tin of Christmas Cookies is a thoughtful and tasty gift and unarguably one of the best gifts that will warm the heart of anyone you send it to. 

You can make a batch of these yummy sweets in your home and send them to the family you can’t be with this Christmas. There are many variations for the recipe online; you can find anything from a vegan cookie to a peanut butter cookie. 

If you decide to make a video call after sending them the cookies, you can match them with a game night in your living room or eat them while watching tv shows with your best friend.

Board games are one option, but other options include playing cards, charades, or Scrabble. On to the next gift!

Check out these festive cookie tins!

  1. Tin Containers with Lids Christmas
  2. 12 Pieces Christmas Cookie Tins

#7: A New Game for Family Game Name Night

Previously we mentioned having fun with a game night where you can play several board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, charades, or cards. Everyone in the family knows which game they love and will be glad to pick one from the option. 

A New Game for Family Game Name Night

However, if you are still looking for a game from the options, you can decide to come up with a new game that everyone would like. Start a consensus or something and let them pick which new one they would like and play it with via a video call on Christmas day.

Every family has favorite board games or cards they like to play together. What could be better than giving each member of your extended family a new game as part of their present?

Check out some of our favorite board games:

  1. Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game
  2. The Game of Life Game
  3. Wingspan Board Game – A Bird-Collection

#8: Gift Cards to Their Favorite Stores

Sometimes, buying someone a gift card for their favorite store is easier. That way, they get exactly what they want without worrying about whether you know the store well enough to choose something that suits their tastes. 

Shopping at someone else’s favorite stores also helps strengthen bonds between members of the family; after all, it’s not just the shopping experience that matters – it’s everything leading up to and following said experience.

Giving thoughtful presents means considering who they are and what they like. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a small gift card or an extravagant one with lots of money – so long as it’s the perfect present for the receiver, it’ll always be appreciated.

A sweet gift, I must say!

Take a look at these gift cards:

  1. Amazon.com eGift Card
  2. Starbucks Gift Cards
  3. $25 Visa Gift Card

#9: Long-Distance Touch Lamps

Have you ever wanted to reach out and hug your loved ones but couldn’t because they live far away? Well, now there is a solution! 

Long-Distance touch lamps are perfect as Christmas gifts for family far away

You would be surprised to know how unique a gift long-distance touch lamps can be. I sent it to a family member living abroad once, whom I hadn’t seen in a long time, and they loved it. 

These lamps let you control the intensity of light (or turn it off completely) through a connected device. In addition, some of these lamps allow two-way communication by using cameras. Family members can share messages and images without interruption by connecting to WiFi. 

This a thoughtful gift idea for any long-distance family member! A long-distance touch lamp is one of the perfect smart devices and physical items to help the family stay connected and experience a sense of togetherness.

Check out some of our favorites:

  1. Friendship Lamp – Classic Design
  2. Friendship Lamp – Mid-Century Knotty Alder Wood Design
  3. Memory Frame – Friendship Lamp Digital Screen

#10: An Online Movie Night

This is a great way to spend the holidays with a long distance away from family, especially for wine lovers. Invite your cousins, aunts, and uncles over online to watch a movie together over zoom and order pizza. This unique gift idea is sure to be adored by your family. 

This creative way provides a little bit of your personality and style while giving a gift appropriate for the Christmas season. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this idea, though! After all, it’s all about thoughtfulness. 

Gifts can be expensive, and they can be simple and simple. A movie night online wouldn’t cost anything other than a few dollars for the wine and the pizza. It is the perfect long-distance family gift that isn’t costly or flashy.

Wrapping Up

The possibilities are endless when you start brainstorming ways to creatively connect with your family this holiday season.

The possibilities for Christmas gifts for family far away are endless

A long-distance gift is a perfect way to show you care about your family, even though you can’t be with them this Christmas. Your family will love it. Make a list of all the ideas that seem good to you and have fun finding the right present for each person.

Our list is a great place to start as they are wonderful ways to keep in contact with family that lives far away. Whether you send them a video chat, a long-distance touch lamp, or an online movie night, these ideas will be cherished for years to come. Even the simplest of gifts will mean the world to them!

Most families value quality time spent together, but since you can have that physically, you might as well do that by sending them a gift or having a video call. If you want to give the best possible gifts this year, think about the kinds of experiences or activities that would be fun for everyone involved.

10 Delightful Christmas Gifts for Family Who Lives Far Away
10 Delightful Christmas Gifts for Family Who Lives Far Away

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