20 Perfect and Practical Gifts For Bloggers in 2024

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20 Perfect and Practical Gifts For Bloggers in 2023

Looking for gifts for bloggers? I am going to lay out 20 of the best ones. But first, let me introduce myself.
If you are a loyal reader of Miss Millennia Magazine, you will probably remember me writing for my older sister Jas from there. If not, welcome to Blogging, Money, Life! My name is Joi (pronounced Joy)! This is the first time I am writing for my sis’ new blog, and I am so happy to do so! 

I am searching for a few practical gifts for bloggers for my sis. We know she is an avid blogger, and I want to buy something for her to help get the job done.

Now let’s get to this best blogger gift guide! 

#1: Gift Cards to Coffee Shops

Not only is Jas, an excellent blogger, but she’s a badass new mom, too! It is hilarious that having a gift card to coffee shops is on here because that is precisely what I got for her and Chris when they announced their pregnancy to the family. 

Who doesn't love coffee?

Not only is this a great gift, but it will allow her to blog late into the night to finish up any posts, or it can help her stay awake during daylight hours after baby Luca kept her up all night! So it is. Honestly, I win/win. 

If I decided to take this route, I would probably go with a Starbucks gift card that allows me to choose between $25-$100! 

I still want to see my other options, though. She recently published a new article about finding the perfect cup of coffee in Costa Rica and very much stated that Starbucks is not her absolute favorite coffee shop anymore. And I can’t blame her—Costa Rica makes some delicious coffee!

#2: Online Courses & Products Through App Sumo

We all know at this point that Jas is an excellent blogger. But who does not want to hone their craft further? Especially when they are as committed to it as she is. 

App Sumo is the Google for blogging courses

Something that I am learning reasonably quickly about blogging is that you cannot stop learning. This is because the internet is always growing, and there is a constant need to keep up with the latest technology, fashion, entertainment, etc. 

AppSumo is like Google for blogging courses. If Jas wanted to expand Blogging, Money, and Life further (and I am pretty sure she does), having App Sumo in her back pocket may be just what she needs! 

#3: Blog Planner

A blog planner can help your blogger friend stay organized

As I have previously mentioned, Jas is trying to grow Blogging Money Life. So having a blog planner could help her get to the next level. And if nothing else, it could help her stay organized and have ideas for the future. 

There were a few to choose from, so here are my top three choices: 

  1. Blog Growth Planner: Finances & Key Analytics Annual Tracker
  1. The One Hour Content Plan: The Solopreneur’s Guide to a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes and Creating Content That Hooks and Sells
  2. One Million Followers, Updated Edition: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

#4: A Good Camera

For the past two years, Jas and her hubby, Chris, have been sharing their Costa Rica adventures with us on Youtube. As they continue to share with us, I do not think they would complain about having a more upgraded camera! 

Mind you, this is coming from someone who is technologically unsavvy. So do not judge my choice of a camera for her! This is what I found to probably help them the most! 

A great camera option for bloggers

The Lierhyt Video Camera 4K. Now, as I said, I know nothing about technology. But I remember hearing that having a 4K tv was good, so if a 4k tv is good, owning a camera with 4k capabilities should be great, too!

At least, that is how I am reasoning it, anyway. What I love about this camera is that it comes with many accessories, so no matter when or where Jas and Chris should be able to get the perfect shot for their blog! And it was the best camera in this price range. 

If you want to go a bit fancier or know what a good camera is, this Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera may also be a good choice! It may be a bit fancier for new bloggers, though it is a huge step up from a regular digital camera!

The extra cost just may be worth it. Want more camera ideas? Check out our article on the 17 best cameras for bloggers and vloggers.

#5: External Hard Drive

There are probably a million reasons why a blogger should have an external hard drive. But for Jas specifically, it would have been good to have one when her computer died unexpectedly, and she could have lost all of her info if it was not for The Cloud. 

An external hard drive can save you if your computer dies suddenly

An external hard drive could also be good to have in case The Cloud goes down, or you just want an extra piece of mind for all that hard work that has been done. 

When researching which might meet Jas’ needs better, I could not decide. The two that I am stuck on are: 

I really like how this one is silver and sleek. And I feel like Toshiba is a well-known brand that makes higher-quality items. In addition, the description specifies that it can be used for Apple products, which Jasmine often uses for her blog. 

This hard drive is not a major brand I have heard of. That is the only thing holding me back from choosing it. It would be good for her because she travels so much, so it will be less likely to break. 

But I am not sure. So maybe you can let me know which is better in the comments below. 

#6: Laptop Stand for Bloggers

Initially, I was not sure if a laptop stand was something Jasmine would need. But the more I looked into these stands, the more I believed that she needed one, and I did, too!

Save your neck and pack with a laptop stand

I landed on the Sundance Laptop Stand. It allows for multiple sizes of laptops, and it is not just a shelf. The computer sits on two legs so that it will not overheat. It even comes in a few fun colors!

It is excellent for those who work on their laptops a lot. It can help you avoid getting a cramp in your neck by encouraging you to have better posture! This could be an excellent gift for you and your blogger friends. 

#7: Portable Charger

In today’s day and age, I believe that everyone should have a portable charger. Some may be better than others at keeping their electronics charged and ready to go, but I know that Jas definitely is not. 

A portable charger can be a literal life saver

This would also be a good idea because she and Chris constantly go on little adventures in Costa Rica, like the Arenal Hanging Bridges. And I would like to avoid all situations like that one in 127 Hours. 

I decided on the Solar Power Bank. I chose this one in particular because it can be charged like a regular portable charger, but it can also be charged by the sun! So if jas ever forgets to charge her phone and portable charger while she’s out in nature, she can just stick this in the sun, and both can be recharged!

#8: Membership for Stock Photos

Okay, this may not seem like it, but this could be an excellent gift for any blogger, no matter the target audience. Stock photos are the go-to for bloggers. 

Stock photos are used by almost every blogger at some point

However, the free photos can be too on the nose or cheesy. So most bloggers need to cough up money to get any that are acceptable. There are many stock photo sites to choose from, so maybe ask what their favorite is and go from there! 

#9: Ring Light

A good ring light is a must, even for bloggers who do not always make videos or take photos. But, eventually, they will, and having quality light is half the battle. I even use my ring light for work meetings! A quality ring light can make the user look refreshed and ready to work! 

Ring lights can brighten up your face and products!

There are a ton of ring lights to choose from over on Amazon. I landed on the Kaiess 10.2″ Selfie Ring Light with 65″ Adjustable Tripod Stand & Phone Holder.

This one can be free-standing on the floor and shrink down to sit on a desk. It also has multiple color settings and is dimmable! Plus, it comes with a handy remote control! 

Okay, we are halfway through the best gift ideas for content creators! Remember, this list can save you time and energy when finding great gifts. But if your family member or friend has a wish list, you should probably check that out, too! 

#10: Business Cards

Every professional needs to have business cards. These can be relatively affordable, but they can also be a meaningful gift for your blogger friend. 

Business cards are good to validate a blogger's new business

This could be a great idea, especially if they’re new to blogging, because they will be excited to be recognized as an official food blogger, travel blogger, fashion blogger, etc.

#11: Adobe Creative Cloud for Bloggers

Adobe creative cloud is good for bloggers who are just starting out

This gift can be an excellent idea for someone starting their blogging adventure. The best thing about Adobe Creative Cloud is that it allows the user to be creative! It is an essential tool because it can help them realize their blog theme and logo in one place. 

The best thing about it is that it also has a free trial for them to try it out!

#12: Natural Light 

Having a natural light for different blog posts can be the best way for bloggers, especially beauty and fashion bloggers, to show the true colors of clothing and makeup. 

Having a natural light source is a must

They can be pretty similar to ring lights. I found this one that plugs right into your computer; it also has a clip to attach to your laptop or desk! I should also mention that it is dimmable, as well!

#13: Cute Notebooks

Something that you should know about me is that I love having cute stationery! And when you have high-quality cute notebooks, many people tend to use them. Some of the best gifts that I have ever received were journals! 

Every blogger could find a journal handy

Here is a list of a few that you or your blogger pal may like:

This is a super adorable notebook that is covered in a floral pattern! It comes in two different sizes, as well! And a 3-pack is definitely a steal for the price! 

This composition notebook could be the perfect gift for travel bloggers who are a bit more whimsical. The cover is absolutely adorable, and the lines are college-ruled–something that many composition journals often do not have. 

This is my personal favorite when it comes to journaling. This one is perfect for those who want to journal or create a bullet journal! Plus, there are a ton of beautiful colors to choose from!

#14: Visa Gift Card

Like the Starbucks gift card, but you can use this one literally anywhere a VISA card is accepted! This is my go-to when I get a gift late or have no idea what to buy. 

Gift cards are great for when you're lost on what to give

A great thing about shopping online is that I can easily find what I am looking for and send it directly to them. Here are links to $25, $50, and $100 VISA gift cards.

#15: Essential Oils & Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are a must for a relaxing atmosphere

Essential oils are aptly named. I love having a cute diffuser; it also helps mitigate headaches, stress, and sinus infections! Below is the one I have, and I absolutely swear by it. 

  1. 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser with 10 Essential Oils Gift Set
  1. COOSA Moon Essential Oil Diffuser, Glass Cool Mist Humidifier with 4 Timer

This is another option for an oil diffuser if the above does not match their taste. This has the added benefit of also being a humidifier! 

#16: Decor for Their Home Office

A decorated office is a happy office

A decorated office is a happy office! Usually, people are more productive if they are in a beautifully decorated room, but not so much that it can be distracting. In this case, I would recommend a natural look that will work in all sorts of homes and spaces. 

I love having live plants in my work area! All three are great beginner plants and do not require much maintenance. 

This adorable Bluetooth speaker will let your blogging buddy listen to their music, podcasts, or audible books while they work! 

I mentioned before how much I love having a ton of cute stationery. This is a must-have to keep it all organized! 

#17: Photography Backgrounds

Not all bloggers live in the most picturesque cities and towns. In that case, having a background drop can be a total lifesaver! It can be used for professional photos of themselves or products they have been hired to review! 

A photo background may not be needed for everyone but for those who need it, it is a lifesaver

I found this complete set for less than $50 on Amazon! I also found a few great backdrops for different occasions:

  1. LYWYGG 10x8FT Green Leaves Photography Backdrop 
  1. HUAYI 5’x10′ Vinyl Backdrop Brick and Wood Floor 
  1. Kate 10×8ft Light Pink Empty Room Photo Backdrop 

#18: Books About Blogging for Bloggers

Books about blogging can help your blogger friend hone their craft

There are so many options when it comes to books about blogging. In fact, Jas published an article about this exact subject! You can check out the complete list of books on blogging tips here. But here are a few of my favorites from that list! 

  1. #Girlboss
  1. The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich
  1. One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days by Brendan Kane

#19: Audible Membership

One of my goals this year is to read a new book weekly. When I first began, it seemed almost impossible to accomplish. Considering my busy lifestyle, sitting down with a book was hard for me to do. I also tend to get anxious when my hands are not active. 

An Audible membership is a must for multitaskers

So I bit the bullet and signed up for an Audible membership. And let me tell ya, it has been a great way to finish books quickly! Plus, I can listen to a text while driving, cleaning, or working out! 

I know that there is some debate about whether listening to books is not technically reading them. But I think it definitely counts! So gifting an audible membership is definitely something I would lean more toward for those who want to read a bit more, especially if they’re blogging keeps them busy! 

You can sign them up (and yourself) for a free trial here.

#20: RankIQ for Bloggers

RankIQ is an excellent blogging gift because it is a powerful tool for bloggers to get free website organic traffic.

RankIQ is a perfect gift for bloggers
RankIQ SEO Toolset

I know that Blogging, Money, Life uses RANKIQ to discover traffic that will work the best for ranking higher on Google searches and getting target traffic that is bound to engage with our affiliate links in our content. 

I recently did a video comparing RANKIQ to SEMRush. So you can watch it below to see which would make a better gift for your blogging buddy.

It is a must-have if your blogger friends want to grow their site. You can read more about it here.

You have found the absolute perfect place to think of the ideal gift for the professional bloggers in your life! Besides, I love getting my shopping done way before anyone else! 

Do you have any other gift ideas for bloggers, especially travel bloggers, that I missed? Over time, I would love to add more good gift ideas to this list!

20 Perfect and Practical Gifts For Bloggers in 2023

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