The Absolute Best Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica You MUST See in 2024

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The Absolute Best Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica You MUST See in 2022

Costa Rica’s lush rainforests and stunning beaches are just a few reasons you’d be hard-pressed to find another destination more beautiful than this Central American gem. That’s why travelers flock here every year in droves, hoping to get in on the tropical vacation action that you’ll only find at Costa Rica resorts and lodges. 

However, check out some hanging bridges in Co if you plan your next family trip to Rica! They will give you some seriously incredible photo ops, which might even top your list of things to do during your stay. 

But why hanging bridges, and what are they? 

We’re glad you asked! 

Hanging bridges are suspension bridges that span canyons and other deep ravines. 

beautiful foliage surrounding a hanging bridge in costa rica

Located in the jungle of Costa Rica, you’ll find many naturally formed canyons with hanging bridges known to be among the most beautiful on Earth.

More than 100 of these bridges cross the rivers of Costa Rica, and each one offers an unforgettable experience of both the natural world and the people who call it home.

These crossings are much longer than your standard bridge, usually 200 to 600 feet, and because they hang, you feel like you’re walking a short distance through the air as you cross them. 

Costa Rica offers some of the longest bridges with incredible span gorges, making these natural wonders a must-see destination on any round-trip transportation in the country.

In this blog post, we will talk about the top hanging bridges in Costa Rica that are great places to visit while on vacation with family.

Hanging Bridges Costa Rica

Within Arenal (La Fortuna) and Monteverde, there are the highest numbers of hanging bridges in Costa Rica. Some are found in Bijagua, while others may be seen at Manuel Antonio. These are just some of the many unique places to see if you’re visiting Costa Rica.

Hanging Bridge Tours in Arenal 

Being an incredible place to visit, Arenal has one of the country’s largest collections of hanging bridges and treetop walkways. The most popular is the Arenal Volcano Hanging Bridges. 

Super high hinging bridges in costa rica

These hanging bridge tours have views of volcanoes, rivers, and even a waterfall on one side of it. On the other side, you will find pictures of the beautiful rolling hills. This is an excellent spot for you if you want to get away from crowds. 

Many people come here during the dry season despite its remote location, and the views alone make it worth the trip. Located at the end of Route 437 and only about 10 minutes out of town, the best way to reach this site is by car, with a local guide leading you there. 

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park

Located in La Fortuna, Mistico hanging bridges park is a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike. See natural beauty, wildlife, and treetop wonders. 

Mistico Park hanging bridges costa rica

There are several good options to explore at this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Including guided clear day and night tours, rappelling down La Fortuna waterfall, or kayaking down the river.

The bridges are well maintained and are made from anti-slip metal platforms and suspended from a steel cable, so there’s no danger of slipping. The bridges have different lengths and heights and follow a single trail, so you won’t get lost. This hike is suitable for people of all ages and hiking skill levels. Each bridge offers impressive views, and you will even see the Arenal Volcano on a clear day.

If you are looking for a more educational experience, guided tours are available for an additional cost. In addition, you have a better chance of seeing Costa Rican wildlife like spider monkeys with a tour guide.

In addition, kids 0-10 do not need to pay an entrance fee! So taking the whole family here could save you some money. Discounts are also available for seniors. You also don’t have to worry about parking because there is a large parking lot for big cars and family vehicles. 

Our day trip to La Fortuna was one of the most mesmerizing trips since arriving in Costa Rica. We visited Arenal Volcano hanging bridges parks and took a forest canopy tour of the several mistico parks hanging bridges. 

Although Jas isn’t a fan of heights, she was able to push through her fears to gain confidence with each bridge she crossed. It was an exhilarating experience for both of us. 

You can check out the video below to see how it went!

Arenal Hanging Bridges, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Ensure you stay hydrated by bringing water bottles, insect repellent, and comfortable clothing. And don’t forget your camera for great shots!

A visit to this area would not be complete without exploring the nature trails, which can take about 2 hours if you’re up for it. 

Breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal make it one of our best places to hang bridges. It’s about twenty minutes from Downtown La Fortuna, but well worth it. 

Start at the visitor center before heading out on the combination of trails, where maps will be available. Great walk private tours are also available through Bilingual guides at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm,4 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm.

Arenal Sky Adventures Park

The Sky Adventures Arenal Park tour starts at 7 a.m. every day. This location has two times available to choose from. 

You can go ziplining or take an aerial tram. In addition, there is a beautiful chocolate tour in town – it would be a shame not to incorporate it.

A green hanging bridge in Arenal Sky Adventures Park

Located in La Fortuna’s downtown area, the options for this experience are limitless.

One example of how you could enjoy it includes going up close with nature on the suspension bridges before indulging yourself in some delicious melted chocolate (or learning about how cocoa beans are grown!) and good food. 

This spot offers something fun for all age groups and preferences.

Once all the hikers have eaten, they will begin hiking through the lush rainforest and around a volcanic lake formed after an eruption in 1968. 

Hikers also see black sand beaches, waterfalls, hot springs, and other natural wonders along the way. We will recommend you work with travel agencies to make it less stressful. 

During the guided hike, there is a 700-foot drop into an abyss, providing stunning perspectives of the forest floor below. 

Eventually, hikers will reach the trail’s end. This is where they can zip line across several hanging bridges overlooking Lake Arenal and its breathtaking beauty. 

After this experience, it’s easy to understand why many people call this heaven on Earth!

Hanging Bridges in Monteverde

If you happen to be in Monteverde cloud forest, there is a must-see experience that doesn’t cost any money and takes just a few minutes. 

A red colored hanging bridge in Monteverde

Take the Hanging Bridge at Selvatura park and Sky Adventures Monteverde. For centuries, this was a unique way for locals to cross from one side of the mountain range to the other.

Selvatura Park

Selvatura Park is home to the perfect combination of 10,000 native plant species and tropical birds’ nature reserve with different species of migratory birds. In addition, you can observe the world from a hanging bridge suspended in the air. 

Selvatura offers a tour of its flora and fauna for a small amount of. Be sure to check out this natural oasis in Monteverde. 

Kids always love the experience, and various affordable best options are available too. This is a great way to take in the area’s sights without feeling too much strain on yourself.

The Puentes Colgantes gives a whole new meaning to family travel as you explore the beauty of Monteverde’s cloud rainforest. So spend some time here; it’s worth it!

Sky Adventures Monteverde

Hiking the suspension bridges in Monteverde tropical rainforest will highlight your day as you look over rainforest trees and monkeys. 

If you’re up for a long adventure, continue to Sky Adventures Monteverde, hike down into the valley, and spend an hour ziplining through the old-growth forest floor before walking back up to the start through the paving blocks. 

At the end of your nature hike back up to meet the group again, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views from Monteverde’s highest point.

This resort offers similar adventures, owned by the same company as Arenal Excursions. 

Tourists hiring a guide for a full-day tour will most likely see many types of animal species, such as monkeys and toucans. 

However, when visiting this place, tourists should remember to eavesdrop on the different local guides who work with others – rather than simply follow them around. 

This allows one to save time and money! If there is an animal sighting, those near would probably notice it too.

Hanging Bridges in Bijagua

In addition to the parks and beach at Lake Arenal, there are fun adventures to be had here in Bijagua. One of our favorite attractions is Hanging Bridges at the Heliconias Lodge, just 10 minutes from downtown. It is about a 45-minute drive from the Caribbean coast and about 2 hours from Liberia Airport.

Heliconias Lodge Hanging Bridges

A breathtaking location to explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Heliconias Lodge is surrounded by a diverse landscape of lush green rainforest and untamed jungle. 

Narrow bridge in Heliconias Costa Rica

The expansive butterfly gardens allow guests to enjoy an array of tropical plants. Which includes exotic heliconias, also known as bird-of-paradise flowers, found nowhere else in the world.

When you come here, you can find a naturalist guide eager to spend time with those exploring the jungle trail beneath the string of hanging bridges during the sunny and rainy seasons. 

If you have a tour guide, those are the best ways to ensure that plenty of local wildlife is around. This makes it an excellent destination for families looking for something new to do with their children.

There are also several other hanging bridges you can check out in the country. Such as the Parque Aventura San Luis in San Ramon and several primary forest reserves. 

Costa Rica is an unparalleled travel destination, offering some of the world’s best hiking adventure opportunities and beautiful environmental projects. 

Costa Rica’s friendly design of hanging bridges with zip lining offers one of the safest and most popular activities. You can do several activities! Like taking a horseback riding skywalk tour. Here, you have all you need in these bridge parks.

From all the butterflies, sloths, and other animals to glimpse, we could see why Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica has become a natural destination for many visitors looking for that one-of-a-kind outdoor experience.

The Absolute Best Hanging Bridges in Costa Rica You MUST See in 2022

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