Affilimate Review: Is It Worth It For Bloggers?

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Affilimate Review: Is It Worth It For Bloggers?

One of the biggest headaches I have had regarding affiliate marketing is understanding the data of how my articles are performing. Sure, if I wrote an article about “Product A” and then got a sale for “Product A” the next day, I can assume that the deal came from that article.

But it becomes a little more complicated when you have multiple articles for a single affiliate and determine how to optimize content when your numbers drop.
So when I heard about the affilimate affiliate platform, I was intrigued.

I had to know more! I signed up for the Affilimate 15-day free trial, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with what I saw.

The beauty of this excellent affiliate tracking software is its ability to condense the affiliate data landscape into a single, manageable sphere.

Adding Affilimate tracking to your site frees up your time to focus on the substantial parts of your blogging business while Affilimate handles the affiliate side. The simple but powerful reporting and tracking framework provides excellent insights and is a game-changer for your affiliate marketing efforts.

Affilimate isn’t just about managing affiliate data for large publishers. Affilimate makes tracking affiliate links’ performance easy for bloggers, media companies, and affiliate publishers alike.

With this info, you can make data-driven decisions to increase revenue for your blog. Plus, it brings a healthy dose of ease and convenience to your daily operations. It’s a win-win, that’s for sure.

In this article, I will share more about Affilimate and my experience using the platform as a blogger who has been doing affiliate marketing for some time.

What is Affilimate and Who Is It For?

Affilimate, at its core, is an affiliate link-tracking software designed for the modern marketer. What is the most straightforward way to describe it? Think of this affiliate marketing tool as a command center for your affiliate marketing activities, and it can give you page-level details.

Affilimate logo

It gathers handy metrics and helps you review what’s working and what’s not. You’d be amazed at its skill for uncovering the not-so-obvious insights – the kind you would miss in a sea of raw data, especially if you manage multiple sites.

But here’s the great thing: Affilimate isn’t just for the experienced digital marketer. It’s built for anyone managing affiliate links, whether you’re a one-person show or part of a large team. If you value meaningful, salient metric data, Affilimate is your ticket to making sense of your marketing performance.

One groundbreaking feature to look out for is Affilimate‘s heat mapping tool. It’s like having X-ray vision into how users interact with your site.

You can find out which links get the most love and which are just warming the bench. With such granular insights, you can make tweaks that push the needle. That’s power right there!

How Affilimate Can Grow Your Affiliate Income

Affilimate offers many features to help you make serious money online, especially if juggling multiple affiliate networks. All you need to do is keep your ear to the ground and look for opportunities to increase your website’s affiliate revenue. Sounds like it’s all set up to take you to the big leagues in 2023.

Insightful Content Analytics platform with Affilimate

affilimate content report

Have you ever heard of a tool enabling you to peek into the heart of your traffic and conversion rate? Look no further. Affiliate Content Analytics boasts that capability, showing where visitors click and where items are sold.

It’s smooth, accessible, and designed with simplicity in mind. You can track clicks and revenue across your blog with swift strokes and bright on-page elements.

By using Content Analytics, we can pinpoint the most popular affiliate products and content types. We’re not just talking about page views but also user interaction. Multiple pages on your site can be analyzed, giving you detailed knowledge of what’s trending and what’s not. Now, that’s called a severe boost to your content marketing strategy.

Affiliate’s Innovative Affiliate Dashboard

affilimate dashboard

If you want to delve deeper, look at the Affiliate Dashboard features. Talk about the genius of consolidation. Affilimate‘s affiliate dashboard ropes everything under one umbrella, giving you a bird’s eye view of your clicks, conversions, and earnings per click on an advertiser level and a blog post level.

This valuable data lets you know which programs are performing well and where you need to put the pedal to the metal. With such in-depth insights, the Affiliate Dashboard acts as an effective liaison between you and your affiliate programs, doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

And the dashboard isn’t just practical; it’s a pleasure to use. Smooth, sleek, and streamlined, it’s designed with a sparse, clean layout that’s easy on the eyes. You don’t need any tech expert to understand or operate it. All you need is a little curiosity, and you’ll uncover a world of insights that can take your affiliate marketing game to the cloud nine.

Discovering the Power of Revenue Attribution with Affilimate

The power of revenue attribution is like a magnifying glass for your affiliate earnings. It’s a way to know down to the nickel how much each affiliate program you’re a part of is bringing in. Isn’t it exciting to improve your website’s design and layout based on some good, solid facts? You bet it is!

This valuable feature gives you visual data that’s so comprehensive it feels like a guided tour. You don’t just see numbers; you understand why some stuff is working and others aren’t. It’s like the difference between driving traffic and knowing how to steer it towards the cash register.

affilimate commissions email

I especially enjoy the daily email communications stating how much I made in affiliate sales the day before and which advertiser it came from. How nice would it be to get regular reminders of how much you earned in affiliate comminsions the day prior?

Effortless Affiliate Link Management in Affilimate

Affiliate marketing is like a spaghetti junction – it can get tangled up quickly. But with Affilimate, managing links is like combing through them with a barber’s precision. It doesn’t matter if your links are cloaked or uncloaked or if you’re operating on multiple websites. Affilimate has your back.

link tracking in affilimate

For all content marketers, Affilimate helps you track your earnings from different affiliates and networks or sub-networks and simplifies link management. Imagine having all your affiliate partners organized neatly in one place, like a well-kept address book.

You also get performance insights from every network or platform you’re part of. And the best part is that it can detect broken links for you! No more wading through results manually to find the little missteps – just priceless time saved for more important things, like growing your business, while Affilimate handles the nitty-gritty.

Setting up your link management tool might seem like putting together a puzzle, but Affilimate is here to demystify it all for you. From tracking links and transactions to creating smart labels and generating commission reports, it has all the features you need to be wrapped up in one tidy little package. You can even export all this valuable data to a Google spreadsheet. So please give it a spin and see for yourself with their 15-day free trial.

Advanced Heatmaps: Affiliate’s Unique Selling Proposition

affilimate heatmap

Now, the fancy heatmaps are not just for show. They visually represent where your visitors have been clicking and poking around on your web page. It’s like an excellent color mapping of your site’s activities in regards to affiliate links, that is.

So, how are you supposed to interpret these heat maps? Simple, you need to pay attention to those red hotspots. Those are the areas where your visitors are clicking on the most. It may mean moving an affiliate link up higher in the article or linking to a photo instead of words within the paragraph.

The more your content you review within affilimate, the more you begin to see patterns of what is working and what is not with your affiliate content. With Affilimate‘s heatmaps, you’re not just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. You have a clear path forward. 

Exploring Revisions and Team Members Management in Affilimate

affilimate revision tracking

You’re lucky if your operation is more significant than a one-person band. Affilimate is not just made for lone wolves. It’s also great for handling teams. If revisions are made to an article, it can track the date of the modification and monitor the changes in affiliate link clicks and conversion from one revision to the next.

This feature records all changes made, who made them, and when. You can always wise up on what’s working and what’s not. It’s like having an instant replay at your fingertips. 

Smooth Integrations: Boosting Affilimate’s Functionality

This software knows how to play nice with others. Affilimate integrates smoothly with a whole bunch of affiliate marketing programs, and I’m not just talking about one or two here – we have over 100 different programs and platforms. It partners up with big names like Partnerstack, CJaffiliate, and Impact. This feature is quite the feather in its cap, especially if you’re dealing with many diverse affiliate programs.

affilimate integrations

And here’s another unbeatable feature – historical data. Once you set up Affilimate, you can get a replay of all your recorded data up to 2 years for solo plans, enabling you to spot trends and patterns that might have otherwise slipped your notice. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day! 

If it sounds interesting to you already, I highly recommend you sign up for their 15-day free trial here. And if you signed up, you may wonder how to get started with this tool. Well, read on to find out!

A Step-by-step Guide: How to Use Affilimate

So, you’ve decided to venture into the world of Affilimate. Good choice, but where do you start? Fortunately, getting the hang of this software is as easy as pie, and this guide will help you.

Beginning with Affilimate

There is a lot to do once you sign up with the free 15-day trial of affilimate.

You have to connect your affiliate channels, install the tracking code on your blogs, and ensure your sites are properly connected to the platform. Watch the video below to get a good idea of how to set up Affilimate ASAP so you can fully use your trial period.

Using Affilimate’s Heat Mapping Tool

Once you are set up with affilimate, I highly recommend heading over to the heat mapping tool.

The heat mapping features have to be the most potent feature of Affilimate, hands down.

affilimate heat map

It gives you insight into how your visitors behave on your site on a specific page – where they’re clicking, what they’re ignoring, and so on. The heat map feature is a great way to see which blog posts make the most revenue measure things such as the click-through rate for every affiliate link, and it has to be one of the best affiliate website optimization tools I have seen yet. 

Recognizing the Pros and Cons of Affilimate

Now, I’ve talked a lot about why this tool is Ah-MAZ-ING. Because it truly is! But no means is without flaws. It has many fantastic features: A slick dashboard to get you all the enticing details at a glance, deep insights on your affiliate marketing, and many integrations with other platforms.

On top of that, it also offers a 15-day free trial, and you don’t need to take out your credit card. Sounds dreamy, right?

But hold onto your horses; it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I want to lay out the pros and cons of using affilimate as it relates to your blogging business.  

The Pros: Why You Should Opt for Affilimate

All Affiliate Content in One Place

Like attempting to assemble a jigsaw puzzle with pieces strewn throughout the house, affiliate marketers encounter a similar challenge when their content is dispersed across various networks or sub-networks. What’s excellent about affilimate is that it consolidates everything into one sleek platform, putting all your affiliate content in one easy-to-find place.

No more chasing down links or spending hours each week or month trying to determine how much you earned, let alone which articles brought in revenue. Everything’s on the Affilimate dashboard, clear as day in real-time.

Accurate Measure of Affiliate Income

Knowing your blog’s earning potential is critical in the blogging world. Affilimate offers a straight-shooting, accurate measure of affiliate income, giving you the scoop on how much your blog is raking. No more forgotten affiliate networks or unaccounted-for blog posts from long ago.

This platform ends the “how much am I making?” problem, providing you with the financial facts and figures that matter.

Optimize Content for More Sales

affilimate content earnings breakdown

One of the most incredible things about Affilimate is the ability to review and make changes to your content based on salient metric data. Want to maximize your sales? This marketing software tool has you covered with its heat mapping tool, suggesting tweaks and revisions to enhance your content’s sales potential. 

Again, the heat mapping tool is worth the cost alone IMO. But using the revision tracker and attributing sales to individual blog posts are excellent ways to justify the cost and see if it is worth it for your blogging business.

More Features to Boost Your Efforts

This platform is undoubtedly loaded with additional features you wouldn’t find elsewhere. From reporting and tracking tools to the convenience of exporting data to a Google Spreadsheet, it is a versatile tool for today’s blogger.

Affilimate doesn’t merely help you track clicks and affiliate commissions. It’s an all-around affiliate marketing dashboard, with custom reports opening up a world of possibilities to streamline your efforts and increase your earnings. 

The Cons: Potential Improvement in Affilimate

On the path to perfecting a tool, there’s always a bit of fine-tuning, and Affilimate is no exception. With its ability to analyze and track your affiliate links and provide salient metric data, Affilimate has already shown its worth. But there are still a few wrinkles to iron out. 

Setup Time

Getting Affilimate off the ground and running can take longer than your usual setup process. It can take time, from getting all of your affiliate networks linked up, to determine how to add the tracking code to your website.

This might seem like a fly-in the ointment for someone keen on reviewing their affiliate performance right away. Indeed, good things take time. So, stay steadfast, let the setup process run its course, and you’ll be in business before you know it. Once you are set up, you will be in awe.

Plugin/ CDN Compatibility

For all the WordPress users out there, here’s a quick heads-up. Sometimes, Affilimate can clash a little with your existing WordPress plugins. Using a CDN like Cloudflare may lead to multiple support calls between your hosting provider and Affilimate’s support team to get things going smoothly. But Affilimate has a robust list of content to helpo with troubleshooting is pretty aware of most issues they encounter with compatibility.

Customer Support

The team at Affilimate genuinely has the best intentions for its users, but it seems they have a relatively small suppport team. So sometimes, their response could benefit from a bit more promptness. So, if you need help on the double, you might have to exercise patience. But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I’m sure they will refine their response times soon enough as their business grows.

Is Affilimate Worth it For Bloggers?

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all when it comes to affiliate marketing resources. Deciding if Affilimate falls in the “worth your dime” category means analyzing to see if it aligns with your needs and business model.

Affilimate is an analytics tool, more than just a software platform. It’s used for tracking your affiliate links and data points from dozens of affiliate accounts to track your progress. Imagine a convenient dashboard that lays everything out whenever you log in. 

I debated if I would pay for this tool after the trial was over, especially as I encountered multiple errors with getting it set up correctly with my more prominent site, But alas, the support team was patient and extended my trial while we sorted through the issues. I share details of my experience with the platform in my Q&A video below to learn more about my experience. I skipped to where I started talking about Affilimate below.

But in the end, once the trial ended, I signed up for the monthly cost because, in just the trial period of using the tool, I saw an increase in affiliate sales for the content I optimized with Affilimate’s optimization guidance that was more than paying for it for that first month.

Based on what I have learned about the platform and how I have used it in the short time I have had it, it has opened me up to so many more opportunities to make so much more affiliate income by being able to see and measure how I am doing holistically from an affiliate perspective without it taking hours of my time just to find the data.
If you are a brand new blogger who has yet to even get started with making income with affiliates, I will not reccommend this tool to you. The price is much otoo steep to invest in a device that is not your primary money maker.
However, if you have dabbled in affiliates, have made income, and are looking for ways to make more affiliate income, I would HIGHLY recommend this tool. If your goal is to make more money with affiliates, you can’t afford to invest in a tool like this.

Sign up to get affilimate here.

Having the insight needed to make educated decisions on what to improve and optimize can make the difference between making substantial income with your blog and not.

As I am still relatively new to the tool, time will tell where I lean after using the device for several months or even a year, and I will be sure to update you all as I become more experienced with Affilimate. But I am looking forward to discovering what insights it will provide me when making income with affiliates on my blogs.

How Much Does Affilimate Cost?

affilimate pricing

So how much is Affilimate? If you have less than 5 websites that get less than $25,000 a month, the Solo Creator plan at $99 per month is the best for you.

If you make more than that in affiliate income per month or have more than 5 websites, the portfolio plan is probably a better bet for your money at $374 per month.

I know that is a significant amount of cash to pay each month for a too, but the way I see it, any tool or resource that could lead to you earning more money in your blogging business is worth every penny.

Just in the 2-week trial of using Affilimate, I saw the financial impact of being able to adjust my content in a way that led to more clicks and, ultimately, more affiliate sales.

What would you pay to make more affiliate income in your blogging business? Regardless of the plan you decide to go with, it’s good to be able to try it out first.

Click here to sign up for the 15-day free trial for affilimate.

Wrapping Up

Affilimate, with its effective dashboard and powerful analytics, has proven to be a capable companion for those in the affiliate marketing game. It has the potential to rank your content, optimize your strategy, and simplify your life considerably. It’s not just a software platform; it’s an affiliate marketer’s ally.

It offers promising features and a convenient dashboard, making tracking your affiliate links a breeze. Having all your affiliate accounts in one place would feel like a massive weight lifted off your shoulders. So, who knows, maybe Affilimate will be that game-changer you’ve been looking for.

Affilimate Review: Is It Worth It For Bloggers?

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