8 Fun Things To Do During Christmas in Costa Rica

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8 Fun Things To Do During Christmas in Costa Rica

Spending the Christmas season in Costa Rica will provide you with a thrilling and enlightening experience, unlike any other holiday season you have ever experienced. Central America’s predominantly Roman Catholic populace strongly desires to observe the holy festival.

Even though the nation is more renowned for its vast forests and unusual fauna. You may only participate in and sample Costa Rica’s one-of-a-kind Christmas customs and its traditional Christmas dishes if you travel there during the month of December, which is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica.

#1: The Festival of Lights (the 2nd Saturday of December)

Costa Ricans celebrate the holiday season with many celebrations, parades, carnivals, bull races, fiestas, and dance festivals. Sabana Park in San josé will host the annual Festival of Lights event on the second Saturday of December.

The holiday custom takes precedence over all of the other celebrations that take place at the end of the year. At San Jose’s annual Festival de La Luz, also known as the Festival of Lights, large groups of people attending with their families and friends jammed the city’s streets.

Over one million people come out to participate in the festivities and celebrations held over the Christmas season, thanks to the annual event. Over the course of the past decade, the custom has been upheld in this part of Costa Rica.

#2: Pick Out and Decorate Your Christmas Trees

Decorating Christmas trees during Christmas time is mandatory for everyone. Christmas trees play a significant role in the celebration of Christmas in Costa Rica.

Pick Out and Decorate Your Christmas Trees are one of the best things to do for Christmas in Costa Rica

People more commonly utilize cypress trees as opposed to pine trees. Although more individuals are purchasing artificial trees, some may choose not to do so and instead adorn a real palm tree that they have in their backyard.

In fact, trees serve a significant symbolic role across the nation. Costa Rican Citizens enjoy adorning their homes with beautiful flowers during Christmas. 

#3: Check Out the Christmas Lights at the Children’s Hospital

Each year, the Children’s Hospital in San José (also known as the Hospital de Niños) decorates a massive tree with holiday lights. This Christmas tree in front of the Children’s Hospital in San Jose is regarded as the most significant and symbolic of all the Christmas trees in Costa Rica.

It serves as a symbol of appreciation and good luck for the coming year, particularly for the children who are treated at the hospital. Being in the middle of everything makes it simple to go by.

The lighting is typically broadcast on television as well. You can go there and check out the fantastic lighting.

During the Christmas vacation, the enormous Christmas tree on Paseo Colon Boulevard in San Jose is transformed into a brilliant landmark by adornment with even more than 25,000 Christmas lights and a star at its very top.

#4: Go to Midnight Mass (Misa de Gallo) on Christmas Eve

Everyone dresses in their best clothes on Christmas Eve and attends the Midnight Mass together. It is known as the “Misa de Gallo” (Mass of the Rooster) in Costa Rica and Spain, both of which use the same name for the ceremony.

The traditional main Christmas meal is often eaten after midnight mass on Christmas day. Tamales made with pork and chicken wrapped in plantain leaves before being cooked are typical of this dish. To quench your thirst, there will be plenty of egg nog and rum!

#5: Make Pork Tamales with Plantain Leaves on Christmas Day

Make Pork Tamales with Plantain Leaves on Christmas Day

December is traditionally the time of year when the Christmas tamales are made, as it is traditionally served around Christmas. You can enjoy Christmas day by making pork tamales with plantain leaves.

#6: Go to the Horse Parade on December 26th

Festivities, fairs, rodeos, bull runs, street parties, and vocal and dance festivals are just some of the activities during the festive times from December to January. The Tope is a significant horseback parade that takes place every year on the 26th of December.

The day after, on the 27th, many cities and towns hold a celebration called “Carnaval,” which consists of a large parade that features dancing and large floats.

#7: Make Rum Punch on New Years’ Eve

You can enjoy your Christmas holidays by making rum punch on new year’s eve. In addition, Centenario is the only rum produced in Costa Rica and made directly there.

Make Rum Punch on New Years' Eve

The flor de caña produced in Nicaragua, which is right next door, is frequently contrasted with this rum. Making the rum punch by yourself will keep your Christmas spirit alive.

#8: Celebrate 3 Kings Day (Wise Men Day) on January 6th

Christmas is celebrated in Costa Rica until the feast of the three kings, which takes place on January 6. This is the day legend has it the wise men first met infant Jesus.

Santa Claus does not give gifts on Christmas Eve in Costa Rica; baby Jesus does. This tradition dates back to the country’s colonial era.

El niño Dios, often known as the baby Jesus, is said to bring presents and leave them under the Christmas tree as part of a tradition that is especially popular among Catholics.

Wrapping Up

When December rolls around each year, Costa Rica shifts from its rainfall to its dry season. This is always accompanied by a pleasant wind that feels really refreshing. 

This time period is best due to the festive season in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Traditions are best to enjoy your Christmas holiday, and it has the best places to visit during this time.

8 Fun Things To Do During Christmas in Costa Rica

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