How to Get the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Blogging Deals

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How to Get the Best Blogging Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone anxiously waits for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to get impressive retailer offerings and exclusive deals on online shopping. Some deals can’t be missed because of their huge discounts.

We will list down 6 great Black Friday tech deals on premium software and tools for digital content creators, especially bloggers. It is a great time to buy the tools that align with your skills and help you to grow your blogging business.

If you are ready to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, get these tools now and save money. These premium professional tools are for marketing, SEO, graphic design, social media management, and email marketing. So, it is the perfect time to swoop in and purchase.

Get these tools for your blogging business before they go away!



If you are a digital creator looking to market your digital product, Convertkit is your go-to tool. This marketing tool offers you to grow your audience through automated marketing campaigns. 

Convertkit helps bloggers, authors, podcasters, musicians, and influencers connect effectively with thousands of followers. So, you can design landing pages, emails, newsletters, and marketing campaigns utilizing this great tool.

Covertkit brings you stunning offers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This offer is for a limited time, so don’t even think to miss this. You can get Creator Plan with over 30% discount, which is $199/year for 1k subscribers. 

If you are a creator and just starting, grab this golden opportunity. Increase your audience and shoot up your sales with the Convertkit Creator Plan.



Canva has thousands of pre-made templates which you can use in your projects. However, it only offers limited access to a free account. 

If you want to enjoy designing in Canva without restrictions, go for a Canva Pro account. It will give you complete freedom to work on 610,000+ premium design templates and use them in your projects without any watermark. You will also access millions of premium stock pictures, audio, and videos.

You can design eye-catchy graphics for your brand and post them on social media or blogging websites. Canva Pro allows you to schedule your posts across 8 online platforms. Moreover, you can save data of 1TB in your personal cloud storage.

You may wonder if this will cost you $1000, but no. Canva brings a terrific offer on the Black Friday Sale. You only have to pay $54.99 for a whole year or $6.49 monthly. 

Sign up Now for Canva Pro to get Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Discount



RankIQ is purely designed for bloggers and website owners. This tool is of great help for blog owners in doing SEO and ranking high in search engine results.

Using this tool is easy and straightforward. You can search for the keyword you want to rank for. It will generate an AI report with all the guidelines for ranking the keyword at the Top of Google. RankIQ will suggest the content grade, word count, and the time to get rankings.

After the content is ready, you can check it in the content optimizer option of RankIQ. It will tell you what topics are covered in your content and what needs to be included for optimization.

On this cyber week, RankIQ offers you a massive 50% discount. Moreover, you will get access to the SEO Mastermind FB Group. You can ask SEO-related questions to this group of industry experts.

Every blogger should use this tool to make SEO campaigns effective. The original price of RankIQ is $99. However, if you sign up now, you will get it for only $49. So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up now to enjoy 50% off and Get RankIQ for only $49



Socialbee is an excellent tool for social media content creators. If you are a social media creator, you can manage your social media accounts efficiently from one place. You don’t have to worry about posting content on every platform.

You can manage up to 7 accounts on Socialbee. After integrating your social media accounts on Socialbee, you can create, schedule, and publish posts on all online social channels. Moreover, it allows you to analyze the performance data of your accounts.

Socialbee is launching the Black Friday Deal on November 22, 2022. This deal will offer a 50% discount on different plans. You should definitely redeem this offer and utilize this great tool for your social media growth.

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Tailwind is a tool that combines social media marketing and email marketing for creators. It offers marketing on Instagram and Pinterest. Using this tool, you can create, schedule, and optimize your marketing campaigns on social media and email.

We will offer a 50% discount on the annual plans of Tailwind. This deal will start on November 14th and end on November 28th. So, you don’t want to miss this limited-time offer.

You can sign up for free and then wait for the offer to start. Keep your eyes open and get the discount offer as soon as it is launched.

Sign up for the Free on Tailwind



Appsumo is an exciting platform for entrepreneurs who want to amplify the growth of their startups. It offers you essential tools and courses to build profitable digital products. You can enjoy huge discounts on every tool.

The best offer of Appsumo is 10% off on every blogging or marketing tool you need for your business. Moreover, you will have 3 day testing period before you start paying for the subscription. This makes Appsumo a Golden spoon for every blogger and online hustler.

Noah Kagan, the founder of Appsumo, is re-opening his steller course “How a business can Make $1000 a Month” for a limited time. This course is for $600. However, we offer a considerable discount on this Black Friday. You can get this course for 6 times less than the original.

Along with this high-demanding course, you will also get the Million Email Subscriber Playbook.

Sign up on Appsumo to get these exclusive offers.

Wrapping Up

Every new blogger is on a tight budget. But wants to invest in their business to grow and increase blogging revenue. You can start a successful blogging journey with these great tools and discounts. So gift yourself these valuable tools and enjoy this holiday shopping season.

How to Get the Best Blogging Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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