How to Get 100 YouTube Subscribers in 30 Days

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How to get 100 YouTube Subscribers in 30 Days

If you’re new to YouTube and struggling to get your subscribers to a hundred or more within your first month of uploading videos, I got something for you. I’m going to tell you my personal method of getting to 100 YouTube subscribers within my first month of uploading videos to YouTube.

100 YouTube Subscribers

As a new YouTuber, you need to know how important it is to acquire your first 100 subscribers. Those first 100 subs help set the tone for your channel and activate YouTube’s algorithm for organically promoting your contacts.

If you find that nobody but your mom and her friends are watching your YouTube videos, know that’s okay and completely normal when starting out. However, it’s essential to understand that starting anything new usually is slow to develop and challenging to grow.

However, if you consistently develop new content for your channel every week, you will gain those 100 subscribers automatically within good time, and soon monetization will follow.

One of the best tips I got for starting out was to keep it simple. Try not to make creating more complicated than it has to be. For example, you don’t need a fancy intro or outro before your first 100. You don’t even need a good camera, just use your phone and press record.

The most important thing is that you are creating consistent content that provides value to your current and future audience.

But if you are impatient like me and want a surefire shortcut, I’ll let you in on my secrete, but you have to promise not to share WITH ANYONE.

So far, I’ve kept this method so secretive that I haven’t even let Jas (my wife and business partner) in on how I’ve grown our channel so fast. So, without any further ado, I will share this information with you.

My YouTube Growth Secret.

Simply put…Subliminal Messaging!

Google defines subliminal messaging as signals below absolute threshold levels of conscious awareness. Subliminal means below the threshold.

You have to understand you cannot be consciously aware of subliminal messaging whether or not you know it’s there.

I came up with this method to “Likes” and “Subscribe” all on my own. And today’s your lucky day because you stumbled across this article which contains the exact how-to video.

 How to Get 100 YouTube Subscribers in 30 Days

I use iMovie to splice subliminal messaging into all of our YouTube videos. And the video above is not an exception. I’m married a few subliminal messages to this video so that our viewers will like and subscribe.

Click here to watch how I did it with a 13-second clip of my cat, Katniss.

Boom! Look at that. You just liked and subscribed, and you didn’t even know it, and that’s how it’s done. That is how you get likes and subscribers through subliminal messaging.

Also, knowing how to optimize your videos for keywords will help you get those initial impressions that you can later convert to followers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that a video’s total and description incorporate the keyphrase you want to rank for before publishing it. 

Your YouTube channel will naturally grow as long as you produce the best content and optimize your title and description with short-tail and long-tail keywords.

But remember to increase your subscriber count fast, ask people to subscribe to your channel around 30 seconds into your video, or just make it easier to on yourself and splice some subliminal messaging.

Happy 1st of April!

How to get 100 YouTube Subscribers in 30 Days

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