– Speaking to White liberal friends about their responses to Roe v Wade. – Prioritizing respectful dialogue and understanding. – Recognizing concerns within reactions.


Highlighting exclusion of Black women in feminist movements. Examples of problematic reactions. Hesitancy to prioritize 'greater good'.

Black Women's Perspective

Discussing two reaction camps. Camp 1: Acting, but unintentionally excluding people of color.

Camp 1 - Lack of Inclusivity

Camp 2: White women contemplating escape. Comparing with admiration for women in other conflicts.

Camp 2 - Retreat

– Recognizing individual actions for change. – Education: Understanding implications. – Educating Others: Engaging in conversations.

Taking Positive Action

Getting Involved: Supporting oppression-fighting organizations. – Learning About Other Injustices: Advocating for all women's rights. Encouraging awareness, education, and engagement.

– Strength in unity among women, regardless of race. – Supporting each other to create lasting change. – Collaborative effort for a more just society.

The Power of Unity

– Reflect on past actions during significant events. – Embrace self-awareness for positive change. – Stay committed to advocating for a better future.

Moving Forward

To My Friends Who Are White Women