5 Best tips on how to fold underwear for travel

Before packing, ensure your underwear is clean and dry. This ensures that your fresh pairs are ready for your trip.

1. Start with Clean Underwear

Choose comfortable and suitable underwear for the climate and activities at your destination. Avoid bulky or unnecessary items.

2. Select the Right Underwear

Lay your underwear flat on a clean surface like a table or bed. This step creates a smooth foundation for folding.

3. Lay Them Flat

Fold your underwear in half vertically (from the waistband down), then fold it in half horizontally (from one side to the other). This creates a compact square.

4. Tuck Method

Alternatively, roll your underwear into a tight cylinder. Rolling is a space-saving technique that also prevents wrinkles.

5. Roll Method

11 Best tips on how to fold underwear for travel