Can You Sell Canva Designs on Etsy in 2023?

Canva is a versatile and user-friendly graphic design platform that empowers individuals to create stunning visual content for various purposes.

Every time a new user clicks on your link and purchases a monthly subscription or upgrades to a Canva Pro subscription, you will earn a commission.

If you’ve developed one-of-a-kind designs using Canva, you should consider selling them on Etsy, a well-known online marketplace.

How Can I Use Canva To Make Money?

It provides users with a venue to purchase and sell one-of-a-kind things that are handcrafted, vintage, or personalized.

What Is Etsy?

Make templates for social media images that are eye-catching and easy to change.

Design Templates For Social Media Posts

Put together collections of high-quality stock pictures and sell them to bloggers, marketers, and people who make websites.

Stock Photos

Entrepreneurs and professionals are always looking for designs that stand out and make an impact that lasts.

Business Card Designs

Can You Sell Canva Designs on Etsy in 2023?