How to Retire on Dividends: An Honest Book Review

Jacobs earned degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago Law School. Since 1968, he has been investing with his father, who had worked through the Great Depression and a Crash.

Tom Jacobs

Owens has been trading stocks since he was a student at Cornell University. His degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering allowed him to work on Wall Street.

Brett Owens

Overall, the book talks about how you can create a retirement portfolio that will allow you to retire off of the dividends from what you invest.

Book Description

How to Retire on Dividends

Jacobs and Owens included numerous graphs and tables for those who are more visual learners (like me), along with definitions of words or phrases that are hard to understand for a newcomer.

Ease of Reading

1. You must find an active manager to handpick your preferred portfolio.

2. Avoid switching over your stocks and bonds too early in life.

3. Just because something is well-known does not make it a good thing to invest in.

My Main Takeaways

4. When you are investing, there are better ways to do it than just watching stock prices, buying low, and crossing your fingers that it all works in your favor.

My Main Takeaways

How to Retire on Dividends: An Honest Book Review