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Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers?

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What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is an SEO blog tool that takes care of the keyword research part for you, so you know that your article will most definitely rank on the first page of Google.

Why Did I Try RankIQ?

I can tell you that I could not watch a 10-minute video for any other SEO tools and fully understand how it works. So when I watched the video of RankIQ, I was curious enough to try it.

How Good is RankIQ?

At first glance, I will say that RankIQ is an excellent tool for any blogger with limited funds looking to grow their organic traffic quickly!

What’s Not Good About RankIQ?

The one thing I will say about this is that it is a very one-dimensional approach to finding keywords.

There is a massive list to choose from, yes. But if I have a good idea for a topic, and I want to do keyword research on it, and the keyword does not exist in RankIQ – well, guess what? You’re out of luck!

How Much Does RankIQ Cost?

It’s only $49/month to get 16 keyword monthly reports. That is 16 different blog posts you can write per month for only $49!

Why RankIQ is the Absolute Best SEO Blog Tool For New Bloggers