5 Ways New Bloggers Leave Money on the Table

Starting to monetize from day one not only sets the expectation for your audience but allows you to keep things in perspective.

Not Monetizing Soon Enough

You should have affiliate links if you have written a great article that is getting lots of traffic.

 Quality Content

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you take this free workbook from Tasha Agurso.

Take a little time, at least once a month, to measure your numbers and see if you’re growing or declining.

Not Tracking Stats From Day One

Not only do social media accounts help with SEO, but they are also great for making sure that your website has links to reputable sites.

Not Signing Up

If you don’t have an email list or are struggling to grow yours, I highly recommend you sign up for the Free List Building Pep Talk by Covertkit.

Not Collecting Email Addresses

5 Ways New Bloggers Leave Money on the Table