To Make Money With Sponsored Posts On Your Blog


Sign Up

An influencer network is a marketplace where you sign up to partner with companies looking to tap into your power with your audience.

Complete Your Profiles

Once you find several networks you want to join, fill out the influencer profiles. The most important rule is to always complete the profile 100%!

How to Get Paid for Blogging

The more details you provide, the more options you have to make money with sponsored posts you’ll see.

Create a Media Kit

Create a media kit so that your application will stand out from the crowd. Because ALL successful bloggers have a media kit.

Know Your Audience

When you start to write a post, whether it’s on beauty, decorating, or something else, the number one priority should be to know your audience.

Give Complete Responses

Offer a thoughtful and thorough response on each sponsored post application, and don’t rush.

How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts On Your Blog