5 Easy Ways To Make Money With An Email List

1. Sell Other People’s Products or Services

If you give people what they want and need, there shouldn’t be much selling involved. The key is finding the right products for other people to sell.

2. Sell Your Own Product

1. Solve a problem 2. Survey your email list 3. Pay attention to what great content on your blog is doing the best. 4. What questions is your email list asking you?

3. Create a Tripwire

A tripwire is an upsell landing page that directs people to you after they already got something from you for free.

Blogging Money Update

In exchange, my subscribers receive 10-15 sponsored post opportunities in those emails ranging from $65-$5,000 each.

5. Host a Webinar

1. You can charge people to attend the webinar. 2. Or you can give excellent information for free in the webinar and then sell them on something in the end.

11 Easy Ways To Make Money With An Email List