How to Edit Pages in WordPress in 6 Easy Steps in 2023

Quick edit - You can easily add images and videos and edit page names. Edit is a more advanced way to edit pages.

#1: Quick Edit vs. Edit

#2: Using Plugins for SEO and Grammar

SEMRush is an SEO plugin that helps you optimize your web page and RankIQ is a plugin that helps you increase your web page rankings.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial with the SEMRush Guru Plan

You should always click this save button to ensure your work is protected.

#3: Use the Save Button

#4: Think Of A Gripping Page Title

A good page title can help draw visitors to your site and make them more likely to click through.

#5: Use the Add Media Button

To add an image, click the Add Media Button, select the image file you want to upload and click the Insert into Post button.

Firstly, you need to get pictures; you can design some with Canva. Canva is an excellent platform for designing logos, graphics, flyers, and infographics.

#6: View the Post

This will ensure that your web page looks exactly how it should and that all changes have been adequately implemented.

How to Edit Pages in WordPress in 6 Easy Steps in 2023