5 of the Best Restaurants in Guatemala City

Tikka Masala is an excellent place to deal with your spicy and no-spicy cravings.

Tikka Masalaa

It doesn’t only offer you local cuisine, but also you can have Chinese food and Italian food there.

Cadejo Brewing Company Beerhouse & Grill

Dora la tostadora is a fantastic place with a great culinary experience with good service. You will find some perfect combinations of flavors in this small restaurant.

Dora la Tostadora

Flor di Lis is located in the city center. It is a fine-dining restaurant with some delicious dishes. The restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy with your family and friends.

Flor de Lis

It would not be wrong to say this place is a hidden gem of Guatemala. Although we agree that the venue is small, it offers you everything you need to have a fun nightlife.

Tabacos y Vinos

7 of the Best Restaurants in Guatemala City