The Best Referral Programs to Make Money in 2023

Amazon’s affiliate program pays up to 10%* referral fees for products purchased through your unique referral link.

#1: The Amazon Associates Program

eBay Partner Network is a referral program that allows you to earn affiliate commission by promoting eBay products through online platforms.

#2: eBay Partner Network

Rakuten collaborates with these brands to earn a commission on every referring customer via their platform, and in return, Rakuten shares this commission with you.

#3: Rakuten Referral Program

People list their apartments, homes, and hotel rooms for a competitive price. The referral program pays up to $150 in referral fees per booking.

#4: Airbnb Referral Program

Cashback websites such as Ebates and TopCashback offer a percentage of what you spend back to you as a reward for shopping through their links.

#5: Cashback Websites

The Best Referral Programs to Make Money in 2023