5 Easy Steps to

Follow to Add

Keywords in WP

The more specific your focus keyword, the better your chance of ranking higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

#1: Why Having a Focus Keyword Are Important

The first thing is to do keyword research, which will help you identify the specific keywords your blog should focus on.

#2: Do the Keyword Research

The plugin helps you optimize your page title, meta name, and more.

#3: Yoast SEO Plugin For the WordPress Website

You’ll need to use a keyword tool like SEMRush to find the best ones for your industry and then add them strategically throughout your post and around relevant keywords on your website.

#4: SEMRush

The title should be relevant and include keywords that people are searching for.

#5: Choose the Best SEO Title

8 Easy Steps to Follow to Add Keywords in WordPress in 2023