101 Awesome Tailwind Communities You Should Join

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101 Awesome Tailwind Communities You Should Join

One of the hardest things to do when running a blog (outside of creating quality content) is to get consistent traffic to your blog posts. Now there are many ways you can do this, one of which consists of paying for it. But, if you are low on cash and still want to get decent traffic to your site, I would highly recommend joining Tailwind Communities.

If you’ve never even heard of Tailwind, it is a social media management tool for Pinterest. Tailwind makes it so easy to schedule your pins for your articles easily. But what initially sold me on Tailwind was the idea of using Communities.

Tailwind Communities are different groups, categorized by topic, where other bloggers can jump in and share their content in Pinterest groups in exchange for sharing the content of others in your Pinterest board.

I like the platform because not only does it tell you who is not repinning when adding to the board, but it also allows you to see how your pins are performing in a given tribe or target audience.

Since I’ve been using Communities, I am happy to say that they are a great way to see a rush of traffic to my pins, especially my newer pins that I want to get some traffic to as soon as possible.

Tailwind Communities work ya’ll!

And I want you to see just as much success with them as I have had.

Since I love this feature of Tailwind, I am a massive advocate for it. I know that for many, it is difficult to find a tribe you want to be a part of. See my list below of Tailwind Communities you should join.


  1. *Millennial Lifestyle
  2. All About A Lifestyle
  3. Blogger Lifestyle
  4. Create a Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Adrian’s Money, Parenting, and Organizing Tribe
  2. All About $
  3. FREE Stuff, Savings, and Frugal Living
  4. Frugal Living and Finances
  5. Frugality and Personal Finance
  6. Money-Saving Mamas
  7. Saving Money – Smart Living
  8. Personal Finance Bloggers
  9. Frugal Living
  10. Money Matters


  1. Adrian’s Tribe – All Niches
  2. All Niches! Promote, Grow & Learn
  3. Caffeinate And Conquer | Grow Your Blog
  4. FABULOUS Boss Babes and Gents
  5. Pinned Over 1000 Times
  6. Pinterest Friends
  7. Popular Pins (300+ Repins)
  8. All Topics
  9. All Things Beautiful
  10. Awesome Bloggers
  11. Best Blogger Pins
  12. Team Work Pinning
  13. Striving Bloggers
  14. Blogging Friends Pins
  15. The Millennial Life


  1. #BloggersGetSocial Travel
  2. _Travel_
  3. Budget Travel & Lifestyle [Mappin Monday Tribe]
  4. The Best Travel Hacks, Inspiration, Lifestyle & Destination Tips
  5. Travel Bloggers (PlaidShirtYogaPants)
  6. Travel Tips and Destinations
  7. Traveling around the world
  8. #AdventuringTogether | Lifestyle Tribe by Honey & Pine
  9. Family Travel
  10. Travel Photography
  11. Travel Pinspiration
  12. Traveler’s Tips
  13. Travel: The World at Large
  14. Expat Bloggers Networking Group
  15. C2E Travel


  1. Bloggers Lounge Tribe
  2. #BloggersGetSocial Books
  3. Bloggers Friends Pins
  4. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive
  5. Bloggers Promote Your Blog
  6. Bloggers Pinning
  7. BP Bloggers
  8. Bloggers Unite Tribe
  9. Profitable Blogging Tips
  10. Bloggers Promote Your Blog
  11. Blogging Tips
  12. Blogger’s Chalkboard
  13. Small Business
  14. Blogger Lifestyle
  15. Best Blogger’s Pins
  16. Bloggers Come Together (100+)


  1. All Things Healthy
  2. Women’s health
  3. Healthy Eats/Fitness
  4. Health & Fitness Bloggers
  5. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers
  6. Fitness Tribe
  7. Happiness & Wellness Bloggers

Gift Guides/Holiday

  1. *Gift Guide Extravaganza
  2. Affiliate Pinterest Pinning for the Holidays, events and gifts
  3. Just Christmas
  4. Holidays & Celebrations
  5. Gift Guides & Product Round-Up Guides For All Seasons


  1. + Books and Reading +
  2. Christian Bloggers: Book Club
  3. Book Lovers

Fashion, Beauty, and Style

  1. Fashion and Beauty Tribe
  2. Stylish Mamas
  3. Woman Beauty Tribe
  4. Women’s Fashion & Style
  5. “Over 40” Fashion Bloggers

DIY & Crafts

  1. DIY & Crafts
  2. Crafty Bloggers
  3. DIY Bloggers
  4. All Things Crafty
  5. Viral craft pins 1000 repins+
  6. DIY Beauty
  7. C2E DIY
  8. STE(A)M activities
  9. Crafty
  10. Valentines and heart crafts/activities

Well-being and personal growth

  1. Personal growth
  2. Positive People


  1. Homemakers
  2. Homemaking
  3. Home Design & DIY
  4. DIY & Home Decor
  5. C2E Green Living
  6. Keeping it Clean
  7. Pet Care & Advice
  8. Organizing, Planning, & Printables
  9. Planners Pinning Planners
  10. Organize, declutter and moving

There you have it! Find a community from my long list of Tailwind Tribes. If you have not signed up for Tailwind yet, make sure you sign up with a free plan to start using Tailwind today.

You can only have access to five communities in the free account. I currently have a paid subscription with unlimited communities, which I do not regret, considering how much traffic is sent to my blog. Make sure your marketing efforts don’t go to waste.

Have more Tailwind Communities you know about? Post them in the comments!

101 Awesome Tailwind Communities You Should Join

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