How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2024

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How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2023

Instagram, launched on October 6, 2010, currently has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide and offers a way to share moments and stories with friends through photos and videos. You might have heard that Instagram has overtaken blogging. 

That’s not entirely true, but the truth is that the number of bloggers has gone down while the number of Instagram users has gone up. People have been blogging on Instagram for years now. As time passes, getting your voice heard amongst the noise of all the other successful Instagram bloggers out there becomes easier. 

More and more bloggers are using Instagram to expand their platform and grow their audience, making it one of the best social media platforms for starting an online business. But there’s still room in this world for both of these platforms. So, if you’re an Instagram user and have something to share or say, why not start your own Instagram blog?

Are you wondering how to start blogging on Instagram in 2022?

If so, look no further than our comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about starting Instagram blogging, even if this is your first time.

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What Are Instagram Blogs?

Instagram blogs are a type of blog where the author shares their thoughts and experiences through pictures, videos, and other posts. The best part about these blogs is that they can be updated as often as desired, so if you want to share your daily life with others, this might be an option.

Familiarize yourself with the app, first.
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

However, it’s important to remember that there are many different types of content on these blogs, which may not always be relevant to you or what you’re looking for. If you do decide to start blogging on Instagram, you must take some time to think about how your blog will be set up. 

  • What would people expect from you? 
  • What kind of topics would interest them? 
  • Who is your audience? 
  • How much work should you do daily to maintain a consistent flow of posts? 
  • Will you post stories, pictures, videos, or just photos and videos? 
  • Do you want to create polls for followers? 
  • Are you interested in getting feedback and comments, or would you rather keep things private? 

These are all questions that need answers before starting any social media blog. It takes time to get used to blogging, and while it can seem daunting at first, most experts agree that the best way to start is simply posting one picture or video every few days.

Benefits of Instagram for Bloggers

Instagram provides a platform for bloggers to share photos and videos with their followers. This can be a great way to supplement your blog content and provide a different perspective on what you share on your social media accounts. 

One of the best features of Instagram is the ability to post stories that disappear after 24 hours, so if you want to share something more personal or newsworthy, this is a good option. And because it’s integrated into Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, all those links back to your blog are just one click away. 

Recent updates like IGTV, IG Reels, and shopping on Instagram offer plenty of new ways to make money blogging through Instagram. You might also consider turning your account into a business account by setting up ads to start making money from Instagram posts.

Here are the exact steps to start blogging on Instagram…

Create An Instagram Profile

The first step to starting a blog with Instagram is to create a “creator account” – this is unarguably the most important thing and the first thing you need to do.

Start by creating an account on the Instagram app. You can find it on the Google Play Store or Apple App store. 

Fill out your profile with a bio and photo, then select what kind of posts you’re interested in. Pick from popular categories like Fashion, Beauty, Travel, or whatever you like.

Follow the steps to create an Instagram account.

There are three types of Instagram accounts: personal, business, and creator.

Creator accounts were made especially for creators (among a few others). 

Having a creator account has many benefits:

  • Instagram Insights: With access to data from their Instagram, creators can see insights and analytics. This makes it easy for users to see what posts are most engaging, the best time of day to post, how many impressions a specific post has made on an individual’s followers, and so much more.
  • Advertisements: With a Creator Account, you’ll be able to boost your posts like your Facebook page and your IG account using Instagram ads. This will allow users to promote their profiles so they can grow them.
  • Links Within Stories: If you have over 10,000 followers on your Instagram account, people are likelier to click on links within your story. You can share web pages or articles by using the swipe-up feature for them to see them.

The benefits are endless!

Decide on a Blogging Niche

It’s hard to pick a niche, but the first step is figuring out what you are passionate about. If you’re looking to start a blog on Instagram in 2022, there are many different niches you could choose from. You might want to write about food, fashion, or maybe beauty, lifestyle, or be a travel blogger. 

Figure out what you would like to blog about
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

That passion will be reflected in your blog and posts, so you must know exactly what it is. Remember that not everyone likes the same thing; this could help narrow down your topic. But once you have found a niche, start writing one post daily for three months and then assess your progress.

Make sure that each post features original content and shares it across your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for maximum exposure.

Before we get into that, the next step is to determine your target audience.

Determine your target audience

  • Who are your target audience and customer base?
  • What are their age ranges, genders, and occupations?
  • What do they enjoy reading about?
  • What types of content do they respond to most often?

These are questions you should ask before diving into blogging. Influencers are more likely to follow those who already have a large following on the app. Once you’ve established your target audience, stay true to them by providing quality content that satisfies their needs.

Therefore, find someone with similar interests or people who share your niche and try partnering up together for mutual benefits. 

Find people like them who want to read what you have to say and follow you on Instagram. Search for the hashtag or keywords relevant to the type of content you will be posting so that you can find like-minded individuals who might enjoy following your journey. 

Also, list at least 20-30 people, and then start following them on Instagram. 

Before taking this step, don’t wait until you have hundreds of followers; getting started early is better. They may notice and follow you when you post something new. Remember, quality is much more important than quantity; starting small doesn’t mean you will fail.

Decide How You Want Your Instagram Blog To Be

Regardless of the topic of your new blog, there’s a step guide to take no matter what kind of blog you create. Figure out if you want to share a personal experience or something else. Basically, how do you intend to represent your brand? 

Write ideas for topics you’d like to write about. Think about what information you want to provide to your reader. 

  • Is there a question that keeps coming up in your followers? 
  • Is there an issue that you feel strongly about? 

The good news is that you can choose three or four topics and put together two pieces of content for each one. That way, your followers will always have something fresh to check out whenever you publish new content. Remember to change your media type so people don’t become bored.

Write your Instagram bio.

Remember, we already created an account; it’s time for us to add a bio to our Instagram creator account. The more detailed it is, the better. It will give people a good idea of what to expect from your page and help them understand why they should follow you. 

Be careful not to make it too long, though- no one wants to read a novel to see your picture. 

Your Instagram bio should look like this: 

If you love fashion, join me on my journey! I am a fashion blogger living in New York City, always sharing outfits, style inspiration, and anything else I’m up to. My goal is to inspire others with my work and provide helpful tips.

I hope these tips helped you and were useful for anyone looking to build their online presence through Instagram. You can craft yours however you want. However, ask people around you to know if they like it or if you need to change it.

Develop an Instagram Posting Schedule

If you want to start a blog on Instagram, determining your target audience will help you determine what type of content you want to post. You need to work out a schedule for where you will post; for example, many bloggers do two posts – one in the morning and one later in the evening. Others do one post per day. 

A posting schedule can make all of the difference when you start to blog on Instagram
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

And still, others choose to post every other day. Experiment with different schedules and see what works best for you.

But remember that having a regular publishing schedule helps your readers know when they can expect new content from you. Especially if you are targeting millennials with disposable income, publishing four or more daily posts may be the right frequency.

Develop an Instagram Stories Schedule

If you plan to use Instagram Stories as a marketing strategy, set aside weekly time to create these stories. Aim for 5-10 stories per week because if you only have one story a month, it won’t help build up any momentum. 

However, please don’t go crazy with the number of stories you produce because the longer your video goes on, the lower its chance of being seen. Keep your videos under 3 minutes long to maximize viewership.

Always include a link to your blog in the description box for those viewers interested in discovering more about what you’re doing. If you’re already blogging elsewhere, share the link to your website with potential followers.

No matter how big or small your following is today, it’s a great idea to think about how you want to grow.

Determine if you want a pattern for the Instagram feed

You want to choose a pattern for your Instagram blog feed that works. Some blogs only post original content, while others opt for a mix of original and curated posts. Your choice is entirely up to you after you have conducted sufficient research. 

More so, this decision largely depends on the size of your team and how much time you have to dedicate to maintaining your Instagram feed. 

If you want to post mostly original content, consider hiring someone to manage your account. A social media manager can post consistently and give your account a look and feel that matches your branding. 

They will be able to answer questions and interact with followers in a way that you might not have the time or interest in.

Decide on colors for your Instagram page.

When choosing a color palette for your Instagram account, determine whether you want to stick to just one color or use several shades of the same hue. 

Figure out if you want to follow a color scheme
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

This decision should be based on the type of aesthetic that your blog has. Using lots of different hues should suit your needs if you want a bright and colorful page. 

With this approach, you’ll want to select your colors before moving on to the next step. If you want a cleaner and simpler layout, try sticking to a single color throughout your entire Instagram feed. 

The shade of the color you choose will depend on the feeling you want to convey to your followers. Warm colors like yellows and reds tend to have a more energetic effect.

Decide if you also want a WordPress blog to go with your account.

Having a WordPress blog to accompany your Instagram account can be helpful if you want to start making money from ads. You can still have ads on your Instagram feed, but having a different platform where you can sell products or services is a great idea. 

It’s best to figure out the logistics of monetizing your blog before you spend a lot of time and energy on the creation process. While many bloggers succeed with affiliate marketing programs, a newer option is emerging: Influencer marketing. 

By partnering with brands that align well with their values, bloggers are finding success without turning away their loyal readership base. Influencers get paid by the companies they partner with for each post they share on social media that features that company’s product or service.

In return, these companies receive lots of free advertising and exposure. The influencer usually only requires a mention at the end of their post that they’re working with the brand in question.

Decide on a blog name.

If you already have a domain set up for your site, take some time to think about the title. Consider the number of words in your blog name and how easy it will be to spell or say aloud when typing into a search engine. 

Try picking a word or phrase that would be relevant to your audience so they’ll remember it.

If you need help deciding on a domain name, try using Google AdWords Keyword Tool to generate ideas. Type in keywords related to your niche, and the tool spits out related keyword phrases. 

Type baking into the tool if you’re interested in baking. You’ll notice a list of suggestions, including cake recipes and chocolate chip cookies, pop up. Type in another keyword (like food bloggers) to create new suggestions.

Decide on the most relevant hashtags for your brand.

Hashtags categorize your posts and allow other users to discover content related to your niche. It’s important to pick hashtags that align with what you do so followers can easily browse through different types of posts. 

Relevant hashtags for your brand is a must when you start blogging on Instagram
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

Whenever you post a photo that falls under the category of your hashtag, add the hashtag to the caption. 

Some hashtags you could use on your blog include #fashion, #style, #travel, and #NYC. Once you’ve settled on the best hashtags, it can be helpful to write them down in a notebook or save them to a document on your computer.

Determine if you want to create video content for IGTV.

Instagram’s newest feature, IGTV, allows you to upload videos up to 60 minutes long, although it’s about 1 minute with Reels. It’s a good idea to determine whether or not you want to use this feature on your account.  

If you want to produce and upload videos, there are a few things to remember. You can only upload videos from your phone or tablet, meaning you won’t be able to edit footage on your laptop. However, it’s very simple to film and upload your content. When uploading a video to IGTV, you’ll want to select thumbnail images.

Make sure to choose an image that captures the viewer’s attention and makes them want to watch the whole video.

Decide if you want to do ads.

Instagram ads are another form of monetization for bloggers if you want to start advertising on the app and then linking your blogs via the advert. 

You will then be able to create an ad through the Shop Now button and select one of your photos. Keep in mind that not all advertisers can use this feature as it is subject to approval by Instagram.  

It’s also important to note that advertising doesn’t offer the same reach or efficacy as other social media platforms. However, it may be worth testing out with a small budget!

Figure out the best time to post on Instagram.

When deciding what type of content to post on Instagram, a pro tip is figuring out what time zone your target audience resides in. 

Figure out the best time to post when you start blogging on Instagram
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

If you’re targeting millennials in the United States, it might make sense to post late at night (9 pm) EST. That way, followers from overseas have time to see your posts during their daytime hours before they go to bed. 

Posting midday Eastern Standard Time would be appropriate if you’re targeting baby boomers. Suppose you have multiple age groups to target. In that case, I recommend using Hootsuite to schedule your posts across different time zones and days.

Hootsuite is a social media content management system you can use to manage your social network accounts.

Make high-quality photos to post.

Quality images help improve people’s opinion of your page, so take good care when uploading content. Quality images help increase people’s opinion of your page, so take good care when uploading content. 

Experiment with various shots, and don’t forget about editing. 

Edit your pictures with apps like VSCO Cam and Afterlight to get the perfect look. Explore the filters, light adjustments, and color effects until you find something you love. 

Remember, what makes a picture stand out varies from person to person. Still, there is always something that feels right for each individual – try everything until you find it. Also, remember to include hashtags, especially ones related to your niche topic. These will help increase visibility and allow followers worldwide to find you more easily.

Post regularly.

Once you’ve found your style and voice, consistently posting quality content is key to growing an engaged audience. Don’t underestimate the power of consistency! 

Consistently posting quality content over time helps grow an engaged audience. Focus on making the best possible posts; your hard work will pay off in time. 

When you first start blogging, building up followers takes longer than later on when you first start blogging, so be patient and focus on delivering quality content. And remember to have fun while doing it.

Reply to comments and private messages regularly.

Check back in periodically to respond to readers’ questions or concerns. Nothing is more frustrating than having a question go unanswered, so don’t leave anyone hanging! 

I aim to reply within 24 hours to both comments and messages. My schedule tends to be busier on weekdays, so my responses tend to come at night or early morning. I’m glad that most of my readers understand and respect the boundaries that working full-time creates.

Leave a comment on other popular accounts.

Another great way to get more followers and grow your audience is by leaving comments on popular Instagram accounts. There’s a huge chance that popular Instagram accounts might want to work with you to share your content on their page when they see how engaged you are with theirs. 

Leave comments on other blogs that you love!
How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2022

When commenting on someone else’s feed, follow these rules: 

  1. Only comment on those relevant to your niche; 
  2. Avoid spamming accounts; 
  3. Stay authentic; 
  4. keep it short and sweet. 

Commenting on other pages is a great way to build your following and grow your audience. Follow the tips above, and you’re likely to get a response!

Make sure you get lots of engagement.

The numbers on your page tell you how many people have seen, liked, and commented on your content. But just because a post has a lot of likes and follows doesn’t mean it will lead to increased sales or subscriptions. 

The goal is to increase your engagement by getting people to interact with your page and share it with friends. This leads to a snowball effect that increases the value of your page. 

Engagement is so valuable for a blog! 

So, don’t be afraid to ask your audience for feedback, and make sure you are responding to comments. If you have an email list or newsletter, include a call-to-action on your website for people to subscribe.

As you can see, starting a blog on Instagram is not as difficult as it may seem. It requires patience and dedication, and it’s important to learn. 

It starts with creating a plan and setting goals; then, the rest comes naturally. Give yourself enough time to learn and experiment with what works before giving up!

How To Start Blogging On Instagram To Make Extra Money in 2023

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