10 Inspiring Reasons We Moved to Costa Rica from the U.S.

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10 Inspiring Reasons We Moved to Costa Rica from the U.S.

In 2021 we announced the start of a new blog, Blogging Money Life, and then shocked our friends and family by informing them that we were moving to Costa Rica to begin a new adventure. The first thing people want to know when we tell them that we are moving to Costa Rica is why we decided to do it in the first place. You’ll be surprised by some of the reasons we give them.

1) Because We Can

Our number one reason we are moving to Costa Rica from the United States is that we can. As U.S. citizens, we enjoy one of the most powerful passports in the world. It allows us access to over 185 countries, and we’re ready to take advantage of that.

passport moving to costa rica

In addition, our blog allows us to work from anywhere. It can be in Costa Rica. It can be in an office. It can be in our home.

As long as we have internet access, we can earn income through our blogs anywhere in the world.

Moving abroad actually isn’t that hard to do. You just have to research where you want to go, make a plan, break it down into baby steps and take it one step at a time.

Then, if you have questions, you can do what we did.

We recruited the help of a relocation consultant within the country we want to move to. She helped us pick a region, find our first house, and recommended a residency lawyer and a moving company. On top of all this, she’s giving us insight so we can avoid common mistakes.

We have our own version of a famous quote from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

“Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and change things up every now and then, you’re going to miss it.”

2) To Step Away From U.S. Politics

We’re ready for a break from U.S. politics. Living in the state, it’s so hard to escape it. It’s almost like every conversation you’ll have can quickly turn political.

us politics

We’re just ready to step back and take a break. We want to take more of a humanitarian view of the world.

Moving to another country with a different government with different customs and policies, we’ll be able to experience firsthand another way of doing things. 

3) To Make Major Lifestyle Changes 

Well, another reason is that we want to eat better. It’s not that we can’t eat better here in the States. It’s just easier to do it in Costa Rica. Fresh foods and organic foods seem to be more readily available, and they’re more affordable.

Somuch of the fresh produce in Costa Rica is farm to table. We like the idea of accessing farmer’s markets with fresh food with great nutrients and knowing where it was grown. We remember visiting the country in 2019, and the hotel where we stayed had its own farm chickens and garden.

lifestyle change moving to costa rica

We even knew the name of the chicken who laid our eggs every morning! So yeah, just being in a place where we know where our food comes from.

Also, as far as a healthier lifestyle in general, a part of that has to do with a more active lifestyle in Costa Rica.

One of the big reasons is that you don’t have to rely on a car to get around many places. There are lots of walkable areas. You can do many outdoor activities in Costa Rica, from horseback riding around the mountains to swimming in the ocean to hiking through the jungle.

There are so many different things that you can do. The country has an outdoor living lifestyle that is unique to us. Living with nature seems to be a typical lifestyle, not just something people do on vacation.

Another central point under lifestyle change is a better work-life balance. We’re both working harder and longer than we’d like to. It’s an ethic that is ingrained in our U.S. culture. We want to adopt a new “work-to-live” mentality and leave behind our “live-to-work” ethic. Sometimes a fresh start in a new place is needed to change a mindset.

Reason #4: Better Race Relations Than In the U.S.

The Black Lives Matter movement is one that we’ve been following since it started in 2013. And while there has been a lot of progress with that movement, there’s still so much more that has to happen before we see real change in the United States.

We had an opportunity to speak with black ex-pats in Costa Rica. Amazingly, they have reported that they’ve gone without experiencing racism in Costa Rica for several years.

moving to costa rica

Not to say there isn’t any there, but it’s way less frequent than they’ve experienced in the United States. So we are looking forward to being reprieved from all of the racism while continuing to fight for causes like Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate, amongst other different reasons, while living abroad.

Moving to Costa Rica, we’re going to be where our family can feel welcome. They don’t feel like they’re somewhere where the cards are stacked against them.

5) Costa Rica’s Beautiful Nature

The average temperature year-round in Costa Rica is between the high 70’s and low 80’s degrees Fahrenheit, which makes for some fantastic weather.


Costa Rica is also home to rain forests, cloud forests, active volcanoes, savannas, mangrove forests, high mountains, palm beaches, coral reefs, and so much more natural.

6) To Broaden Our Horizons

We want to move to a place where we know that the life experience is very different than our own. This is something that we feel will help us not only become better people but also be able to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. In addition, it will help us understand people who have different experiences than our own.

be better

Another reason broadening our horizons may help is that we think it’ll inspire creativity in our new blog. We hope the newfound energy will be reflected in our blogs and vlog videos.

7) Challenge Ourselves & Grow

We’re going to experience culture shock, which will be very difficult at times. To be honest, just preparing for this adventure is scary. But, on the other hand, the idea of selling everything we own and moving to a different country makes for an exciting journey with new and interesting challenges. 

After living in Costa Rica for 1 year, we updated our “10 reasons why we moved to Costa Rica video”. Watch the new one here!

8) To Learn a New Language

There are plenty of English-speaking countries, but we chose a country where the primary language is Spanish. Moving to Costa Rica is an excellent opportunity for us to learn another language.

learning new language

We will be completely immersed in Spanish, so we must learn to communicate to thrive. We believe that’s one of the best ways to learn a new language and know that being bilingual will open new doors for us.

9) Make New Friends

Making friends from different parts of the world with various experiences will help broaden our minds.

And since we are moving to a new country, away from family and friends, we look forward to meeting people and developing a community. 

Costa Rica has a large community of ex-pats from all over the Americas. So, we will have the opportunity to develop friendships with Tico’s, North Americans, and Central and South Americans with similar mindsets.

10) Starting From a Clean Slate

We have many loved ones that we are sad to be moving further from, but this adventure is too valuable to put off.

It’s hard to describe this feeling. It’s been relieving to resign from a job I don’t love, sell our house, break ties, and shed most of our belongings to start a new life abroad.

We don’t know where this journey will take us, but that’s part of the excitement. So if you find our story interesting, please join us by following along and checking back for monthly updates.

10 Inspiring Reasons We Moved to Costa Rica from the U.S.


  1. We lived there for 7 years. Many of your reasons are spot on. Some are naive but that’s all part of the adventure. My suggestion is learn Spanish basics before you go. Also learn some medical terms. Not all facilities have English speakers.

  2. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. I have been there 3 times and am planning to retire there. The quality of the food is amazing, almost everything is sustainable! People are very educated….I LOVE COSTA RICA…BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!

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