Moving to Costa Rica: See the Exclusive April Update

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Moving to Costa Rica: See the Exclusive April Update

This is our move to Costa Rica Series. This series lets you guys know everything we’re doing to prepare for our big move to Costa Rica this year. If you haven’t seen our first video in this series, check out our moving to Costa Rica videos. 

We will now update you on where we are in April. And a quick recap of what we talked about last March.

In March, we discussed the requirements for residency under the category of Rentista. One of those requirements is setting up a bank account with $60,000 that pays out $2,500 monthly over two years.

After we found out that our American banks do not have a product that meets these requirements. So, we’ll set up a bank account in Costa Rica.

With the help of our lawyer, we chose Scotiabank, and we’re in the process of getting that account set up. We should have that all finalized by the end of next week.

We accomplished this last month by getting our cats up-to-date with their shots. This is a requirement for you to bring your pets to Costa Rica with you.

Suki and Katniss are all ready to go. The only thing we still have to get done is a health certificate issued by our vet, and that has to be given two weeks before we actually go to Costa Rica. But other than that, the cats are ready to go. 

Regarding vaccines, the cats aren’t the only ones who got vaccinated. Chris and I are also vaccinated. We both got our COVID-19 vaccine. This was something we wanted to do before leaving for Costa Rica.

Since we don’t know when we will be able to get vaccines there, we’re glad we could do that before we actually move. We both got the Pfizer shots and had minor symptoms. 

We are also continuing with our fire sale, and we mentioned in the March update that we’re selling everything we own and taking very few items with us.

We’ve been getting rid of things in the past month, and it’s starting to slow down a little bit. We have left items we need like kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, and living room furniture.

We’ll remove our larger items as we get closer to our actual move date.

Something exciting that we are doing this month is we are starting to look for the first place that we’re going to live in Costa Rica.

Our Costa Rica consultant, Sara Elena, is starting to look in the area where we want to live, Playa Hermosa, and looking for places to rent when we first get to Costa Rica.

moving to costa rica beach landscape

We also have a meeting with the moving company. Our consultant recommends this moving company. Their experience as international movers is extensive. In addition, having experience in Costa Rica gives them an advantage when dealing with customs agents.

This month is related to our rental property, the last one that we have left. Our tenants are moving out this month, so once they move out, we are moving on to prepping the house to sell it.

We don’t think that will be a lot of prep work before we sell just because our tenants in there were great. 

Things are starting to feel more natural. That’s our moving to Costa Rica update for April. As far as our timeline goes, June is still planning on leaving; that hasn’t changed. We will give you guys another update next month. 

Moving to Costa Rica: See the Exclusive April Update

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