What is Lifestyle Blogging? And 5 Successful Lifestyle Blog Examples (2024)

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What is Lifestyle Blogging? And 5 Successful Lifestyle Blog Examples (2022)
What is Lifestyle Blogging? And 5 Successful Lifestyle Blog Examples (2022)

What is lifestyle blogging? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? 

What does it mean to be a lifestyle blogger, and how do you know if that’s what you should pursue? 

This question has been asked many times by aspiring bloggers and bloggers alike. Lifestyle blogging may seem one of the most straightforward and one of the most obvious blogging niches to jump into. Still, it requires much more than simply posting about your favorite things.

Lifestyle bloggers don’t just write about their daily activities; they live their everyday lives on social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok – whatever the newest platform is, they are usually there. Even more, successful lifestyle bloggers all have their take on the idea and life experience, which means you can turn your particular interests into money-making opportunities. 

Before you begin, it’s essential to know precisely what lifestyle blogging is and how you can get started on your journey to becoming an expert lifestyle blogger. This guide will help you understand what lifestyle blogging is, who the best lifestyle bloggers are and how to start your successful lifestyle blog from scratch or by using one of the many blogging platforms available that make it super simple to start blogging as fast as possible. 

What Makes a Lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blogs usually discuss food, travel, fashion, personal interests, or even their personal life. These niche blogs are often written from the author’s perspective, giving readers a window into their day-to-day lives. 

What is a lifestyle blog?

They can be seen as a form of autobiography. The popularity of lifestyle blogging has steadily increased over the past few years, thanks to social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. 

Bloggers have successfully shared their photos with friends and family on these platforms to grow an online audience. Nowadays, many people find it easier to monetize their blog content by partnering up with brands or companies that want to reach this targeted demographic. 

Some lifestyle bloggers make money through sponsored posts, allowing them to create content that aligns with the brand’s values while maintaining transparency about any possible partnerships. The following section will discuss what people write about lifestyle blogging. 

Personal Experiences

Personal blog experiences might be the most popular niche for lifestyle blogs. There are so many different topics to discuss within the personal experience niche. 

A blogger might talk about how they decorate their home or post pictures of their latest fashion finds. These bloggers share their everyday life with readers. You could write about anything from cooking to traveling to DIY projects. 

The critical thing to remember is to ensure you’re putting your spin on whatever topic you choose. Your blog readers will enjoy reading about what inspires you and your day-to-day life!

Please take a look at these good examples of successful lifestyle blogs: Lauren Conrad Style, Yoga Journal, My New Roots and Barefoot Blonde, and other yoga blogs to give you a better understanding of how personal experience lifestyle blogs works. 

Variety of Topics

Lifestyle blogging can be broad and include anything from beauty to parenting to a food blog. The key to success with this type of blog is consistency with content. Consumers have many options, so they need a blogger who regularly updates the topics that interest them most. 

This lifestyle blog niche should be updated at least once or twice weekly with new posts or other relevant information readers want to know about. Keeping your blog content fresh and current will keep it in front of your target audience and make sure you stay top-of-mind for consumers. 

Other popular niches under various blogging niches are fashion, motherhood, cooking, pet care, travel blog, and DIY projects. Some bloggers choose one niche, while others post about multiple topics under their larger niche category. 

What matters most is selecting a topic area where you are knowledgeable and passionate enough to write original content consistently without getting bored.

Practical Advice

People in this lifestyle blogging niche may offer practical advice on self-care, work-life balance, and relationships. This type of blogging has been growing in popularity over the years, with an estimated 10 million blogs dedicated to this niche alone. 

Plenty of successful lifestyle bloggers make six figures or more a year by blogging about all aspects of life. Here are five examples of successful lifestyle bloggers who share their tips and stories:

  1. Rachel Brathen (Yoga Girl)
  2. The Minimalist Mom
  3. Fun Loving Families

With Fun Loving Families, Chrissy shares her home videos, DIY projects, recipes, and personal insights into raising 4 (four) kids in our modern world. Her blog posts include photos of crafts she’s done with her children and reflections on being a mom while juggling graduate school studies online. 

What’s great is that she doesn’t just focus on her own story but also includes other mothers’ experiences. In this niche, many popular lifestyle bloggers write about things they are passionate about, while others have turned their blogs into business ventures by making money from blog posts or e-commerce stores. 

It all depends on the person.

How do I start a lifestyle blog?

So, you want to start a lifestyle blog? Good idea! It’s never been easier, thanks to the prevalence of blogging platforms like Medium, Tumblr, and WordPress blog. 

How do you start a lifestyle blog?

However, before creating your blog, we need to take care of a few things that would ensure a smooth ride during our journey to being successful lifestyle blog owners, especially if you’re a new blogger.

Know Your Niche

Lifestyle blogging can be lucrative for those with the time and interest.  It’s also a great way to share your passions with others. The first step is to think about your interests and then go from there to find your niche.  

You don’t need to think of everything yourself; other people have already done that. Some people blog about their children, pets, or personal stories – whatever they care about most. Others might want to share their favorite recipes, decorating tips, beauty tips, and fashion trends – there’s a wide range of topics.  

The best blogs start with one idea, but as you become more passionate about them, many different blog post ideas will come to mind, and you’ll see how your blog evolves. As long as like-minded individuals are out there looking for advice on topics like yours, success is just around the corner.

Know Your Target Audience

After deciding what your blog will focus on, it’s essential to know who you are trying to reach. Is this going to be something that mostly appeals only to females? Males? Or would both genders enjoy reading this blog? 

By thinking about these questions, you can decide which topics of your life should be covered. For example, do you plan to include dieting tips if you decide to cover various topics? How do these compare to other posts, such as fashion or food-related? 

While knowing your audience and niche, it’s essential to consider how often you publish content. Do you want a monthly newsletter, daily updates, and weekly features? Keep in mind that this will depend on your readers’ preferences. However, it’s best to aim for at least two weekly posts.

Have a Basic Plan For Content

No matter where you end up focusing, it’s essential to have a plan for your content. If you’re regularly publishing, writing out an editorial calendar ahead of time is recommended. 

That way, when it comes time to start a post, you can jump right into writing without worrying about not having enough content prepared. To keep your content fresh and updated, try coming up with five articles ahead of time that cover all aspects of your blog topic

Recent trends, product reviews, DIY projects, or anything relevant. This way, you won’t have to worry about any dry spells. Most importantly, make sure to maintain consistency with quality. Whether you blog every day, once a week or once a month, it’s crucial to provide your followers with the quality content they want. 

Be true to yourself, your blog’s purpose, and your style. Stay consistent and update on a schedule that works for you.

Write Your First Post & Stay Consistent

The next step is to write your first blog post.

There’s no reason to wait to start your blog. Once you’ve made your final decisions, it’s time to get down to business. Creating your blog isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of patience and dedication. 

First, you need to choose a domain name; you can easily search for a free domain name online. This will be the website address that people will use to find your blog. 

Next, you’ll need to pick a blog hosting service. This company will host your website and allow people to access it through mobile or computer browsers. 

Finally, you will be ready to start building your blog. 

There are many different ways to do this, largely depending on your budget and the type of content you will be posting. Some bloggers enjoy using free blogging platforms with free themes like WordPress. In contrast, others invest in premium platforms with a premium theme, like Squarespace. 

Remember that whichever platform you choose, some upkeep will still be required, especially using a WordPress site. So before deciding on a specific one, consider what kind of content you’ll be posting, how much money you can afford to spend upfront, and how often you want to publish new posts. 

Then do some research until you find the best option for your needs – don’t worry about making mistakes; this is a step process. Once you’re satisfied with your layout, it’s time to set up a content management system. This will be the program that you use to add and edit posts. At the very least, make sure your blog doesn’t look outdated.

Learn SEO

Regarding content, it’s equally important to learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization. The better you optimize your blog using SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, RankIQ, or SEMRush, the more traffic you will receive. 

This will result in more page views and more revenue. But first, creating a blog that people will want to share is important. That way, even more people will visit your site. Another way to get the word out and create a broad appeal about your blog is by making a Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram account. 

Share your posts on social media to attract more people and increase your following. To be successful, it’s important to stay active on social media sites to grow your fanbase. This will lead to increased exposure and, eventually, more blog visits. I can guarantee you that these are the best way to gain traffic faster.

It may take time, but your hard work will pay off!

Do lifestyle blogs make money?

Can you make money from a lifestyle blog?

Lifestyle blogs can make money in various ways, including advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. For example, fashion bloggers often work with brands to create sponsored content that advertises the brand’s products. Furthermore, if you own your blog domain, you could sell it considerably as blogging trends change over time. 

Finally, you could also monetize your blog by creating an e-commerce website and linking it to your blog posts.

Affiliate Marketing

Suppose you’re running a lifestyle blog that includes product reviews or other types of shopping advice. In that case, plenty of companies would happily pay you a commission on purchases made through links on your site. 

A popular example of this type of blog is The Krazy Coupon Lady, where they tell readers about different coupon codes and how they can save at retailers like Amazon. There are many more examples, but we think this one gives you a good idea of what successful lifestyle blogs look like.

Online Course

To start making money off your blog, you might want to consider selling an online course. You can create online courses on what you know – let’s say, a Lifestyle Business Bootcamp – and sell them on your blog or platforms like Coursera, App Sumo, or Udemy.

One option would be to teach people how to start their successful lifestyle blogs. You could also teach them how to promote themselves more effectively on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or perhaps even show them a few tricks on Pinterest. 

These courses will most likely cost you between $500 and $1000, depending on how much material you provide. It might be worth your time and effort if you have expertise in the field.

Keep in mind that not everyone wants to learn how to start their blog; some people want tips for increasing their number of followers.

Digital Products

Another way to monetize your blog is by selling digital products like PDFs, tutorials, and templates. Of course, it helps if you offer something unique or valuable enough that people are willing to part with their hard-earned cash.

To do this, you’ll need to set up an account with a company like Gumroad, Payhip, or Sellfy. Then, when someone buys one of your items, they’ll get a download link straight to their inbox after paying.

You can do this or partner up with someone who already has a business for these items. An easy way to find potential partners is by joining networking groups or attending local conferences. 

You would then reach out to them via email and see if they’re interested in working together. However, ask for references from previous partnerships. Otherwise, it’s too risky!

YouTube Channel

It may seem counterintuitive, but building a YouTube channel as a lifestyle blogger can help increase your blog’s traffic. You get to make money by putting videos on your channel. As much as YouTube pays you for views and followership. Google pays you for traffic to your blogs

We suggest starting a YouTube channel as a lifestyle blogger because Google searches rank videos higher than written content. So if you decide to start a vlog, upload helpful tutorials related to your niche so viewers will visit your blog from there. Add text links within your video descriptions to encourage viewers to click through.

Influencers like Zoella have capitalized on their popularity by starting YouTube channels, which feature videos relating to the topics covered in their blog. You can start by sharing your first YouTube video and proceed from there.

And don’t forget to check out Blogging, Money, Life’s Youtube channel! Here is one of my favorite videos so far:

Google Adsense / Display Ads

Using a blog platform like Blogger and WordPress, you can sign up for a Google Adsense account and display ads on your site. 

However, these types of advertisements can become a problem if you find that your content is being used without permission. So you need to make sure you monitor ads shown on your blog and disable the ones you don’t like, 

This is because advertisers require that their ads only appear on sites with content that aligns with their interests and target audience. 

After signing up for an account, you’ll need to apply to be approved by Google. Once approved, your blog will automatically begin generating revenue based on how many impressions the ads generate and what price you’ve agreed upon with the advertiser.

Five Examples Of the Best Lifestyle Blogs

You’ve probably come across lifestyle blogs before, but do you know what they are and why we love them so much?

Here are some of my top 5 lifestyle blogs!

Our list of five popular lifestyle blogs will give you a taste.

#1: Cup of Jo

Founded in 2007, Cup of Jo is a female lifestyle blog that publishes articles about everything from fashion trends to timely news stories and social topics. 

With an impressive readership of over four million monthly viewers, the brand provides everything that sparks readers’ interest when they visit the blog. 

Cup of Jo also donates 10% of its profits yearly to causes and organizations they care about, like RAICES, NAACP, NARAL, Greenpeace, Save the Children, Planned Parenthood, the Lilith Fund, and The Florence Project.

#2: Fit Men Cook

In 2012 Kevin Curry, a chef and an author, started a Tumblr blog called FitMenCook to post his meals to build a community around healthy eating and ideas and because he wanted accountability. 

According to him, Fit Men Cook is for all genders. He takes inspiration from everyone – both fit men and women – to grow our collective knowledge and success stories on being healthy. 

The author added that hard work and staying active are always important. Still, there can’t be any diet without proper nutrition.

#3: Camille Styles

Camille Styles is your go-to guide to living your best life – a daily lifestyle publication that covers design, entertaining, food, style, travel, and wellness. 

Established over a decade ago as an ode to artful beauty, uncovering it in others’ lives through cooking or through hosting gatherings has been her true happy place. 

Leading a group of talented editors today and reaching out to 50 million monthly impressions across its site and social media channels, she continues to create empowering stories for women navigating the relentless quest for balance in their lives—whatever form it may take.

#4: Coconuts and Kettlebells

Coconuts and Kettlebells offer information and tools related to health inside and out. 

Owned by Noelle Tarr, it is managed by her too. As a mother of two growing kids- she loves cooking and sharing soul food with her readers and listeners! 

Professionally, she is an NTP-certified practitioner from the Nutritional Therapy Association. An NSCA Certified Personal Trainer from National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

Her website offers authentic dialogues about women’s health, nutrition, fitness, stress management, hormones, etc.

#5: Miss Millennia Magazine

Miss Millennia Magazine was established by Jasmine Watts. She recognized the problem many recent grads face when entering the real world after having their lives ahead of them in college. 

Jasmine and her team empower women to make themselves their best selves and not feel lost in decision-making regarding what should come next for them personally or with money and career plans. 

The blog’s message is simple: “you’re not alone; we’ll teach you all about practical ways to work through those tough times.” 

Readers love their diverse contributors; each speaks about their experiences from their point of view.

Wrapping Up

Lifestyle blogging has become a successful career for many people because it has allowed them to share their life with the world. 

It is a great way to share your passions and interests while making money and connecting with other like-minded people. 

It has also allowed them to make money by selling themselves and the products they love, making them famous among people who enjoy what they do, how they do it, and why. 

It’s a great idea to start blogging now because it’s not too late. It might be difficult at first, but eventually, you’ll be glad you started.

What is Lifestyle Blogging? And 5 Successful Lifestyle Blog Examples (2022)


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