Discover the Coolest Places to Stay in Costa Rica

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Discover the Coolest Places to Stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most exotic and safest places to travel. It is one of the best places to visit if you want adventure, eco-tourism, and to spend quality time with your friends and family.

If you are going to see nature in all its beauty and exoticism, then you could plan a trip to the Arenal volcano. Here, you will see a dormant volcano and the surrounding vegetation. It is one of the favorite trips for adventure seekers.

Similarly, if you want to check out wildlife reserves, visiting the Cahuita National Park and Monteverde is necessary. The beautiful beaches of Costa Rica are also major tourist attractions.

You can visit one of the several luxury hotels next to the Pacific Ocean to enjoy the country’s beauty and beaches. Costa Rica is known for its boutique hotels near the Pacific Coast. Here is everything you need to know about the places to stay in Costa Rica.

Rainforest Retreats

If you want an immersive experience of staying near the jungles of Costa Rica, you must book a hotel nestled in the lush rainforest of the country. The primary reason is that Costa Rica is home to howler monkeys, sea turtles, scarlet macaws, spider monkeys, red-eyed tree frogs, squirrel monkeys, jaguars, toucans, and other exotic animals. If you want to see these animals in their natural habitat, you must book a resort in the tropical rainforest. 

Some of these resorts arrange for horseback riding, hiking into the forest, and camping options for guests so that you can get a more immersive experience. For example, if you want to enjoy the lush jungles of Costa Rica, check out the resorts in Puerto Viejo.

Along with the dense forests and beaches, the town is known for its Jaguar rescue centers. If you want to see these animals firsthand, you must plan a visit to these centers. For nature lovers, it is a great place. Some of the things that you can do while staying in the rainforest retreats in Costa Rica are as follows:

El Silencio Lodge

El Silencio Lodge

It is the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the rainforest and the tropical beauty of Costa Rica. It is one of the best resorts in the region, nestled in the forest away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you stay in the resort, you can go for bird watching, ziplining, rappelling, horseback riding, waterfall hiking, and oxcart painting. It is one of the inclusive resorts that believes in staying in harmony with nature and its surroundings.

There are three waterfalls near the lodge, and you can go on a hummingbird trail to enjoy the microclimate at a higher altitude. It is a unique boutique hotel in one of the country’s best areas. If you do not want to step out but want to stay in the hotel and relax, then spend some time in the jacuzzi or the hot tub. You can spend the day relaxing with your friends and family in the hotel while enjoying the beautiful rainforest view outside your hotel room window.

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Hotel Arenal Lodge

Hotel Arenal Lodge

If you want to stay in a hotel that offers a stunning view of the rainforests and an outdoor play area, this hotel is for you. At the Arenal Lodge, you can enjoy an outdoor pool to relax with your family while seeing the lush green tropical forest. You will get exquisite views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake from the lodge.

The lodge is a popular destination for most tourists because it is located within 2,000 acres of rainforest filled with exotic birds, wild animals, and tropical vegetation. The lodge has an infinity pool, and the Volcano view from the collection is breathtaking. When you relax by the pool and look at the volcano, you will feel that the picture is straight out of the pages of a publication of National Geographic. 

When you check into the lodges or the hotels in the rainforest, the first thing that will cross your mind is what you can do during your stay there. You can discuss trips to the several national parks in Costa Rica with the personnel. 

You can visit the Tortuguero National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park from your lodges. The lodges arrange day trips to the national parks, and you can participate in them. However, select a hotel or a resort near the park if you want to visit one such national park.

When you check into a rainforest retreat, you will find that these hotels and lodges emphasize that they do not disturb the natural harmony surrounding the hotel. The best things about these hotels are that they do not pollute the surroundings, all items used in the retreats will be eco-friendly, and your food is sourced locally. All of this makes the experience of staying in a rainforest retreat even more perfect, immersive, and memorable.

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Beachside Bliss

Costa Rica is also known for its extensive beaches. If you check out the beachside resorts, you will find several on the Caribbean coast and some on the Pacific side. The Northern part consists of dry beaches filled with cacti and cannot be converted to beachfront property. When you think of beachside property, the first thing that will cross your mind is that it should be a short walk from the beach.

Costa Rica boasts white sand beaches with azure blue water and rip tides, making it ideal for water sports. You will find that the Gulf of Papagayo, Osa Peninsula, Drake Bay, and the Nicoya Peninsula boast some of the best white-sand beaches in the country. Some things you can expect from a beachside resort in Costa Rica are as follows.

The Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort

Enjoy fantastic beach views with family: The first thing you can expect when visiting the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica is the ocean views. The best ideas offered by the resort include that of the surrounding area. You can see the hotel’s swimming pool from your hotel room, and the beach is within walking distance from the collection. The high-ceiling windows and the expansive living spaces in the hotel offer beautiful views of the fantastic beaches.

This makes the Four Seasons Resort the best hotel in the region. If you want to enjoy a perfect evening walking on the beach or spend some family time catching a sunset on the beach, this can be the best hotel for you. This hotel offers everything from perfect views to various activities to entertain you and your family.

Thus, when you check into the hotel, you can be assured that it will be a memorable trip. The Four Seasons is in the Papagayo Peninsula of Costa Rica. The retreat’s location makes it ideal to be booked if you are looking for a hotel or a lodge to spend time with your family.

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Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon

Spend some time with your partner: If you plan to take your partner on a honeymoon and want to enjoy a luxurious stay offered by boutique hotels, check out the Casa Chameleon. It is a luxury hotel, and the resort’s main attraction is the private rooms. The hotel also boasts access to some of the best beaches in the South Pacific. Once you check into the resort, you can enjoy the site amenities and special treats like private plunge pools.

If you want to spend quality time with your partner while enjoying the luxury a beachfront property offers, then this is the place to be. You will find that the property offers exclusive views of the beach, and you can enjoy wonderful evening walks with your partner on the beach.

The entire atmosphere is tranquil and comfortable. Once you enter the resort, you will be greeted by a comforting and restful atmosphere. The blue waters of the sea are breathtaking, and you will find that it is one of the best places to relax and unwind.

If you plan to visit Costa Rica for its beaches, it is essential to plan your trip considering the activities you can do surrounding the sea. When you book a hotel or a retreat near the beach, check out if it allows you to participate in activities like snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving.

You will find these are some of the activities that you can enjoy with your family. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to be an ace swimmer to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. When you participate in such activities, you will have an unforgettable beachside experience.

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Volcano Magic

You must take advantage of the volcanoes and mountains among the several beautiful places you can visit in Costa Rica. The rainforests and the tropical forests often extend to the country’s mountains. The most crucial attraction of the mountains of Costa Rica is the Arenal Volcano. It is a spectacular sight and a cone-shaped mountain peak with trails reaching up to the extreme.

It will take you through picturesque valleys and see breathtaking waterfalls. During the hike, you can even catch glimpses of the wildlife native to Costa Rica. Following the trail, you can enjoy Costa Rica’s beauty without worrying about any untoward incident. Most tourists prefer to hike to the Arenal Mountaintop as it allows them to see the vegetation and the region’s animal life. 

 When you think of the beautiful places in Costa Rica where you can stay with your family, you cannot leave the mountain lodges, hotels, and cabins on the list. The primary reason for this is these cabins are designed to provide you with an exquisite experience of the place. When you stay in these hotels, you experience the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding nature.

At the same time, you can enjoy participating in sports such as ziplining, mountain climbing, paragliding, and other adrenaline-driven activities. If you are looking for adventure, you can also book a hotel in one of the mountains in Costa Rica. Here are some of the best places to stay in the mountain retreats of Costa Rica.

The Springs Resort

The Springs Resort

The Springs Resort is ideal if you want to stay at a place that offers exquisite views of Arenal Volcano. Several rooms in the hotel offer a direct view of the volcano. You can book one such room if you want the exclusive picture. Otherwise, you can book standard rooms that will give you clear views of the property.

The resort also offers spectacular views of natural hot springs. If you want to explore these places during your stay in the alternative, you can check with the concierge if you can arrange a trip to the hot springs. This can prove to be a memorable experience for you and your family.

Another unique feature of the resort is that it offers its guests the opportunity to try international and local cuisine. The Tree Tops Grill and the fine dining restaurant serves gourmet meals to guests. You can try different dishes and enjoy exquisite meals in the resort while you want spectacular views from the property.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge will allow you to enjoy mountains and forests. The lodge is designed to give you a chance to live near nature. As you go hiking on trails around the hills and the woods, you can see the exotic wildlife of Costa Rica.

The country’s mountains are known for their lush green rainforests, and when you go on the hikes, you can see nature in all its beauty. You can go bird-watching and experience the region’s biodiversity firsthand.

It is in the Bellbird Biological Corridor. The lodge itself is between Monteverde Reserve and the Santa Elena Reserve. What is unique about the resort is that it is built without disturbing the biodiversity or the natural elements around it. 

When looking for a mountain retreat, you must prioritize a few things, such as whether the retreat offers you facilities such as panoramic views from the hotel room, an option to enjoy local food, and the chance to participate in adventure sports. If you want to enjoy the outdoors in Costa Rica, you must opt for packages that allow you to participate in adventure sports like ziplining, trekking, and mountain climbing. This will make your trip not only complete but also memorable.

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Cultural Gems  

If you want to do something different while in Costa Rica, you must explore the country’s hidden gems. This would include trying to find unique places and retreats with something different to offer. For instance, visiting La Fortuna is essential to enjoy a quiet yet exotic stay in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna de San Carlos is a favorite spot for tourists who wish to avoid going on the beaten track during their trip to Costa Rica. La Fortuna is in the Northern Highlands of Costa Rica and is 2.5 hours from San Jose International Airport and 2.5 hours from Liberia’s international airport. La Fortuna is a cultural gem, as the town has many examples of rich Costa Rican culture. 

This is the place to be if you want to see the local Ticos carrying out their daily activities. You will find that the local markets thrive with the people making everyday purchases and shopping from the farmers’ markets. Costa Rican people are pretty laid back, and you will often see them enjoying each other’s company while shopping. You can usually find local Ticos relaxing on a park bench or having coffee. 

La Fortuna is also famous for its waterfalls. If you want adventure, you can plan a trip to the La Fortuna waterfalls. It is an excellent place to do waterfall rappelling and whitewater rafting.

Here, you can explore the rainforest canopy on a hanging bridge and fly through the sky on a zip line. La Fortuna can be a quaint town in Costa Rica, but it offers you the chance to participate in several adventure sports to ensure that your stay in the city is memorable. 

Just like La Fortuna, there is another town you can explore in Costa Rica: Santa Teresa in the Nicoya Peninsula. This beach town is quaint but beautiful. It is a cultural gem with several unique experiences for all tourists.

It is a beach town, but you can enjoy adventure sports like snorkeling scuba diving, and even check out the tide pools. Santa Teresa is also known for its Cabo Blanco Reserve, a famous tourist hiking spot. Some of the places that you can stay when you visit the two towns are as follows:

Casa Luna in La Fortuna

Casa Luna in La Fortuna

Casa Luna is one of the best budget hotels in La Fortuna. It offers you all the central hotel and spa facilities, and you can enjoy proximity to the hot springs. While staying in the hotel, you can even participate in adventure sports or try the local cuisine.

You must try the local cuisine in La Fortuna for a complete experience. There are over 100 restaurants in La Fortuna, and several offer regional cuisines. It would be best if you stepped out of the hotel and tried the local cuisine like gallo pinto and casados. It would make your experience of vacationing in Costa Rica complete. 

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Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge

If you are looking for secluded hotels that allow you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can check out this hotel. The Pacuare Lodge is a few kilometers from Santa Teresa and offers complete seclusion from society.

You can enjoy adventure sports, like ziplining and whitewater rafting. This lodge has 20 rooms overlooking the Pacuare River of Costa Rica. This luxury boutique hotel offers complete seclusion, access to spectacular natural beauty, and world-class food. 

Thus, if you are looking to explore the cultural gems of Costa Rica or understand the country’s culture, you must opt to visit the unfrequented towns of the country. This will make it easier for you to understand the beauty of this unique Central American nation. 

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Off-the-Grid Escapes

 Costa Rica is a country that has significant biodiversity. If you think about it, you will find that it is one such country that has a volcano, hot springs, waterfalls, exotic animals, beaches, rainforests, and a significant cultural heritage. If you want to experience the country, you can do it from several aspects.

One, you can visit Costa Rica to experience its biodiversity or even call to experience its beautiful beaches. However, several people visit Costa Rica to experience peace and serenity. 

If you do not wish to participate in adventure sports or do not want to go hiking on the trail but be at peace with nature, you must select a suitable place for lodging so that your stay in the country is undisturbed. You can opt for off-grid escapes in Costa Rica to remain detached from society.

Costa Rica has several secluded places that offer such charm. Even the capital city of San Jose has much to offer individuals looking for peace and serenity. Here are some escapes you can opt for during your stay in Costa Rica.

Finca Bellavista

Finca Bellavista

This is a quaint treehouse surrounded by 600 acres of magical rainforest. It is rented out to guests looking for peace and wanting to observe the Costa Rican rainforest’s biodiversity. You will get all the basic facilities in the treehouse, and everything here is built on eco-friendly terms.

There are a dozen such treehouses here, which are rented out to people at a nightly rate. Hiking trails and zip lines surround these treehouses.

Although you will remain isolated from civilization in these treehouses, you need not fear any untoward incident. There will always be help; the owners can help you manage any problem. You will get complete peace in these treehouses.

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Topo’s Treehouse

Topo’s Treehouse

These treehouses are built to keep the trees intact. This ensures that poison dart frogs, monkeys, sloths, and even toucans can sometimes enter the treehouses. This adds to the overall ambiance and appeal of the treehouse. Suppose you want to remain completely isolated from the world and see nature in all its beauty, then spend a night in this treehouse.

You will find that the animals are not afraid of your presence. Instead, they are curious, and you will soon forget about the outside world. However, this treehouse’s unique feature is that it is only 100 meters from the beach and some of the best restaurants. If you begin civilization too much, you can leave the treehouse and spend some time on the beach. 

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Treehouse Lodge 

Treehouse Lodge 

If you want exclusivity, peace, and quiet, Tree House Lodge is a 10-acre oceanfront ecolodge south of Puerto Viejo on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It remains a part of nature and offers all tourists complete peace.

You can detach yourself completely from the hustle and bustle of city life as it is completely isolated from the city and remains completely isolated. The Balinese-style villas are made of eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled wood. Thus, if you want to live in a place that supports sustainable living and offers a chance to go off-grid, this is one of the best options.

Costa Rica is a country full of diversities, offering all tourists different opportunities. If you are looking to have adventures, there are several options. Similarly, if you are looking for opportunities to enjoy some time with yourself, you will have equal opportunities for that as well.

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Costa Rica is a beautiful country with biodiversity and equally diverse places to stay. Just as you have expensive boutique hotels, you have lodges that fall well within your budget. When planning your trip to Costa Rica, you must select a hotel that meets your expectations and funding to be satisfied when you check into it. It is also important to remember that you will have to bear an extra cost when purchasing travel insurance and participating in adventure sports.

Costa Rica is a small country, but it will become hectic and expensive if you want to travel to all the major tourist spots in one trip. Hence, planning your trip and selecting the places you want to visit is best. Select the areas that you want to stay in Costa Rica carefully so that you and your family enjoy the trip and get a chance to relax with them.

Discover the Coolest Places to Stay in Costa Rica

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