One Big Announcement from Chris And Jas

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Big Announcement from Chris And Jas

We have an exciting big announcement that we want to share with you guys.

We are moving to Costa Rica indefinitely!

A little bit about Costa Rica. It is a small democratic republic in Central America. It’s sandwiched between Panama and Nicaragua.

It’s roughly the size of West Virginia. And fun fact, it has 800 miles of coastline between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

You’re probably wondering, “Why are they moving to Costa Rica?” Well, to be honest with you, we’ve been in Texas for about a decade, and we’re just itching for a change. Well, life is short, so why not?

Why Costa Rica, you may be thinking. Well, in 2019, we visited with our friends, and we fell in love with the country.

We’re excited about a simpler and healthier lifestyle overall. We’re also looking forward to the beach life! Some jungle and beautiful weather all year round.

Another thing we’re really excited about is we’re starting another blog! It’s called Blogging Money Life. In this blog, we’re going to be documenting our experiences and our whole adventure while we’re getting ready to go to Costa Rica and while we’re there.

As we realize our dreams through this new blog, we’ll also be teaching others how to do the same thing. We’ll be talking about blogging as well. 

We’re super excited about it, you guys! Follow our adventures. We’ll have more features and some more videos in the future for you guys.

One Big Announcement from Chris And Jas
One Big Announcement from Chris And Jas

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