7 of the Best Restaurants in Guatemala City

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7 of the Best Restaurants in Guatemala City

The capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City, is the largest city in Central America. It is also a center of attention for all the foodies around the globe. That is why so many people visit this area–the best restaurants in Guatemala City are world-renowned!

An absolute dream to visit the city if you are so into food and stuff. Wide range of cuisines, from traditional Guatemalan food to Italian to Asian and to the flavors of France; you will find all the mouth-watering dishes on the table. This city is not only about great historical places but also the best food places worth paying a visit to.

Pepian, tostadas, enchilada, and tapado are famous and traditional dishes of Guatemala. You will find all these dishes in various locations in Guatemala City. Also, Pepian is the oldest dish in this country, combining Spanish and Mayan cultures. You should try all these dishes during your stay in Guatemala. 

First-time travelers to Guatemala City have this one common question: What are some good restaurants where they find the best food? We will share a list of the best restaurants and cafes you can visit while staying in the city.

Do you want to know about those places? If yes, sit back and take some popcorn with you because it will be exciting. Narrowing down the seven restaurants out of so many is a tough job, but here we go.

These seven great restaurants are everything you want to know about, with great ambiance and fine dining. The best restaurant guide will start, where you will experience some of the best Guatemalan flavors.

Top Restaurants Overall in Guatemala City

We got you if you want to look at an overall picture of the restaurants. Some restaurants even get coverage from international bloggers. This section of the article will look at these pretty places with international menus and traditional Guatemalan cuisine.

Las Carnes de Rodrigo

For you, first on the list is Las Carnes de Rodrigo restaurant, one of the finest and top restaurants you will find in the city. Especially if you are someone who is into steak and stuff, then this is going to be counted in your favorite places.

Las Carnes de Rodrigo is owned by a family that has been running it for over 50 years. This restaurant aims to keep its tradition and uniqueness up to the mark and alive.

Although there are a variety of options on their menu, the specialty they own is a dish named Bistec Encebollado, which means an angry steak. This steak is served with onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos. That sounds delicious, right?

The cherry on top is that you will find the entire menu very reasonable, and it will not break your budget. Most people visiting this city for the first time find it a great and perfect place to dine in.

Tikka Masalaa

It sounds so much Asian, right? Well, it is an Asian dish name, and you will find it in one of the famous Indian restaurants in Guatemala city. Tikka Masala is an excellent place to deal with your spicy and no-spicy cravings.


They deal with veg and nonveg food and include all of their traditional spices with a combination of curry and masala. While using some local ingredients, it is one of the most popular restaurants in Guatemala city.

So now, you can hit this cool place anytime, if it is a Sunday brunch or your typical lunch. Because the delicious food and especially their main courses are a must try.

For some excellent and extra flavors, they also use their traditional spices and decorate their creativity so well that this new generation will take pictures of them for their social media.

All in all, it is so versatile that you are going to find the meat of chicken, goat, lamb, and fish. While they are offering some delicious sandwiches as well.

If You’d Like To Try Traditional Guatemalan Food

Now, I will talk to those food lovers who want to explore the culture and traditions of this area.

Cadejo Brewing Company Beerhouse & Grill

It is among those top restaurants in Guatemala City that offer good food, a great view, some tiny beautiful gardens, and a great ambiance. The good thing about this one we like the most is that it is two in one company. It is a cocktail bar or a beerhouse and a grill as well.

beer on tap

It doesn’t only offer you local cuisine, but also you can have Chinese food and Italian food there. However, they are best known for their cultural food. The most appealing and tasty appetizer is ceviche and jalapeno garlic shrimp; a seafood risotto or mushroom pasta is the best option for the main course.

You should go for breakfast there if you want to taste the real Guatemala taste. This tiny restaurant has gained so much popularity among people for its tasty food and the excellent service they provide. The staff of Cadejo is very friendly and excellent.

This popular restaurant stays open from 8 am morning till midnight. If you are a food blogger, we must say that it is an excellent place to take beautiful photos.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Guatemala city has many places where you enjoy local flavors and fine interiors. We will tell you about some of the most exciting new restaurants with a fine dining experience.

Dora la Tostadora

Dora la tostadora is a fantastic place with a great culinary experience with good service. You will find some perfect combinations of flavors in this small restaurant.

Dora la Tostadora

The main dining room is cozy and has a great ambiance. Tostadas and fresh fish is the best option to choose from here. Although the place can be a little expensive, the taste worth the money.

This is the perfect place for small family or friends events. Dora also has some vegan options on the menu. 

Flor de Lis

Flor di Lis is located in the city center. It is a fine-dining restaurant with some delicious dishes. The restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy with your family and friends.

flor de Lis

What makes this restaurant great is how they serve the creative dishes beautifully. Their executive chef is highly trained in decorating and serving the food.

A famous new dish of this restaurant is Alfombra, made with spices and candy. An interesting thing about this restaurant is every dish is served by a chef, and you will enjoy every minute of it.

You can also enjoy new dishes with modern elements specially made by their chef. We guarantee you an incredible night here with a unique experience.

Fun Cocktail Bars

If you like the grove and are an absolute fan of crazy nightlife, then you are in the correct city. You just do not get fooled by the boring daily life of it. Whether you want to get a sober glass of wine with your office mates or get high with your local friends, there are plenty of options for cocktail bars in Guatemala city.

One common and great thing about them is that they are so versatile that they offer you multiple options. Chilling and partying all night will give you fantastic nightlife after one bust and tiresome day at work.

It was hard for us to narrow down the best cocktail bars. But here we will tell you the central city’s best and most popular ones. So, let’s get into it.

Tabacos y Vinos

This tiny piece of art is adjacent to the famous Santa Catalina arch. Initially, it was not the attention of the tourists, but as time passed, people learned about this marvelous place. It would not be wrong to say this place is a hidden gem of Guatemala. Although we agree that the venue is small, it offers you everything you need to have a fun nightlife.

wine flight

Besides, the best thing about this one is that you will not find any other better wine collection than this one in the entire city. And you know, every glass in this bar will be less expensive than the one you bought.

The ambiance of Tabacos y Vinos is so relaxed that you will immediately fall in love with this place. You can also enjoy some live music there. This nifty little place is all you need to consider if you plan a casual date night with someone special.

Lucky Rabbit

The next one I will bring about is one of the game changers if you are a crazy fan of night partying. The young crowd is giving you a guarantee to have the best night of your life.

ladies with drinks

The buzzing atmosphere of this bar, the game selection, the ambiance, and the tables full of a unique collection of wines, is something you are missing by not going to this place if you are visiting the great city of Guatemala.

They do not only offer you a unique collection of good wine but also a unique collection of fantastic music. One thing we like the most about this place is that they offer different spaces for both partying and chilling.

Rave, Anyone?

The good thing is that Lucky Rabbit has introduced a rave area for their crazy crowd where you can party all night. However, usually, the bar gets closed by 1 am, just like other bars in the city.

Lucky Rabbit offers you everything from high to low prices. But most items on the menu are going to be economical for you.

All you need to do is consider this bar next time when celebrating your promotion with your friends and colleagues. Because we see only the best options that are better than a lucky rabbit in Guatemala city.

Delicious Street Food

If you are a street food lover in Guatemala City, then you are in the right place to choose your options. This is because we will tell you all the things and places you need to know about street food in this city. You should try the local cuisine, and you will get it in its most local form on the streets.

It strengthens your relationship with the culture of this city when you get your hands on street foods. Here is the list of some of the most delicious street foods of Guatemala city that you are in dire need of trying.


First on the list and a favorite local dish is pupusas which are thick tortillas stuffed with so much corn in them. Corn is not the only ingredient; it has cheese, refried beans, and cooked pork.


The pupusas are then served with salsa, marinated cabbage, and tomatoes. You need to try pupusas if you are hungry and a vegetable lover. You will find corn in most of the street foods of this city as it is an essential part of their diet, and they use it quite often.

Corn Tamales

Corn Tamales are not the ordinary ones you will find in Guatemala City. But they have something unique, and that is their taste of them.

They are made with a corn flour base using ancient local recipes. Just like pupusas, Corn tamales are also stuffed with corn, as the name says. But tomato sauce or salsa is not served with them.

Some people love tamales, but some are not big fans of them. But you are going to find these tamales almost everywhere in the city.


If you are interested in the literal meaning of it, then let us tell you it means a bit filling. Rellenos are boiled plantains, sometimes fried as well, that comes with the stuffing of black beans or cheese.


You must be thinking how sweet plantains can go with savory black beans but take my words, this little stuffed thing is so much more delicious with this combo as these two things are commonly used in breakfast, so you can have Rellenitos in breakfast as well as any time you want.

One good thing about this little filling is that it is the most incredible option for you if you are a vegetarian. So what are you waiting for? Go find yourself some street foods like this.

Chicken Pepian

Chicken Pepian is one spicy dish that is the fusion of two cultures, Maya and Spanish. Also, it is one of the oldest dishes in this Guatemala city. This is only made with fried chicken and sometimes beef.

So, if you are not a chicken fan, you can also try the beef one. It is entirely up to your choice either you can eat this dish with rice or with tortillas. You will enjoy both combinations.

Caldo de Res

Caldo de Res is one of the most famous soups in Guatemala City. Also, it would not be wrong to say that it is one of the most consumed dishes in the locality. This dish is similar to one of the famous dishes of Antigua Guatemala culture, puchero.

Both are made up of beef broth and veggies that include carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and any other vegetable you choose. You will find it in almost all the traditional restaurants in this area.

Goat Milk

One unique experience on the streets of Guatemala City is goat milk. You will find a guy with goats who will take the fresh milk out and serve you in a plastic glass.

You must try all of the street food dishes we mentioned. We know that you are going to love all of them.

You must watch this video to learn more about Guatemala City Street Food:

Visit the Local Market

Another thing you need to explore for food is the local markets of Guatemala City, where you will find fresh fruits, vegetables, and food stalls where you will find all the traditional foods.

You will find all the best food full of taste in Guatemala City’s local market. Some fresh fruit is only found in Guatemala’s local markets and is also a must-try.

Some soups like Caldos are unique to this city and can be easily found in the local markets of Guatemala. Another noteworthy thing that you are in dire need of trying is stuffed chilies which are wrapped in egg batter.

Churrasco is yet another exciting dish for those who like to eat grilled chicken and steak. You will find all these mouth-watering dishes in the local markets of your favorite Guatemala City.

Finish Up With the Best Coffee Shops

Coffee is one of the best-known beverages in Guatemala City. Farmers’ hard work pays off when this city’s coffee shops stand out every time against all the coffee shops in Central America.

The rich fertile soil of this city makes the coffee much more delicious. Also, the coffee shops here have their unique vibes.

This is a short list of some of the most famous coffee shops in this city that you will love.

Artista de Cafe

Artista de Cafe is an absolute gem of the place in Guatemala City. It is all in one place with a coffee on point. This cute cafe is just like a paradise kind of space.


There is space inside and outside so you can easily relax, sit back, and read your favorite book. Artista de Cafe is one of the best places in the city to leave behind your worries and take a break from the world’s hustle.

Cafe Estudio

Next on the list is no other than Cafe Estudio. You will not need to go on the looks this time because you will get every pocket-friendly coffee here. Not only the coffee but also the very delicious breakfast with free wifi.

It has a rooftop where you enjoy the best views and chill and relaxes with your friends. But the plus point will be given to the ground floor with nice tables and great lighting while having a decent cup of coffee.

Fernando Kaffee

Lastly, Fernando Kaffee is a fantastic place that is more like a chocolate factory and coffee roastery. The thing that attracts the most tourist is the beautiful garden inside the cafe and the inner courtyard.


After a hectic day, you can stop there to relax because it is a peaceful place to sit and read your favorite novel. Besides, if you like chocolate so much, this cafe is totally for you because Fernando Kaffee offers us handmade chocolate.

It is a great place to sit, enjoy views, and relax while having a cup of delicious creamy coffee. This place is best for hanging out with your friends and family.

Wrapping Up

Flor de Lis, Dora la Tostadora, Gracia Cocina de Autor, and the art gallery restaurant of Alexander Ferrar are some of the other best Guatemalan restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Guatemalan dishes. You have no idea which one will be your next favorite restaurant.

We have discussed all the aspects you need to know as a traveler and food enthusiast new to Guatemala City. This article explores and recommends the best cafes, restaurants, street food, and local markets.

All of the above places have their vibes and uniqueness with great food. If you have time and budget, we recommend you visit all the recommended places. In this city, you will find almost every cuisine that satisfies your taste buds. Do pay a visit to them and share your experience with us.

That is not it; the coffee shops and cocktail bars that provide the best service, good food, coffee, and wine are hard to find. However, we have made this deal a little easy for you.

If your taste buds crave local and traditional food, this article will significantly help you. All you need to do is to read it from top to bottom and keep the place in your mind for future visits.

7 of the Best Restaurants in Guatemala City

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