9 of the Best Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress in 2024

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9 of the Best Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress in 2023

Every WordPress website owner needs a Google Analytics Plugin to track every activity on the website. Google Analytics is a free software by Google to analyze traffic, engagement, conversion, and much more data on websites.

It is an excellent tool for tracking data insights like real-time traffic, the number of monthly visitors, bounce rate, page views, user engagement time, engagement rate, user demographics, and conversion rate. Above all, it allows you to analyze and then improve your WordPress site performance accordingly.

You can link your website with Google Analytics by adding a tracking code on your website and can see all data directly on the Google analytics platform. However, it can sometimes be exhausting to jump between different tabs.

So, you can install a plugin on your WordPress website and directly access the data from the WordPress dashboard. It can be more convenient to analyze data without worrying about logging into your Google Analytics account.

There are many WordPress plugins that you can use to analyze the analytics data. However, we will share some of the best free and paid plugins to attach Google Analytics to your website. These plugins are safe to install and easy to update. Moreover, they will provide you with accurate data directly on the backend of your website.

Here are the 9 best WordPress Google Analytics plugins with every detail you need to know. So, take advantage of this list because these plugins will help you grow your website.

#1: MonsterInsights


With over 3 million active users and above 4.6-star ratings, MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin. It shows you everything you need to improve your website’s traffic. The good thing is that MonsterInsight is a free plugin to download and install on your WordPress site.

However, the free version of this plugin is suitable for analyzing the basic stats. But if you need advance tracking, you must buy the premium version of MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights is the easiest and most efficient way to track Google Analytics data in your WordPress dashboard. Above all, downloading this plugin is effortless. You just have to search the plugin name, hit the install button, and activate it without handling a single line of code.

Using MonsterInsights is super easy to use for a website owner. It is specially designed to quickly understand the data in graphical form. Users can see how visitors interact with their content because it shows your website’s popular pages or posts.

Also, it shows the average time a visitor spends on the website and on a specific page. After analyzing the traffic behavior on MonsterInsights, you can improve your low-performing content and make it more engaging. Ultimately, it will help you increase website traffic and generate more revenue.

If you have a Woocommerce store on WordPress, then the MonsterInsights plugin will significantly help you. It will show the data which is most beneficial for your e-commerce business.

The eCommerce section shows order values, conversion rates, total revenue, and more. Also, it offers you advertising campaign insights and helps you to choose your winning product for the next marketing campaign.

MonsterInsights is the most powerful tool to track data on any WordPress website.

#2: ExactMetrics


ExactMetrics is another excellent plugin on WordPress for Google Analytics integration. You can add this plugin with just one click without hiring a web developer. With over 1million+ downloads, this is a good option for tracking your website’s metrics.

ExactMetrics goes beyond your expectations with advanced features and an interactive user interface design. This plugin is developed for bloggers, eCommerce business owners, small agencies, and big business websites. This will be a great tool to inspect data and improve your website performance if you own any website.

This analytics plugin shows you live traffic, page views, page sessions, bounce rate, and more. Moreover, it is great for analyzing your e-commerce website performance. It shows everything you need to grow your online store, including conversion rate, best-selling product, transaction values, and total revenue.

Above all, you can attach ExactMetrics with Universal Analytics and the latest Google Analytics 4 at the same time. It will allow you to analyze the diverse forms of data directly on the WordPress dashboard.

You can enjoy its free version. But if you want to explore more advanced features, you should buy the pro version of ExactMetrics, which starts from only $100 per year.

#3: Analytify


Analytify is one of the best plugins in WordPress for Google Analytics. With over 4.7 star ratings out of 5, it is the most favorite plugin of WordPress users. Its modern, user-friendly interface shows you valuable insights, including website traffic, top pages, traffic sources, number of visitors, and almost every metric you need to track.

Analytify makes eCommerce tracking easy for you. With Analytify add-ons, you can easily attach it to Woocommerce to track real-time stats of your store website. You can efficiently track your top-performing product, average order value, current revenue, and live transaction value.

Analytify also allows you to analyze data for a specific time frame. You can set a date range and compare the data with your current site’s performance. So, this powerful feature assists you in making a smart strategy for your future business growth.

With other add-ons in this plugin, you can enjoy additional features, including social media tracking, email reports, forms tracking, and affiliate link tracking. Moreover, you can generate custom reports using Analytify.

To enjoy more robust features, a paid version of Analytify is available on the website. Otherwise, you can start tracking analytics with the free version.

#4: Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced ECommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced E-commerce Google Analytics Plugin is specially developed to access e-commerce website analytics. It is the best way to analyze the performance of your products and make an effective marketing strategy based on real-time statistics.

With an average rating of 4.5, this is the best plugin to track important data of your online store website on WordPress. You can integrate it with your Wocommerce easily. It will track everything that is needed to grow your business.

With Enhanced E-commerce Plugin, you can inspect eCommerce data like product sales, revenue, link clicks, order confirmation, and more. In addition, you can integrate Meta, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Microsoft ads pixels with this plugin.

So, it helps you monitor different eCommerce custom events for your marketing campaigns within the WordPress admin area. Moreover, you can use this data for your retargeting campaigns and increase your product sales.

You can easily download and install the free version of the Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics plugin on the WordPress website. However, like other plugins, you must buy the premium version to enjoy your website’s advanced and detailed insights.

#5: Google Analytics by 10Web


10Web is one of the best Google Analytics WordPress plugins, allowing you to analyze valuable data on your website. With an overall 4.5 rating, this plugin is safe plugin to use. It is developed keeping in mind the best user experience.

Installing Google Analytics by 10Web is super easy. You have to download and install it on your WordPress website without trouble. Moreover, it provides a convenient way to visualize data through graphs. So, it is easy to understand user behavior by reading the charts and graphs.

The best part is you can download Google Analytics reports that help you compare data in different time frames. Also, it tells you the popular posts where most website visitors are landing via different traffic sources. Moreover, it shows you the popular keywords generating high traffic from search engines.

10Web Analytics also comes in a premium paid version. However, before using it, you must check the compatibility of this plugin with your current WordPress version.

#6: GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is the most efficient way to connect Google Analytics service to your website. With over 600,000+ downloads and a 4.9-star rating, it is one of the best WordPress analytics plugins. Also, it is the most secure and safe way for data tracking on your website.

Using this plugin is simple. You have to paste the google analytics code in the header and footer. For this reason, the GA Google Analytics plugin keeps your WordPress website fast and enhances user experience.

GA Google Analytics’ best features include the following:

  • Easy-to-use.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Tracking setup on specific pages.
  • Enhanced link attribution.
  • Blocking admins’ IP addresses.

So, if you want your website to be smooth for visitors while tracking them, the best option is GA Analytics.

Similar to other plugins, the pro version of this plugin is also available. However, the free version has many features you can use to monitor data.

#7: WP Statistics 

WP Statistics

WP Statistics is one of the best WordPress plugins to track Google analytics data. With over 600,000k users, WP Statistics is a popular plugin among WordPress users which allows you to track the visitor’s activity directly on the backend dashboard.

Using WP Statistics is quite simple as well as efficient. It provides you with every important information regarding your website’s performance. After installing this plugin, you can track website visitors, user demographics, top 10 popular pages/posts, top referrers links, and email reports. Moreover, it shows the top categories and tags on your website.

WP Statistics also has a free version to install on your site and start tracking the data. However, you must buy the premium plugin to monitor the advanced Google analytics.

#8: WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics Events

WP Google Analytics can be your next favorite analytics tool. Like GA Google analytics, this plugin is also designed to give you complete control over your WordPress website data.

With the above 4.5 star rating, every user finds it wonderful and easy to use. Integrating this plugin with your WordPress site is easy. You have to put the GA identifier code in it, and it will start working without interruption.

The unique attribute of WP Google Analytics Events is that it can track every type of event on your website. If you have set up event tracking on your website, it will show data when visitors interact with your content. Page views, link clicks, and page scrolling are some of the events which can be tracked using this analytics plugin.

Some additional features of this plugin are link monitoring, tracking call-to-action buttons, and contact form submission tracking.

Nowadays, it is not enough to only track page views or clicks. To beat your competitor, you must track everything on your website. For this reason, this can be one of the best analytics tools for your website.

#9: Matomo

Matomo Analytics

Lastly, Matoma is another amazing plugin to view real-time Analytics data directly on the WordPress dashboard. This plugin is an alternative to Google Analytics to view a website’s audience data. Moreover, it is secure to use and protects your visitor’s privacy.

Matomo comes with a 21-day free cloud trial without adding any payment method. To install this plugin, copy a tracking code and paste it on your website. After this, your website will be ready to show real-time data statistics.

Using Motamo allows you to integrate all your tracking into the WordPress dashboard. Moreover, you can monitor visitors’ interaction with your content, understand user demographics, and find top-performing keywords on your website.

Above all, one amazing feature of Matomo is that if you were using Google Analytics before, you could easily import all the past data into Motamo. So, if you want your data safe and secure, choose Motamo’s premium version.

To know more about how these plugins work and what other features they have, you can watch this YouTube video:

Wrapping Up

Tracking the data of your customers will be crucial for your business’s growth. If you do it right, you can improve your marketing strategy and make your campaigns more effective. Moreover, you can easily beat your competitors if you have more data to analyze, making your business more profitable.

There are many other analytics plugins on WordPress. However, we have shared the list of the best Google Analytics plugins with you. These 9 plugins have powerful features with detailed information for growing online businesses. If you use one plugin from any of these, you will need no other tool to track data on your WordPress website.

One thing to remember here is that you should choose only one plugin to integrate with your website. Because it can slow down your site speed if you install extra plugins, go with one and choose the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics.

9 of the Best Google Analytics Plugins For WordPress in 2023

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