7 of the Best Blogging Sites To Make Money

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7 of the Best Blogging Sites To Make Money

Want to know the best blogging sites to make money? In this article, I am detailing it all.

Blogging is the best way to make passive online income. With increasing inflation worldwide, you can not only depend on your regular job to pay your bills. There are many options to earn money online by making a little effort. If you love to write, starting a blog that makes you extra income is the best option.

You can start a blog for free. However, there are limitations to creating a free blog. One of the limitations is that you cannot monetize your blog. Moreover, managing a free blog will take a lot of work.

Before starting a blog, you should remember that earning money from a blog takes time. So stay consistent and keep posting new content on the blog website, which adds value to people’s lives.

The first step in making money from a blog is to pick a specific topic on which you build the website. Then you buy a domain name and a hosting plan to post niche-related content regularly. Gradually your blog posts start ranking in search engines on different keywords and generate traffic to the website. When your blog gets a good amount of traffic, you can monetize it in various ways.

We will share some of the most popular sites to make money with your blogging website. Of course, building a successful blog website will make great money through it. But you must maintain quality content, keep your blog technically updated, and keep posting new content.

Here is the list of the best sites to make money with blogging.

Sponsored Post Sites

The Ultimate List Of Companies That Pay You To Blog

Earning money with sponsored post sites is excellent for bloggers. If you own a blog and generate a good amount of traffic, you can accept sponsored posts related to the niche. Then different brands will use your traffic to promote their products through a blog post to their target audience.

Many sites allow you to sign up on their platform and pay you to promote their products or services from your blog. We have combined a list of 150 sponsored post sites that make you money with blogging.

If you are looking for the best sites to find sponsored post opportunities, check out our list of 150 Sponsored Post Networks below.

Claim your free list of 150 Sponsored Post networks

Downloading this list is a great way to get started with sponsored posts and affiliate links in your content.

How do I sign up for sponsored post websites using this sheet?

First, you must sign up using your Gmail account or whatever email address you use for blogging. Afterward, you will receive an email in your inbox with a link to download the file of 150 sponsored post platforms.

You will find a complete influencer network list in the file in which. Next, you must click each link and sign up on every platform. After signing up, set up the profile according to your blog niche. Moreover, in the location column of the list, you can see the country to which each program belongs.

When you become part of these influencer networks, you can now search each website where brands and businesses pay you to promote their product or service on your blog. You also get paid for each endorsement you post on your blogging website or social media channel as a sponsored post.

Remember that your blog should have many visitors who find your content helpful. If your blog is new, there may be fewer opportunities since brands spell out precisely what they are looking for in blogging partners. But if you are close in numbers, it is still worth applying as you never know if they are having difficulty finding the target list of bloggers.

Blogging Money Update: A shortcut to getting more sponsored post opportunities

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You’ll receive three weekly emails—Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There are also bonus emails and helpful content from time to time. In addition, you’ll receive anywhere from 10-15 sponsored opportunities in each email.

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Online Courses and Tools

We will share some online courses to help you make money from your blog. These courses have everything you need to know whether you are a beginner or a professional blogger.

Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit

SPonsored Post Pricing Toolkit Logo

If you run a blog with good traffic, you can earn money with your blog posts, email lists, social media shares, and video content. Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit is a guideline for approaching brands and making money from sponsored content.

The first valuable resource in this toolkit is Sponsored Post Pricing Calculator. Using this tool, you can calculate a reasonable price that you can offer to different brands for posting branded content on your blog. First, of course, you have to attach your blog and social media insights to this tool, which will calculate a fair price to quote in your pitch to businesses.

Moving forward, you will get a full video tutorial in which you will learn professional pitching techniques. You will learn how to use data from Pricing Calculator and send a converting proposal to the brands. Also, you will get a quality Brand Proposal Template which you can customize and use to pitch brands. Moreover, there will be a “Work with me” page template for your blog so that brands can see you are ready to collaborate.

All these resources have worth $300. However, with lifetime access, you will get the Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit for only $27. So, if you want to earn money from your blogging website, get this toolkit now.

Sign up for the Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit Here.

Blogging Money Formula

Blogging Money Formula Logo

Blogging Money Formula is a master course on monetizing your blog site. It is online training in which you learn all the possible ways to earn money from your blog. So if you have tried everything, including advertising or affiliate links, and are still not getting results. This course teaches you to make money from your valuable content.

In this course, we will teach you to do personal branding as a professional blogger, apply for sponsored posts, build relationships with brands and companies, create high-quality content for your blog, and get traffic on the blog. Moreover, there will be lessons on properly setting up your blog so that brands can contact you for collaborations.

Above all, you will get bonuses without paying extra for the course. These bonuses include monthly Q&A sessions with Jasmine, Instagram growth training, and training on increasing social media traffic on the blog. Moreover, you will learn how to make a proper schedule to consistently post content on your blog.

Blogging Money Formula is the best online course for new and experienced bloggers.

So, join this master course and start your online money-making journey from your blogging website.

Sign up for Blogging Money Formula here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Logo

Monetizing your blog with affiliate programs is another way to earn money from a blogging website. Bloggers sign up with different affiliate programs and promote products through their content. However, it is sometimes frustrating to get results from your affiliate links. For this reason, we bring you a complete course on making money from your blog with affiliate marketing.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a complete course on earning thousands of dollars monthly through affiliate commissions. This course teaches you everything about affiliate marketing from beginner level to advance. Moreover, you will learn a complete affiliate marketing strategy to apply and earn a lot of money from your blog.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing has started six learning modules that teach you what affiliate marketing is and how to get high sales commissions from your blog. Moreover, you will learn how to craft an actionable strategy and execute it successfully to earn thousands of dollars from a blogging site.

Apart from learning about affiliate marketing, you will also get bonuses in this course. These bonuses include enrolling in the Facebook Mastermind Group, where you can ask any question from experienced professionals if you face any problem. Also, there will be a free Group Coaching Session to ask questions directly from the course trainer, Michelle. This session will be held on Saturdays twice a month, known as “Ask Michelle Saturday.”

You will also learn to drive traffic from Pinterest, create viral content, maximize revenue using Facebook advertising, and protect your blog data.

From a new blogger to an experienced one, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is for everyone. We highly recommend this course if you want to make high passive income from your Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress blog.

Get Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Here

FREE SEMRush Academy

SEMRush Logo

SEMrush Academy is the best platform to learn marketing for free and make money from your blogging sites. There are many courses, including content marketing, Advance Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Advertising.

If you are a freelance writer and want to start a profitable blog, SEMrush Academy is the best free platform that offers advanced courses by industry experts.

An SEO course is a must-learn for a blogger that will enable you to earn money from your blogging website. From choosing a content management system for your blog to ranking it on search engines, you will learn everything from top marketing experts worldwide.

If you want to start a career in online earning, start with the Fundamental of Content Marketing course. In this course, you will learn the basics of content marketing and how you can build your business using different online channels. Moreover, you will explore more online revenue streams, which will help you become financially independent.

After knowing the fundamentals of content marketing, the next step is to enroll in an SEO course essential to run a blog successfully. Learn On-page, off-page, and Technical SEO thoroughly. Also, some other advanced SEO courses are offered by SEMrush Academy for free. GA4 for SEO, Backlink Management Course, Local SEO Course, and SEMrush Site Audit are some courses in which you can enroll for free to learn advanced skills.

Sign up for SEMRush Academy

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche logo

New bloggers always need help getting traffic at the beginning of blog creation. You should have a Pinterest business account if you are starting a new blog. All you need to do is to create pins regularly and paste your blog post link in the plug. So when someone clicks on your hook, he will redirect to your blog post on your website.

To build a great audience with Pinterest, you should know all the aspects of Pinterest and how to use it in the best way to promote your blog. For this reason, we bring the best course to learn Pinterest. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a complete course in which you will learn how to drive many relevant visitors to your blogging website.

Starting Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course, you will learn to create a Pinterest SEO strategy. With Pinterest SEO strategy, you will learn to optimize your Pinterest profile. It will improve the visibility of your Pins in the search option on Pinterest, and people will find your pins on the top when they search for a specific keyword.

Great content is necessary to get visitors’ attention and drive traffic to your blog. So, the next step in this course is to teach you how to create viral content on Pinterest. If your content is unique, it will stand out, and people will click on your pins to visit the website.

In the third module, you will learn how to get more clicks on your pins. After optimizing your nails, a great and eye-catchy pin design grabs visitors’ attention on Pinterest. So, they will click on hooks, and traffic will increase on your website. Moreover, you will learn to schedule pins and automate content posting.

After learning everything about pin SEO, designs, and posting, you should know to analyze data in analytics. You will learn how to use analytics to track your progress. It will enable you to discover what content works for you on Pinterest and what does not. So you can produce more result-oriented content to grow your online business.

Above all, you will learn how to increase your email subscribers with Pinterest. You need an email list of your desired customers to easily convert them through email marketing. Therefore, you will learn valuable techniques to apply on your Pinterest so that more people subscribe to your email newsletter and you generate more traffic on your website.

In Pinterest Traffic Avalanche, you will also get three bonuses completely free. Worksheets and Checklists, Ninja Secret Bonus Lessons, and Community Support Group Access are bonuses you can enjoy with other learning modules. Moreover, you will get lifetime access to all the resources included in the course.

The Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course is for new bloggers and online store owners if they have a blog attached to it. Get the system in one or two payments monthly plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get Pinterest Traffic Avalanche here

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to monetize your blog to make extra passive income. Whether it is physical or digital products, you can promote them to earn a commission on every sale through your affiliate link. Of course, you have to choose a good blog name, a custom domain, and web hosting to start your affiliate blog and earn good money with blogging.

You can register and start generating good money with many affiliate programs. We will share the two best affiliate marketing sites where you can register for their affiliate programs. After signing up, you must promote their products on your website, and every time someone buys from your link, you will get a commission.

Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles Logo

Ultimate Bundles is a website that offers eBooks, online courses, and other digital services and products at huge discounted prices. It also has an affiliate program where you can sign up to promote digital products, services, and websites to earn money on every sale via your affiliate link. Moreover, you will also get cash prices if someone purchases Ultimate Bundles.

When signing up for Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program, you should provide every required detail correctly. Otherwise, if your application gets rejected, you will not be able to know the reason or question the cause of the rejection.

After successfully registering, Ultimate Bundles will provide you with an Affiliate Code valid for the next 30 days. Using this code, they will track sales you promote on your website, social media accounts, and other digital channels. Remember to use the same code provided by Ultimate Bundles; otherwise, your sales will not be tracked, and you will not get the commission or cash prize.

When a sale is tracked through your affiliate code, you will get a commission in your PayPal account within 11 days of a successful purchase transaction. However, you will not receive the payment if the customer returns or gets the refund.

Your account will be suspended in case of any illegal or fraudulent activity against the terms and conditions of the Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Program. So, be careful with any marketing activity you make to promote the affiliate products of Ultimate Bundles.

Apart from promoting these digital products through SEO of your website and ranking in Google search, you can run PPC campaigns to increase sales on your affiliate links. However, remember to read all the instructions before running an advertising campaign.

Ultimate Bundles Affiliates get a 40% commission on every sale through their unique affiliate code or link. Moreover, if your Digital product gets accepted on this platform, you will get a 70% commission. So, if you have an eBook, a membership site, a video, or audio, start promoting it on Ultimate Bundles to earn a significant amount of money.

Sign up for Ultimate Bundles here.


Shareasale Logo

ShareASale is an affiliate program that connects online merchants with over 241,000 affiliate partners. This program helps online brand owners to promote their products through affiliate marketing and increase sales revenue. So, if you are a blogger, influencer, or content creator, sign up with ShareASale to earn commission by promoting the brand’s products on any digital platform, increasing your online earnings.

ShareASale is the best affiliate program because of its ease of use and outstanding profit share with brands. The good thing about this affiliate program is that you can easily monetize any blog’s niche to promote the affiliate products. Moreover, finding a relevant brand is easy; they become affiliates to promote their products.

There are thousands of top-notch brands registered with ShareASale. First, sign up with their affiliate program and choose the relevant brand to promote through your affiliate links. The search option of this platform is smartly designed.

You can search for any brand that aligns with your blog niche. It has many filters, popular search options, and a marketing calendar to keep an eye on upcoming events or festivals.

ShareASale gives you total control over your affiliate sales by giving you great tools to track the performance of affiliate links. For example, you can easily track which merchant performs better than the other and when to replace it with another brand’s affiliate link. Moreover, you can track your sales revenue within the platform’s dashboard.

You must go through three main steps to earn with the ShareASale affiliate program. The first step is to signup with their affiliate program and chooses a relevant brand to promote. After registering, you must create content to market the product on your blogging website or through a video.

There are plenty of tools on ShareASale that you can use to select the product and start promoting it on your blog. Ultimately, you must build a long-term relationship with brands and regularly track your income.

Affiliate API, Aff-track Report, Product Discovery Bookmarklet, and Custom Link Tool are some fantastic tools ShareASale offers to enhance your affiliate efforts.

This is the right time to sign up because ShareASale is the best choice for affiliate marketing if you are a blog owner or a digital content creator.

Sign up for Shareasale here.

Advertising Networks

Advertising is another great way to monetize your website. For example, if you are a blogger and receive good traffic on your blog, sign up with an advertising network to earn a good amount of money. These platforms use your website’s space to display ads that different businesses pay them to run advertising campaigns.

So, when a visitor clicks on an ad on your website, you receive a specific percentage of the amount. Moreover, you will also receive money based on per thousand impressions.

You can register your website and earn money through many advertising networks. First, however, we will tell you the best platforms to generate much passive income from blogging.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense Logo

Google Adsense is the most famous advertising platform in the digital world. A lot of people use Adsense to make money with their websites. We will tell you how Adsense works and how to earn money from this advertising network.

Businesses that want to promote their products or services online pay Google to run advertising campaigns. Google uses millions of website spaces to display ads and charges them accordingly. In return for using your website’s space, you earn money through the Google Adsense program.

If you are a blogger, you can start earning money monetizing your content with Google Adsense. You need a Google account, phone number, correct postal address, and a website. When you sign up with Google Adsense, you have to paste a code into your website and set up where to show ads on your website.

Google Adsense revenue depends on the type of website you have. You only need great content that can rank on Google to drive massive traffic to your website and earn a good amount with Google Adsense. Whether you have a simple WordPress site, news website, Forums, Personal blogs, or niche social networks, all are eligible to apply for the Google Adsense platform and earn passive income from your content.

Google Adsense has some strict policies for monetization, and your website can only be accepted if you follow the guidelines. Starting with the most important aspect, your website’s user experience should be top-notch. When visitors visit your website, they find it unique and well-designed. We recommend you use the best blogging platform, WordPress, to create your website.

Are many free themes for designing an interactive and user-friendly website. If your website user experience is not good, there are chances that Adsense will reject your application. Besides an excellent user experience, your blog content should align with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Your website should not have any prohibited content or promote illegal products.

An essential aspect before applying for the Google Adsense Platform is to have a clear privacy policy on the website. For this reason, a proper privacy policy page should be on the site. This page typically explains the protection of visitors’ data using tools like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and other tracking services. If your website fulfills every requirement, you can apply for Adsense and earn money through blogging.

Some people think that Google Adsense is only for monetizing your text-based website. However, you can also make unique videos on your Youtube channel to earn money from your content. There are some requirements for a Youtube channel to fulfill to get approved by the Adsense advertising platform. So, follow all the needs and avoid any violation to monetize a youtube channel with Adsense.


Ezoic logo

Ezoic is a certified Google Publishing Partner, a widely used website advertising platform. Around 10,000+ website owners use Ezoic to monetize their content and earn money. For example, you can register your blog with Ezoic to monetize your audience while earning good revenue with display advertising.

Ezoic works on an artificial intelligence algorithm that displays ads relevant to visitors. Moreover, Ezoic ads are compatible with every type of website, which enhances the user experience, grows traffic, and increases revenue.

Starting with Ezoic is simple and easy. First, you create an account with Ezoic without needing a credit card or contract. After signing up, you can integrate your website with Ezoic. Finally, after successfully integrating your website with this advertising platform, you can configure the settings to test different variations of display ads.

Ezoic machine learning system will automatically guess the ads most suitable for your website, increasing ad revenue. Moreover, your website speed also gets improves when you use Ezoic for the monetization of your content.

Besides enhancing your revenue, Ezoic provides other tools to help your business grow. For example, Ezoic detailed Insights help in the SEO of your website. It tells which search term in generating more traffic and income.

You can also see which pages of your website are generating a high number of visitors generating more revenue than other pages. So, you can improve your low-performing content to enhance your advertising income with your blog.

Ezoic also offers tools that help in ranking your website in search engines. For example, the title tags testing option provides complete information on improving your pages’ ranking. Moreover, you can test different title tags and choose the best-performing one based on data.

Leap is a tool offered by Ezoic to monitor core web vitals and take necessary measures to improve site loading speed. It also provides site security and protects your site from bot traffic. Also, you can monetize video content on your website with Ezoic.

Ezoic also offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn an affiliate commission on promoting Ezoic products. You can refer to Ezoic products via your website content or in online communities. So, if you want to earn with referral links of Ezoic, sign up and review Ezoic products with your content.

So, if you are a digital content creator who owns a website, Ezoic is the right platform to monetize your content and earn online money without much effort.

Sign up for Ezoic here.


Mediavine logo

Mediavine is an excellent platform for bloggers to generate revenue from their blogs. It creates a bridge between digital content creators and advertisers so that creators can focus on producing quality content. Moreover, it gives you complete control over your blog revenue with transparency.

Mediavine is specially designed for lifestyle bloggers. If you create content in traveling, food, fashion, finance, fitness, and home niche, Mediavine helps you significantly monetize your content and generate high revenue.

You must fulfill the minimum requirements to get approved for your website with Mediavine. On Google Analytics, your blog should have a minimum of 50,000 sessions per month with original content on the website. Moreover, your content must be long-form and also approved with Google Adsense.

Keep in mind that Mediavine is a Google Certified Publishing Platform, so your website content should not violate any terms and policies of Adsense. However, before applying to the Mediavine partner program, you should look over if there are any violations. Otherwise, your application will be get rejected in case of any breach.

Mediavine provides a dashboard on which you can monitor the website’s data. You will get every piece of information from earnings to top-performing pages to grow your online blogging business. In addition, you can analyze RPM, top posts, and videos on your website to enhance the user experience for the future.

The great thing about Mediavine is transparency. You can check daily revenue in the dashboard with complete accuracy. In addition, there are no extra fees or charges, so you can earn maximum income with Mediavine.

With Mediavine, your blog speed improves because the ads are displayed after the website’s content is loaded completely. This enhances the user experience and also generates more revenue. Moreover, every display ad has a reporting option to control the quality of ads delivered to visitors.

If you are a lifestyle blogger, the Mediavine advertising platform is a great option to monetize your online presence.

So, don’t wait to sign up with Mediavine and earn money from your blog.

Many people are now looking for online earning opportunities in this digital era. There are different ways to make money online. You only need a website to create content and monetize your audience to earn passive income.

The first option we discussed above is a sponsored post on your blog. When your site generates good traffic in a specific niche, brands and businesses will collaborate with you to take advantage of your blog’s traffic. Then, depending on the number of visitors, you charge brands an amount to post about their product or service.

Another great way to earn from a blog is affiliate marketing. First, you must register with the affiliate network and use your referral link in your content to promote different products. Then, you get a commission when someone purchases from the affiliate link. This is the easiest way to make an astonishing amount of money from your blogging website.

Lastly, advertising networks also allow you to generate good revenue from a blogging site. When you register your website, these advertising platforms use your site space to deliver display ads to your audience.

So, if you are still planning to start a blog, don’t wait anymore. We have also shared some fantastic online courses you will learn from the start. Then, after learning to make money doing blogging, start creating great content and earn a significant amount of online money.

7 of the Best Blogging Sites To Make Money

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