About Costa Rica Dream Home Consulting

Ever since I can remember, I have loved tools and making repairs around the house. One of my first memories was being at my dad’s side when he swapped out faulty electrical plugs and switches in our home for new, safer devices. Something about the steel gadgets in my dad’s red metal toolbox captivated me. From that day on, I was at his side when my dad grabbed his toolbox.

Working with my dad taught me a valuable lesson that has stayed with me throughout my life: the importance of using good-quality materials and craftsmanship. He would always say, “If you do your job right the first time, you won’t have to worry about doing it again.” These simple words have guided me in many aspects of my life.

I began my construction career in 2009 with a degree in industrial electricity. After graduation, I continued my formal education by studying Construction Management. While in college, I split my time between university, fulfilling duties as an Ohio Army National Guardsman, and working with my first professional mentor as his Builder’s Assistant at Tony Buff Custom Homes.

The skills I acquired in college followed me to Afghanistan in 2011. While deployed, I was tasked with building and sustaining the electrical system for our combat outpost. I understood that our security and overall livelihood partially depended on my electrical grid. However, I slept well at night because I built our electrical system with my father’s words in mind.

The Army instilled its core values in me, including integrity and duty. Among these values, the military taught me the leadership and problem-solving skills that allowed me to easily transition into the construction superintendent position waiting for me when I returned home. Over the next ten years, I advanced in my construction career by seeking out and working for two of the most prestigious custom home builders in South Central Texas, Dale Sauer Homes and Robert Allison Custom Homes.

In 2018, with more than a decade of mentorship from three different builders, I started a second career as a real estate investor. Partnered with my wife Jasmine (Jas), we purchased and rehabbed single-family homes. Treating each home as if it were ours to live in, we paired quality craftmanship with pleasing design and budget to realize success in each project we took on. Things slowed down in 2020 for many in the construction industry, but we were busier than ever.

After a year filled with ongoing projects and witnessing a remarkable surge in the real estate market, Jas and I recognized an opportunity to exchange our hard-earned achievements for a truly transformative experience. Driven by our determination, we consciously decided to prioritize work-life balance, selling our investment properties, and embarking on an exciting new chapter in Costa Rica. It was during this remarkable period that our son, Luca, was born into our lives, followed swiftly by our acquisition of permanent residency in Costa Rica.

Stepping away from building homes for a short time allowed me to gain a new perspective and appreciate the fulfillment and pride that construction brings to my life. Once I obtained my residency in Costa Rica, I knew that the best way to establish myself in the industry was to seize every opportunity for relevant work. I began by volunteering at a local school, offering my skills to make repairs and improvements. Additionally, I conducted inspections for friends who were in the process of buying, remodeling, or constructing homes. These experiences served as a launching point for my career in the construction industry in Costa Rica.

Inspired by the wisdom ingrained in my father’s words, which have shaped my values, I have embarked on a journey into the world of construction consulting in Costa Rica. Leveraging my extensive expertise and diverse experiences, I aim to serve my community and fellow ex-pats as a reliable and trusted Costa Rica Home Building Consultant.

Message me at crdhconsult@gmail.com to discuss how I can help with your Costa Rica Dream Home,