8 Cool ConvertKit Hacks You Should Know About

 There are so many tips and strategies you can use when it comes to email marketing. I use ConvertKit for my email marketing platform, and I have used it for the last four years or so.

And in that time, I have learned quite a few ConvertKit hacks that make it easier for bloggers to grow their email lists and make money! I’m going to share those hacks with you today.

Before I Discovered ConvertKit

If you’re wondering how I landed on ConvertKit as my email marketing platform, I have to tell you it was not easy. When I started my blog in 2011, ConvertKit did not exist yet. 

Email marketing was nearly impossible before I discovered Converkit

I started my email marketing journey the same way many people start, with Mail Champ. Then I realized that once you get a certain number of email subscribers, it was time to move to a platform that is more geared toward growth.

I’ve used SearchUp before, and it’s fine– if you are an e-commerce store. But I wanted to do so many other things that Mail Champ did not provide.

I still had no idea what I was even doing.

But I had heard about a new email marketing platform that was designed for bloggers. Which made my ears perk up. When I found ConvertKit, I was immediately smitten with it.

Not only did I have all the tools I needed, such as automation, email sequences, a customized form, and split testing, but they also had so much content that I could read or watch later on!

The price was reasonable, and I had various tools you could use within their platform. Plus, they’re always working on the next best thing. If you don’t believe me, give it a try for yourself for a couple of weeks. You can use my link to get a free trial for 14 days here.

Sure there are other comparable ones, but ConvertKit was made especially for blogging. And I love it for that. With all that being said, here are a few awesome hacks I learned while using ConvertKit that you may find useful.

#1:Create A Variety Of Welcome Email Sequences

No matter your content type, you should always have a welcome sequence. Something that I liked about ConvertKit is that it is they make easy for me to have multiple welcome sequences.

Welcome emails can make a big difference to your new audience members

I typically link a particular form to a certain email sequence. That way, I could tell which emails were open the most, read, and clicked on, and use that information for later emails that I intend to send out.  

#2: Use the Visual Automation to Map Out Your Sales Funnel

The individual automation portion of ConvertKit is one of the newer features. But it is awesome. It makes it so much easier to visualize where your audience members are coming from all the way through to Isales.

For example, my ConvertKit account is linked to my Stripe account. So, anyone who purchases my products is automatically added to my ConvertKit and is then labeled as a product purchaser.

Use this to your advantage when it comes to sending emails. You should not treat your email list the same for those who purchase versus those who don’t even open the email.

To set this up, you want to go over to integrations and convert it. Then you can set up whatever payment provider keys for your products there. Make sure that when someone does purchase a product with you are automatically put into converted so that you can continue to email them.

#3: Use the Live Chat When You Are In A Jam

This is another feature that really moved me to use ConvertKit from using a different website. It is so nice that they have a chat platform that I can message anytime and get a response within a day.

The chat feature has saved me more than once!

If you are in a jam with anything–and I mean anything–with your email or whatever else, and you want to have someone look it over, or if you cannot figure out how to accomplish a certain goal with an email, you’re trying to send, the ConvertKit chat is awesome. The support people are patient and know the platform’s strategies pretty well. Use them to your advantage!

While we’re on the subject of the ConvertKit team, I should also mention that they always have some really cool webinars and different events to help bloggers grow their email lists and get better at writing emails. If you want to know more about the resources, you can find them here.

#4: Embed Lead Magnets In Your Blog Posts

If you’re someone who has several different freebies and people often look up a blog post for your freebies, it would make sense to want to use the form in embedded your blog post. Pretty much what it does is allow you to embed the code for any link.

People often put these on their sidebars and the website’s homepage, which are great places to put your email sign-ups. But they are often neglected.

Especially if you want to put a specific form on a specific post. For example, for my freebie I told you about earlier, my militia booklet, I made sure that this form is embedded in everything.

#5: Use the ConvertKit Landing Pages

First things first. What even is a landing page?

Landing pages send your audience, through a link, to it. Once they are at the landing page, it should provide them with exactly what they clicked the link for. In our case, it should lead directly to our email signup. It should be free from distracting ads and well organized. Otherwise, the reader could move on to the next topic without ever signing up!

ConvertKit makes creating your landing page easy and quick to make. You can even choose from different themes and switch up the colors!

#6: Split Test Your Subject Lines

Split testing your subject lines sounds way harder than it actually is. Because ConvertKit makes it easy to send out the same basic email, but with slightly different subject lines, you can test out which subject line is more likely to have your audience open that email.

Subject line testing is a simple, yet effective!

And that is it! Pretty simple right?

You can then use the findings from your test and continue to grow your website while being confident that the content that you are sending out will have the best chance of being seen.

#7: Use Other Free Tools to Get The Highest Conversions

Don’t get me wrong, ConvertKit is awesome, which is why I am writing an entire post about it. However, I still use a few outside tools to help me out a bit more than what ConvertKit can do on its own.

Pretty Links

As weird as it may sound, having a shorter, cleaner link boosts the likelihood of a reader clicking it. The easier it is to read, the more likely someone can trust that it won’t lead to spam or a virus. For example, which link are you more likely to click?

Option 1: bloggingmoneylife.com/best-beaches-in-costa-rica

Option 2: bloggingmoneylife.com/10%best/aaa/sf092/beaches89038302.eind

Obviously, those links are not real, but I think you catch my drift.

Drip Scripts

This is a nifty little tool that can help even the best email writers out there. Drip Scripts provides different templates for email use. It is super easy to use, and you can quickly pick a template, customize it as you see fit, then download it to use to your heart’s content!

#8: Answer Your Readers’ Questions

Last but certainly not least is to engage with your audience! Being a blog reader makes it much more impactful when the writer is not only insightful but also open with their audience.

Your audience is a group of people who can grow to be real friends!

I cannot count how often I have heard people stop reading certain bloggers’ content because the writer was standoffish, distant, or even downright rude or condescending. When I write, I imagine reaching out to friends and sharing the information I know.

And when you look at it that way, it sort of makes sense! No one wants a friend who constantly gives you info while being a jerk?


Overall, ConvertKit has been a lifesaver for myself and many more people–otherwise, why would I be talking about it?

Have you heard of Convertkit before, and if you have, what is your favorite feature? I would love to hear about it in the comments below and maybe even use it for myself!

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